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Hong Kong features snack: Yuan Lang wife cake

OHTN2017-10-09Aix XinLe

Legend used to have a loving husband and wife, father-daughter willingly sold themselves to treatment. Husband lost his wife did not give up efforts to develop a taste of the wonders of the cake, which will eventually make money selling cakes redemption wife, re-live a happy life. The cuisine has spread system of law known as "wife cake." I did not expect this little pastry in it also contains such a touching love story.

Hong Kong features snack: Yuan Lang wife cake

And the other legends about the wife cake is derived from Guangzhou Lotus teahouse. Been to Guangzhou people know Lotus restaurant in Guangzhou, diners and Chaozhou wife cake is its housekeeping dessert. Qing Dynasty, when Lotus House invited a master of Chaozhou. He has a year to visit relatives back home with a lot of Lotus House snacks to his family, who knows his wife is extremely unhappy after eating a snack:. "You Lotus House is less than the melon dessert corner my maiden fried it." pastry chef listened to the words of his wife, is not convinced: "! 0 then put the melon angle to do it, with our race with Lotus House dessert" the next day, his wife prepared a pot of melon puree with sugar, flour for fillings, flour bags and then into a small corner, put the pan until golden brown. Pastry chef tasted, Liansheng Zan good. Back to Guangzhou after, he brought his wife to do the melon corner restaurant chefs tasting. What kind of master pastry Lotus House is not seen? However, after they eat melon angle, they are full of praise. Lotus House boss know, to have a taste. The boss said: "ah, good taste This is where the name of the point ah, What is your name!?" Chaozhou master's too not answer, which a teacher would say: "This is the master of Chaozhou wife do, call it 'Chaozhou wife cake'. "

Interestingly and "wife cake" there is a corresponding cake called "husband cake", they are slightly different in shape, they taste in style. "Wife cake" shape of small, delicate taste, and capsules of sesame seeds after eating also feel fragrant lips and teeth, really like a little woman generally attentive. "My husband cake" shape is slightly larger, and bread taste somewhat similar, somewhat like a big man careless.

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