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Hongkong snacks: Snake soup

OHTN2017-09-28Aix XinLe

Although Hong Kong is steeped in Western culture for many years, but traditional things still have been well preserved, even in some places can be more traditional than the turmoil ridden continent. Hong Kong Lingnan culture and the culture of the same strain, inherited its eclectic selection of features, which snake is naturally one of the most representative dishes.

Hongkong snacks: Snake soup

To taste the most delicious complete snake, snake soup is the best way, of course. Among the many boutiques snake soup business in Hong Kong, is loafing Finland received the highest rating of one. This home is located in Central-old has 70 years of history, not only was selected by the Michelin Guide, but was repeatedly recommended Cai Lan, who I absolutely love generation snake dishes not to be missed.

Loafing Fen Road signs is this "autumn and winter braised abalone five snake soup", also known as "Taishi five snake soup." Taishi its people namely Guangdong Hanlin Jiang Yin hole during the late Qing Dynasty, known as Jiang Taishi, abandoned politics after the revolution in business, according to legend this road five snake soup is his invention of the Hermitage. Called five snake soup, naturally there are five snakes, although no clearly defined categories, but generally include traditional cobra, krait, coral snake, water snake, rat snake and other five, however, will vary according to different restaurants. Of course, I can not afford to distinguish loafers Fen five snake soup in exactly with what kinds of snake, I believe the store does not pass the secret of it (allegedly loafing Finn had five snake soup including ficus tree, over mountain Ukraine, nosed pit viper three wire cable, with a gold pin, not verified).

The reason why snake soup is a delicious way to present the best, because the snake has a world of flavor to flavor, just to light a small fire to simmer soup combined, releasing the sweet taste of snake meat to the unparalleled of course this quality of snake meat itself is also the most demanding. If other relatively strong common practices such as snakes salt and pepper busy and so will overwrite the snake sweet and refreshing, only suitable king snakes and other succulent meat relatively thicker snakes, if using top snake is undoubtedly wasted.

I remember as a child to eat their own cooking snake soup, stew alone snake soup had a delicious anomaly. However, although the snake very sweet but a little bit monotonous, so loafing Finland have a choice to join the other can add flavor ingredients, including chicken, abalone, plastic flowers, mushrooms, fungus, etc., with a five foes shredded snake wire together down into the stew broth and ginger, orange peel, rice wine and other seasonings. Fresh chicken with sweet ride most snake, snake soup, abalone and fish maw to add one kind of delicious seafood, mushrooms and fungus two kinds of fungus is the most suitable for stew delicacies. These are light but tasty ingredients, if appropriate ratio to further stimulate snake delicious strong plasticity, while not snatched the snake exquisite flavor.

The delicious five snake soup is sublimated to the highest peak of crackers and sprinkle with lemon leaf silk. Ordinarily extremely light snake soup and fried crackers should be both extremely dissonant, but the crackers into a snake soup after it has had a new look delicious: crispy crackers and sense of smell of oil can make people feel good appetite after covering the snake soup is delicious; the same time as it soak into the table, and not yet fully integrated into soups, it will not destroy the original light taste. It's like porridge put fritters, it is a fine choice for a delicious experience. And lemon leaves is one of the most indispensable seasoning five snake soup, fragrant with lemon and leaves a bitter taste peculiar to not only play the role of fishy, ​​more mellow tales of snake soup a hint of fresh air is the finishing touch.

In addition loafing Fen Yen produce their own intestinal claypot doing very famous, but because we want to keep the stomach to eat a few shops so there is no try, hope the next visit will supplement this regret it.

If you can not go to Central taste loafers Fen, located in Causeway Bay, downtown loafers the second is a very good choice, compared to the price of loafing Fen here is more approachable. Here, too, with five snake soup and rice Yen intestine known, but I wonder if this is not a snake soup shop in Hong Kong's standard?

Due to cost constraints, two lazy daisy five snake soup in the selection to be more than loafing Fen number of civilians. In addition to no abalone and fish maw addition, components of snake meat and chicken should be less, while the corresponding increase in the proportion of mushrooms, soup is thick and more. But this resulted in overwhelming proportion of the taste, too rich mushroom flavor somewhat overshadowed sweet snake meat. Fen regardless of the cost compared to loafing delicious enough underground brought, loafers two rival appears on the taste.

In addition to lemon leaf, chrysanthemum petals is actually one of the traditional standard of Taishi five snake soup ingredients. Although Daisy did not bring the fragrance of flowers envisaged, but it played a role in impoverished taste fishy, ​​it seems some similar features lemon leaf, but on reflection perhaps to put Liver eyesight chrysanthemum and Cantonese cuisine "medical food with source "theory about it.

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