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Hong Kong's culture of pu 'er tea

OHTN2017-09-27Aix XinLe

Old pu 'er tea has been praised as the birthplace of the famous tea, which is Hong Kong. When the Hong Kong people began drinking pu 'er tea, there was no record of the collection of credit.There are many reasons for pu 'er tea to be sold in Hong Kong. Medicinal is one of them, according to qing.Zhao xuemin "compendium of materia medica" volume six: "pu 'er tea cream can cure a hundred diseases, such as belly bulge, suffer from cold, with ginger soup spread, sweat can.

Hong Kong's culture of pu 'er tea

Hong Kong people think green tea, oolong tea and other sex cold, and pu 'er black tea is more agreeable, old and less salty, suitable for Hong Kong people's intestines and stomach.In addition, pu 'er tea is also important for its high price and high quality.The wine shop and the general family are drinking pu 'er tea, because the price is the cheapest in pu 'er tea.People who have more demand for tea will choose pu 'er tea.

Pu 'er tea is used as the raw material for the high series pu 'er tea, which is sifted, assembled, the water is piled, and then kneaded and steamed into cakes.Traditionally, the surface of cake tea has been sprinkled with spring buds, spring tips and so on.This kind of blending technique makes the cost of cake tea low, but can give consumers a good sense of quality.Because cake tea represents a better product.

In the 1950s, the price of a good pu 'er tea was three yuan, one barrel and seven pieces, one piece weighed eight, and the calculation was still very cheap.Once upon a time, some old Hong Kong shops used pu 'er tea to serve the people or other people, while the upstairs home drank six tea (not today's general tea house).Liuan tea is traditionally produced in anhui province, which is made from bud leaves and can be used to drink the same tea, which is called old tea and is popular with the people of Hong Kong, but the price is more expensive than pu 'er tea.

Pu 'er tea is more and more delicious, the people already know.In the '50s and' 60s, the old pu 'er was marked as far away, but it was only a few yuan more than other pu 'er tea.It was not until 1987, when a three-decade red printing puer was sold, that the tea houses in the upper ring were sold for hk $170.Some old tea, five, sixty years of pu 'er, yuhua international goods company sold more than 800 yuan, was already considered very expensive.But the price is not too much, and the former is reasonable, unlike today, the value of the old pu 'er tea cake has become a myth, or just a bunch of Numbers games.

Pu 'er tea was popular in Hong Kong, and the tea house was a great promotion.It is the custom of many Hong Kong people to drink a cup of tea, which is a habit of many people in Hong Kong, and the people of Hong Kong are also fond of big food, and pu 'er tea is the most able to remove the product, so it is very popular in the tea house.In addition to providing food and food, there were many tea houses in Hong Kong in the 1950s and 1960s that would be used for the entertainment of the tea party, such as the tea room of the cloud, the tea room of the cloud, the residence of the man tea, and the tsinghua pavilion.

Singers have small stars, xu liuxian and other so-called cantonese songs, while singing songs are mostly cantonese opera, nanophone, tea guests can listen to music, talk, and when they are dry, they drink a sip of tea.Since pu 'er tea can be soaked, it won't be bitter for many times, but it is perfect for these occasions.It was not until the early 1980s that the entertainment of listening to music was lost in Hong Kong.

Therefore, pu 'er tea and the food culture of Hong Kong people have always maintained a very close relationship with people's livelihood.It's just a kind of very common drink beverages, there is no central plains of the teachers of the law of the so-called tea drinking levels, instead of chaozhou kunfu tea, only to give Hong Kong people think that is the way of tea drinking is very exquisite.Pu 'er's old tea cake has been worth a lot in recent years.

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