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Hong Kong's unique queuing culture

OHTN2017-09-27Aix XinLe

Britain, known as the "empire of the sun", had been colonizing Hong Kong for more than 100 years, and finally returned to the motherland in 1997.Under deng xiaoping's great creation of "one country, two systems", the mainland implemented a socialist system, Hong Kong practiced capitalism and Hong Kong people ruled Hong Kong.Hong Kong is now rated as the world's no. 1 economy by the wto, and it will be better tomorrow.The British rule in Hong Kong for over one hundred years, after the return to many British people are still living in Hong Kong, many more foreigners living in Hong Kong, under the collision of Chinese and western culture, the people of Hong Kong has formed unique ideology and living habits.They are Chinese in the spiritual realm, but more receptive to western customs in the material realm.In Hong Kong, you can see people lining up, waiting in line, the most common thing in Hong Kong, as long as there are more than two people waiting, they will queue up obediently.Take the subway, pick up the TAB, wait for a meal, wait for a car, see an exhibition, go to the bathroom.Long lines, there are Chinese people also have foreigners, men also have women, adults and children, have a star also have fans, government officials and ordinary people, the body healthy people and people with disabilities.There is only a line of people, no hierarchy and no privilege, and queuing in Hong Kong is not just a culture but a philosophy.

Hong Kong's unique queuing culture

We can't deny that Britain is one of the best people in line.First because the line to avoid physical contact with a stranger, the British people hate others blowing behind his neck, so while the British line, maintain a certain degree of distance between people, people hate the most people.Another reason is that queuing can curb anger and aggression, and the British have a reputation for behaving in a way that keeps them from losing their temper easily.It is clear that the British have brought this habit to Hong Kong and made it a habit of Hong Kong people.There is a saying that people who value time and punctuality are more likely to queue up, and those who don't deal with time tend to hate the line.People used to line up, one reason is the need to order, under the influence of the British Hong Kong everyone there is a desperate desire to order the same, due to the time of queuing to fair distribution, but also can avoid LuanCaoCao environment, so in Hong Kong, a group of teams is a symbol of an ideal social relief, each part clearly in their respective positions.

In Hong Kong need to pass line to solve all things, in addition to rush when waiting for the subway, commuter trains, buses or taxis, Hong Kong people are like queuing at ordinary times, shopping, eating, visit, visit, pay, and even go to the toilet all activities in your life, have to wait in line.This is often seen in Hong Kong fast food restaurants or roadside shops, as well as the Hong Kong university canteen or fast food centre where we attend classes.A Hong Kong people, hurried into the shops, get the order queue, when it was his turn, the first step is to pay at the checkout counter order the meal tickets and took out the counter, and then he had to take meal in queuing take meal, and then carry food to wait in line.Everyone has to be in line three times in a row to get a meal.In Hong Kong, I also join the queue, although there are too many people, but I found that as long as the order, will soon be able to, it's your turn to line up the efficiency are high, it is our set of habit is a waste of time.

On the line, hong kongers have also learned some American ways to make queuing an art philosophy.For example, we in the Disney park or Marine park, if the time is a public holiday, queuing time may be more than play time, spent more than an hour waiting, in order to play that about 3 minutes to spare.But Hong Kong people can still patiently waiting in line, it will have to let us admire, often at such a time the Chinese is more anxious, and the Chinese in try so hard, but may not have good results.Also in the Disney park, when you're waiting for, there will be time to sign the public out of the waiting time, in fact this is to give people a psychological preparation early, is also a duty in advance, for example, prompt you "queuing time takes about 30 minutes.This approach allows you to reasonably arrange the order and time of your visit to maximize the pleasure of your visit.

Queuing is the most efficient way to be seen in Hong Kong, so they can't see their anxious looks in line.Because of this, the cars on the road are not in a rush, driving in the rules of the convention, and when the cars meet pedestrians, they will be courteous to pedestrians.Without constraints of laws and regulations, also don't need to remind others, as long as the driving cars will be cut for pedestrians on the road, and pedestrians will also through the road as soon as possible, understand each other, let them not so between contradictions and conflicts, which formed the real state of the orderly.In Hong Kong, if you draw a line on the ground or pull a rope, the Hong Kong people will line up in line with the line you draw and line up, no matter how long they wait.There is no "queueing" or "waiting in line", and there is no "Shouting".

Queuing is a city, a national sense of order and the scale of the cultural power, from the content of the queue, queue and queue size can always see a city, on the one side of a country or a local, such as population, economy, values, social development and spiritual and moral level, cultural differences and so on.So, the shape a city spirit, citizens in the city civilization degree and the comprehensive quality of ascension cannot leave the "culture" in line, and for citizens, "culture" in line is not only refers to the queue, it embodies the us to comply with the requirements of the order and an attitude, a sense of morality.Hong Kong people for line up is not rigid dogma is constant, such as when we ride in a cable car in lantau island, the staff will be according to the situation of personnel in the cable car, batch into the number, the number of turns, the staff will take the initiative to ask row in front of the audience "several hundred", such as consistent with the number of can into the cable car is no problem, such as more than can the number of people into the cable car, the staff will be the next, please first admission number consistent.At that time, just two people, I and my partner were almost from the middle of the team to be asked to the front, and boarded the cable car, and the people in front of us also did not feel improper.

Who doesn't like to queue in Hong Kong?Ninety percent of them are mainlanders, and don't get mad at me. I don't go to the ocean to say anything.As we watched the 3D movie queue at Disney park, we moved in a zigzag line.It's about ten minutes. It's about to come into play.Team two, next to men in their 50 s, paunchy, looks like a magistrate, the appearance of a woman thirty, enchanting charm, looks like the father and daughter, and intimate degree of lovers.It seemed that two people could not wait, and the man suddenly pulled up the rope, and the two men came to the rope.This is equivalent to a long line of short lines!In the eyes of the public, they can do it?Everyone may have been confused by their "bravery" like me.Nobody said anything.At this point, a 20-something administrator outside the team said to them in poor mandarin: "please go back to where you are."The two of them stood, straitly, without looking at him.The young man settled and strengthened his voice and said, "return to your place."At this time, I felt like the others around me, looking at them with cold, sharp eyes.They seemed to be aware of it, and they pulled up the rope and went back.I think no one in his office would dare ask him to return.This is the line, and the line is fair.

Queuing in Hong Kong is an absolute landscape, and Hong Kong people like to integrate themselves into the landscape they create, which is the Hong Kong people's queuing philosophy.

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