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The Hong Kong rich families: untold stories

OHTN2017-09-27Aix XinLe
In Hong Kong, the big houses are like the "rich neighbors" of the general public. Every bit of housework is often reported in a series of articles

In Hong Kong, the big houses are like the "rich neighbors" of the general public. Every bit of housework is often reported in a series of articles, which are the main characters of the word of mouth in Hong Kong's civil society.But the real Hong Kong tycoon is far from the tabloid gossip.

The Hong Kong rich families: untold stories

The giants "control" Hong Kong

A statue of outdoor bronze is under construction at tai Po cave in Hong Kong.The statue, which will be completed in 2013, is 76 meters high, equivalent to the height of the 23rd floor, and is the world's tallest outdoor bronze statue.The sponsor of the new Hong Kong buddhist landmark is President li ka-shing.The fund, which is funded by the fund, is worth more than hk $1 billion.

This Buddha statue is just a small silhouette of Hong Kong's wealthy people's influence on Hong Kong's civil society.In fact, Hong Kong has been controlled by six major property companies because of the high concentration of industry economy.They are the people of Hong Kong and the people who live in Hong Kong.

The six big enterprises, including cheung kong li family, sun hung kai the kwok family, real estate, one of the three knight errant lee family, family, in charge of the new world group shipping magnate yue-kong pao family, as well as the kadoorie family.The links between the great family and Hong Kong society have been created by the real estate and the whole society.

The entire Hong Kong island power supply is controlled by Hong Kong lights, owned by li ka-shing's family.Sun hung kai controls the Kowloon bus, Hong Kong's largest bus company, in 1980.Mr Lee controls Hong Kong's China gas company, and Mr Cheng owns mobile communications in Hong Kong...

The rules of the family's growth have a lot in common - all through the need to network, the government, the Banks' resources, but not to the international competition to accumulate wealth.Such a choice has to do with the history of Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong, the family is divided into a family of Hong Kong families (notes: rise since the 1960s and 1970s).The former is because the British have just taken over Hong Kong island, the language is not clear, the folklore is unknown, there are many inconveniences in governance.Therefore, the Hong Kong government relies on some local Chinese families to act as intermediaries with the public.They do not serve in government, but through government support, such as running education, opening hospitals, and helping the British government to complete its rule on Hong Kong island.But these families are now in decline.Today, the big and powerful people in Hong Kong are the families of the big profits in Hong Kong's property boom in the 1960s and 1970s.

At that time, Hong Kong's population grew rapidly, housing supply shortage, many residents were forced a family living in only several hundreds square foot (note: 9 square foot = 1 square meters) in the old, or in the suburbs of hillside between forestry and put up the wooden shelter.These are favourable conditions for the rapid development of Hong Kong's land industry.The big family that has emerged from the property boom is the "emerging giants".Compared with the traditional family, but relying on the outbreak of Hong Kong property has made great wealth.

Since then, the Hong Kong family has become a monopoly in various livelihood sectors from real estate to public utilities.

Stay away from ordinary people's lives

In Hong Kong, the story of the big family is the classic theme of the TV series.For example, in 1996, the story of the Hong Kong banking industry was based on the story of the bank of east Asia.In 2008, however, the "bling" was borrowed from li's section against his father, li ka-shing.

Despite the family's shadow on the Hong Kong TV series, the perception in the TV series is always general and one-sided.According to really go deep into the rich life, it can find according to different assets, family, industry, the club also many levels, very few exchanges between the various levels of giants, and is a unwritten strict boundaries between ordinary citizens.Although the giants of the industry information will also have a regular press conference, and club members in the face of the Hong Kong paparazzi follow, also try to keep a kind of polite, but this is a polite proud and alienation.Therefore, although the Hong Kong newspaper "reads the picture" the daily life is lively, but the real family life is actually under the direction of money, away from ordinary people's life.

There are few open ways to experience the life of the rich. One is the wedding, the other is the driving.

For example, when Hong Kong entertainer xu ziqi married li zhaoji's second son, li jicheng, the wedding cost was very high, and the media was dubbed "the 100 billion daughter-in-law".Their wedding of the century sensation all over the city, not only the international wedding adviser will create the extremely luxurious wedding site, single married is Cathy bride dress extremely rich, the head of a head band type design of diamonds in the crown, with the British royal family design is given priority to, different diamond embossed with large and small.The necklace is a two-item diamond necklace with a round diamond and pear-shaped diamond in the middle with a pear-shaped diamond pendant.Apart from the crown and necklace, the five-carat pigeon egg is worth 16.8 million yuan.

The ride is also one of the limited observable objects.Richard li, the "little superman" who holds an aircraft division license, has made a total of 400 million yuan for private yachts and private jets.The top private jet of the Gulfstream G550, which is worth about hk $370 million, is the most expensive and top-notch private jet of the same brand.Hong Kong can fly directly to London or Los Angeles without refueling.

By contrast, the most indispensable private outback in the rich world is bodyguards.This is more or less related to the threat of kidnappers.Li, the eldest son of the li ka-shing family, who tops the list of Hong Kong's richest people, was the first to kidnap the gangster zhang ziqiang.At the time, the gangster used a car to block li's senior limousine, and pointed to him and the driver with an ak-47 automatic rifle and pistol.After the successful abduction of the master, zhang ziqiang personally made a hk $1 billion ransom for li ka-shing.Negotiations, li ka-shing, call to the bank in front of the kidnappers, requirements of hk $1 billion in cash, was told that is difficult for the table sincerity, li ka-shing out in hk $40 million, cheung chi keung figure giovanni cobolli gigli, take 38 million.Li ka-shing did not call the police, and the next day he sent hk $1 billion twice.Victor lee returned safely.

After his abduction, victor has a more low-key approach.He and his wife, even in the supermarket, are protected by bodyguards.He and his wife have a third daughter, and the names of the other children have been kept secret until their eldest daughter is named yanning.

Marriage is "involuntary"

Marriage is the eternal interest of gossip weekly.But marriage isn't just a happy marriage.In the study of the family business in Hong Kong, it was pointed out that the people of the Hong Kong giants often use two groups to build a family network and maintain a flourishing family.The first is the righteousness.A more secure alternative is marriage.

The children of the giants are like the descendants of a small kingdom, and their marriage is by no means a choice of their own.The more talented you are, the less you can be in the business empire.Ms ho, who straddles Hong Kong and Macao, is one example.

Pansy ho shun tak holdings co., LTD., director, general manager of Hong Kong, macau tower, managing director, such as a dozen, in charge of the company assets up to tens of billions of yuan, Stanley ho is the children's closest aides.In the business world, but when deciding on a marriage, you have to be controlled by others.

Gambling tycoon Stanley ho is a Bohemian, and his own public wife room has four.She also showed great openness in her marriage to her children.His daughter, ho, has been in the entertainment industry, married to the man in the circle and former model Chen zicong.Another daughter, he yunyun, was also in love with the entertainer Chen shancong, who was given permission by Mr. Ho.

But Mr. Ho has been tough on his eldest daughter, pansy.Ms ho's first marriage was also a family "economic marriage", married to xu jinheng, son of property tycoon xu shixun, chairman of the Hong Kong conglomerate.However, the relationship between the two sides is not the same, xu jinheng also often broke the affair with the actress, this marriage ended in divorce.

In 2002, ms ho and Albert yeung (note: emperor group chairman, known as "modern Hong Kong entertainment circle head"), the son of Yang Yuanlong love, whispering from society, ho did not approve of this relationship, finally use "assassin's mace", told the media saying: "if she wants to love, then don't inherit my property."Finally, the success of the mandarin duck.

In fact, in clubs, when both of the two family know that their children will get married, in advance, both sides of the family has mostly in advance of each other's family background investigation and a baseline, such as personality, bank deposits and debt.These important information are of great importance for a couple's eventual integration and future business cooperation.For some commoners who are not rich in their "economic marriage", they have to go through more trials to get married.

Whether the famous actor, liang losch, can marry into the li ka-shing family is the subject of a heated debate in Hong Kong's newspapers over the past two years.In addition to the traditional parental interviews, prenuptial agreements, withdrawal of entertainment, and the decline of the scandal, there is also a close relationship between her and li's and li's family.At the time, Hong Kong's renowned feng shui master, mai lingling, said: "liang luoshi was a man of the earth, and he started his name at 15. He was absolutely fit for the entertainment industry.Although she has a poor background and has no father's shadow, she has developed a good career.But her ears are thin, her eyelids are thin, and her whole face is thin, and she is basically not like xu zi."

Another feng shui master, Chen zi, also asserted: "liang luoshi was lucky in 2007, but not true.She is thin on her own, and she is very unlikely to have a chance to marry a rich man, but she will never be a big family like li.Indeed, after three baby boys were born to li, liang and li still ended their relationship.

So giants, after all, marriage, is not gossip on the paper carries the noise and busy, but clearly tells us a fact, tide for many generations without falling, has woven a easily let outsiders to enter the network, and has played a tremendous power.

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