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Hong Kong Repulse Bay

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Repulse Bay in Hong Kong known as "the world Bay" and also the "Oriental Xia Weiyi" reputation, is Hong Kong's most representative beach. English called Repulse Bay Repulse Bay, Repulse was "repulsed" meaning, is responsible for patrolling this are

Repulse Bay in Hong Kong known as "the world Bay" and also the "Oriental Xia Weiyi" reputation, is Hong Kong's most representative beach. English called Repulse Bay Repulse Bay, Repulse was "repulsed" meaning, is responsible for patrolling this area before a British Navy warship name.

Hong Kong Repulse Bay

Repulse Bay in the south of Hong Kong Island, the mountains and the sea, the Gulf crescent-shaped beach Pohuan long, flat and calm, clear water and fine sand, wide beach clean and shallow, and cool, the water temperature in the sixteenth between twenty-seven degrees Celsius, has always been the people of Hong Kong Summer try their hand in the area, it is necessary to the well-known tourist scenic spot. Former "sea country drifting", one of the eight Hong Kong, refers to the Repulse Bay Beach.

Repulse Bay is one of Hong Kong's most exclusive residential areas, a large number of luxury villas spread over the Gulf of slopes, among them Hong Kong businessman Li Jiacheng, Bao Yugang mansion; Zhang Ailing's "Fallen" mentioned in the Repulse Bay Hotel has now become a Repulse Bay, vestibular reproduction of the park to its former Repulse Bay hotel's Japanese-style gardens, then turned into the back of the shopping centers and apartment buildings. Hong Kong is also the most popular and most representative of the most accessible beaches, visitors will be to the famous scenic spot. Here's sun, sand, sea water is indeed intended enraptured.

Hong Kong Repulse Bay

Tour Highlights

Repulse Bay Pingsha small waves, beach beds wide, gentle slope, the water warm. Daylight season, Repulse Bay is the busiest time. Large number of tourists flock to the beach a sea of ​​people, all kinds of swimwear make up a colorful picture. Even in the winter, you can also see young men and women dressed in swimwear on the beach.

Repulse Bay at the eastern end of the Lin Yin, setting many barbecue pits. Full of rustic charm in the atmosphere, after the tourists can enjoy playing in the water pump waves a delicious barbecue.

Around the beach there are many restaurants, fast food restaurants and supermarkets. Waterfront cafes, enjoy the red is gone, a good place to waves breaking against the shore.

Hong Kong Repulse Bay

Repulse Bay's beautiful scenery, making it one of the Island's famous exclusive residential area, the area around the luxury residential, including Hong Kong magnate Li Jiacheng, Bao Yugang luxury private residence remains of the famous Repulse Bay, Repulse Bay No. 129, etc., the yard of the building, constitute the unique scenic Repulse Bay, blow people away.

Repulse Bay southeast side, there is a great Chinese classical colors of the building - Zhenhai Tower, the roof fly to the dragon decoration is, here is the Hong Kong Life Saving Society, it said that the Hong Kong Life Saving Society is a non-governmental voluntary organizations designed to reduce accidents due to water activities arising. Federation was founded in 1956 by a group of enthusiastic life-saving people, it is now a member of the International Life Saving Federation.

Zhenhai Tower from the inside because of Zhenhai Tower Park (also known as Tin Hau Garden), facing the sea with two huge statue stands 10 meters tall - "Tin Hau" and "Goddess of Mercy", which are placed next to the Dragon King, Bo, Maitreya and Gods and other auspicious figures, Paul Youhai people and swimmers safe at sea four seasons. According to legend, this is a man's body, Guanyin, and later became the female body, salvation; days after the Goddess Matsu is the patron saint of fishermen, because the former Hong Kong-based fishing industry, so there are a lot of Hong Kong dedicated to Tin Hau temple.

Next, there are long bridge, Wan Shouting, and Wanshou dragon, fishes offer Shou, Sanyang Kai Tai and other sculpture, and has a seven-color Cihang lighthouse, imposing. It is said that longevity bridge walk, touch Wanshou Long, perhaps you can pray too long and healthy life, peace and happiness.

Scenic Area Address: south of Hong Kong Island

Car lines: by way CTB 260, CTB 6a, CTB 6x, 6 by Ma Hang CTB, CTB 6 road, road 73 CTB, CTB 973 Road; GMB 40 Island Road, New Pakistan Road 63, new World First bus 65 Road, 66 Road to the new World First bus

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