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Special food in Hong Kong: Scallion Crispy Chicken

OHTN2017-09-28Aix XinLe

If you want to taste authentic Hong Kong-style tea, then Tsui Hang Village is a good choice. It is also the award-winning Hong Kong Food Festival regulars, here's three most famous dishes are: chicken casserole bag winged, shallot crispy chicken, stew Nest Ice. In the afternoon, the waiter pushed the car back and forth to serve dessert, I suggest you may wish to try dumplings salty stopped, it is said, salty dumplings here are the best food in Hong Kong.

Special food in Hong Kong: Scallion Crispy Chicken

Address: 2nd Floor, No. 16-18 Queen's Road, Kowloon, New World Tower

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Unique cuisine in Hong Kong: Jurassic chickenJurassic chicken is not only the name of domineering, modeling is also creative! Only Jurassic chicken stand very special, there is a special lighting ceremony…

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Special food for Hong Kong: juicy beef ballsJuicy beef balls, has a long history of traditional Chinese cuisine, as early as in the Qing Dynasty Junji years to see the southern town of Songjiang by Wang's family through a special process and recipes from well-developed…

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Hong Kong cuisine garlic steamed shrimpGarlic steamed shrimp is one of Hong Kong cuisine civilians. This is done by the shrimp to be cut pawl (large cut in the back) clean, charged to the water, put garlic, sesame oil, peanut oil, red chilli, MSG and other flavoring mix, smoothing on the disc,…

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Hongkong snacks: Snake soupAlthough Hong Kong is steeped in Western culture for many years, but traditional things still have been well preserved, even in some places can be more traditional than the turmoil ridden continent…

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Hong Kong features snack: Yuan Lang wife cakeLegend used to have a loving husband and wife, father-daughter willingly sold themselves to treatment. Husband lost his wife did not give up efforts to develop a taste of the wonders of the cake, which will eventually make money selling cakes redemption…