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Hong Kong South Tianzhu Temple

OHTN2017-10-07Aix XinLe

  South Tianzhu Temple is located in Hong Kong, Tsuen Wan Fu Yung Shan. Gatehouse banners book "nandina" words. Door together: "the South China Sea Goddess of Mercy should be of the temple, which is just as Gion; Tianzhu land is the Buddha was born, revel show now ye vain.

Hong Kong South Tianzhu Temple

  The monastery was founded in 1935. First abbot financial derivatives as the old monk. In 1939, Mao Rui Master succeeded as abbot, until 1976, passed away. Mao Rui Master often gift to please the major temple preaching Germany, South Tianzhu Temple has gradually become one of Hong Kong temple.

Hong Kong South Tianzhu Temple

Scenic Area Address: Tsuen Wan Fu Yung Shan Hong Kong

Bus routes: Take green minibus No. 85 go

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