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Hong Kong folk festival: tan kung

OHTN2017-09-26Aix XinLe

Tan's birthday is one of the local festivals in Hong Kong. The festival originated from the name of "tan gong".Tan gong is another patron saint of the sea, bringing peace and joy to the fishermen.The main celebrations of the birthday are held in shau kei wan and the happy valley.Shau kei wan lies to the east of Hong Kong island and formerly a fishing port.Every time tan is born, many citizens of the public good faith will participate in the parade, burn incense to worship, in memory of that year tan gong to drive the activity of the plague, the scene is very lively.This unique tour, which has been suspended because of the construction of the city, is making a comeback, which will make the dragon dance, lion dance, and the parade of parades and parades.

Hong Kong folk festival: tan kung

The birthday falls on the eighth day of the fourth lunar month.Tan gong is tan's general term, also known as tan xian.According to the temple of tan xiansheng temple (luhuan tam temple), which was built in the first year of tongzhi (1862), he said: tan xian is a child god, and every time he becomes a child, the folk name is tan gong.Tan xian originated from jiulongshan in huizhou, guangdong province (aka Kowloon peak), and the book of huizhou government, volume 44 (people's interpretation) day: "tan justice, the good man.The practice of living in the Kowloon mountain, do not remember the years."The best is now huizhou.Built in the qing guangxu twenty-seven years (1901) Hong Kong happy valley tam kung temple "wong nei chung tam kung temple and built in guangxu thirty-one years Hong Kong shau kei wan tam kung temple built the Tan Gongxian Confucian temple inscriptional record" load: birthday origin in huizhou, guangdong province, long-lasting dystonic fu, can know the future, the cure such as god.On the eighth day of the fourth lunar month, the temple is very popular.According to legend, tan was a young boy, and he was 12 years old. He often predicted the weather for fishermen, treated diseases, and represented the safety of the sea. He was greatly admired by the coastal residents.

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