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Traditional folk customs in Hong Kong: cheung chau taiping and jiao float

OHTN2017-09-26Aix XinLe

Float parade, referred to as "gone with the wind color, guangdong is also called the five China ancient things, is a folk performance in China, is also a Buddha's public holidays each year in Hong Kong at the changzhou taiping qing jiao will cruise performance of a key project in the scene.In addition, the annual shau kei wan birthday, the macau luhuan tan and the part of the birthday activities all have the floating color cruise activity.In the performance project, by not more than 42 inches tall (106.6 cm) and weight less than 35 pounds (15.9 kg) of children were supporting the historical figures, fictional characters, as well as the press and political figures, etc.Because children need to march on the scaffolds for a long time, the children involved in the float are covered with diapers.

Traditional folk customs in Hong Kong: cheung chau taiping and jiao float

Floating color cruise originated in the 1860 s after a failed uprising of the taiping heavenly kingdom, the qing government had banned cantonese opera, the shawan residents in guangzhou, guangdong province, then to drama of character modelling cruise and don't act in an opera, when this activity is called "color.The activity then spread to foshan, where it was held every year as a celebration.After that, it was spread to cheung chau in Hong Kong, and was incorporated into cheung chau jiao jiao to become a performance project.

According to legend, the color of the floating colors originated from the custom of the residents dressed as gods to patrol and expel ghosts.Today, the custom has evolved into a child dressed as a god or a man of the past, standing on a scaffold to navigate the streets, creating a "flying air" effect, at first glance, like a cloud!

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