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The change of reproductive policy in Hong Kong

OHTN2017-09-27Aix XinLe

Hong Kong's family planning scheme, which is being promoted by the Hong Kong family planning association (family planning association), has different promotion plans in different generations, but only encourages rather than coerce.

The '50 s

Its predecessor was the establishment of the Hong Kong institute of eugenics SanLiu years, after reorganization in insensitive officially named Hong Kong family planning, birth control guidance service for the citizens, and become in 'eight international planned parenthood federation of one of the founding members.At first, the family planning would carry out the work through individual contact, transmitting the message of family planning and then adding various clinic services. The first birth guidance was established in May and 2006.The government began to fund the activities in five or five years.

In the '60 s

Since six or four years, family planning has been funded by the international family planning federation.For the first time in six or seven years, the family planning will conduct the first "Hong Kong family planning knowledge, attitude and implementation survey" and carry out the sex education.


The government's medical and health services department has been in place to set up the birth control guidelines for the thirty-two government maternal and child health clinics.At the same time, we have launched the service of abdominal ligation, youth counselling, termination of pregnancy, pre-marital physical examination, etc.And the first women will be established and the reference library will be established.And the launch of the association of "two enough finish having several known movement but also street lane heard, the most impressive promotion slogan except is (two or several enough) and (a jiao, two wonderful, is too much for three, four broken bear pick).

In the 80 s

Our extension services and research for adolescents, founded in 86 in causeway bay first adolescent health care center, and was officially opened in 89, the association also repair center of new headquarters in wanchai.In addition, the association to suit the needs of different people with multiple services and movement: set up artificial insemination for infertility services, encourage men to assume the responsibility of family planning and launched the "family planning, to make a" movement, and the pre-marital physical examination of the newly married people will replaced by comprehensive service before marriage.

In the 90 s

Respectively the association to carry out the medical information management system, then launch a service of department of gynaecology and hormone replacement therapy cooperation test plan, and established the Hong Kong women's sexual and reproductive health initiative.In 1998, mobile clinic services were launched, and the education mobile library and menopause clinics were launched in 1999.

Now the government is encouraging every couple to have three children because of an ageing population.

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