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Cultural etiquette and taboos in Hong Kong

OHTN2017-09-27Aix XinLe

As an international financial center, Hong Kong is greatly influenced by western culture.In recent years, we have more and more people in the mainland to work in Hong Kong, travel, shopping and so on, so it is very important to know some cultural etiquette and taboos in Hong Kong.Below we introduce some cultural etiquette and taboos in Hong Kong. I hope to help you!

Cultural etiquette and taboos in Hong Kong


1.Meet relatives and friends to extend "banana hands".In Hong Kong, the "banana hand" for guests who come to the door is a "banana hand".However, Hong Kong almost all over the world products have, gifts are not good.Generally speaking, mainland residents go to Hong Kong and bring some local local products.Beijing people buy a few boxes of "Beijing royal jelly", "Beijing tiger bone wine" and so on.If friends and relatives are young people, might as well buy a few packets of good "Beijing jasmine tea" or "tieguanyin" in fujian, as a sign of "politeness and kindness".The move was also welcomed.

2.Don't take more clothes.Almost all the year round frozen free day of Hong Kong, mild climate, and Hong Kong is a world famous garment exporter, filled with a lot of fashion market, both men and women, old or young, also regardless of the height or size, can choose the right dress.So it's important to go for light.

3.Entertainment must be invisible.Hong Kong is a world of great diversity and entertainment.Mainland tourists are going to Hong Kong to play, and most of the entertainment might be a try.However, it is necessary to have a clear mind and scope of activities to make entertainment really beneficial to physical and mental health, and conducive to knowledge of growth.Places that shouldn't be, such as the red-light district and other erotic sites, should never have gone.A young man, curious to see the red light district, was asked for hk $3,800 just 45 minutes after sitting in a bar with a hostess.The economy suffered losses and was punished when it returned to the mainland.

4.When you go to the night market, don't go to the stalls to haggle.The night market stalls are often home, often with prostitutes, and must pay for them.

5.Avoid large quantities of foreign currency exit.According to the regulations, each mainland resident allowed to visit Hong Kong will be able to convert a small amount of Hong Kong dollars to a small amount of Hong Kong dollars for pocket change after the approval of the tourist visa.Please do not exchange foreign currency for foreign exchange. Once the customs is seized, it will be confiscated.


1. Before meeting people, you should make an appointment by telephone. You can prepare some fruit cakes and treats as gifts.

2. To the average man, "Sir", the lady said "miss", if it is to the older man can be called "uncle" or "uncle", the older woman called "aunt";To male waiters and salesmen can be called "friend", and the waitress still call "miss".

Penalties for public security: Hong Kong's penalties for vandalism are severe, and litter and spitting in public places are usually punishable by hk $1,500.

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