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Hong Kong's Christian history and sect

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Hong Kong's protestantism was introduced from macau after the opium war.In January 1842, the American Baptist minister uncle not and issachar Roberts is the first step on the ground of Hong Kong, and on July 21, first established in central Hong Kong Christian protestant queen the Baptist church.In 1843, the mission of London was established in Hong Kong, which established the "truth hall" and "Gospel hall" and relocated its headquarters in malacca to Hong Kong.In the same year, German priestly priestly guo shili went to Hong Kong to serve as the Chinese secretary of the governor of Hong Kong, established a "fuhan party" in Hong Kong, developed the Chinese people, and actively preached to the mainland of China.At the same time, he sent a letter to the German ministry of triba, which asked to send missionaries to work in China.In 1847, the triba (present meeting, chong zhen hui, xinyi association) sent missionaries to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong's Christian history and sect

The bethany church in Hong Kong

With the outbreak of the second opium war and the treaty of Nanking, the tianjin treaty signed a series of unequal treaties, the missionaries poured into Hong Kong, as a missionary to mainland China.By 1883, Hong Kong had 13 different factions and 18 churches, which had a great influence in Hong Kong society.

From the more than 150 years of history of protestantism in Hong Kong, it can be divided into the following periods:

(1) the period of the western priest's reign (1842, 1883).The period was the beginning of the protestant denominations in Hong Kong.Churches, schools and missionary institutions were established in Hong Kong, such as Baptist church, American ministry, London missionary society, episcopal church, lixian hui, chongzhen hui and badaling.Western missionaries held the leadership of the protestant churches of Hong Kong, with few Chinese missionaries.This period the protestant factions founded in Hong Kong schools such as "macro" art book private, Morrison memorial school, yinghua New York Baptist girls' schools, or other school, made certain contribution to education in Hong Kong.According to statistics, in 1880, there were 160,000 people and more than 800 Chinese christians in Hong Kong.

(2) the establishment period of the Chinese church (1884-1914).Chinese christians in Hong Kong, long subject to bullying by western missionaries, issued a call for Chinese priests to conduct their own teaching and build Chinese churches.Anglican church in 1884 Chinese KuangRi was ordained as the first Chinese pastor, responsible for dealing with Chinese education, the same year Liang An series pastor from Australia back to Hong Kong, founded the "federation of methodist methodist hall of Hong Kong" Chinese church.In the following year, the Chinese Christian of London promoted the minister of the xianxian wang yuan-chu as the director of the ministry and established the "Chinese ritui hall".Since then Chinese christians began to stand on their own, and Hong Kong Chinese began to administer the church themselves.To the Chinese church group in Hong Kong in 1914 has reached 25, points belong to the Anglican church, London will, pakse, methodist, bailey, congregational and Baptist, ba ling will, beauty to beauty and so on nine big guild.At the same time, the advent of the seventh-day Adventist church and the Pentecostal sanctity of the United States of America and the proliferation of protestant churches in Hong Kong have brought the city of Hong Kong into a new era.

(3) the period of self-management of the Chinese church (1915 -- 1940).When world war I broke out in 1914, the world was in turmoil and Hong Kong was affected.In order to adapt to the needs of the situation, April 8, 1915 formally established the Hong Kong confederation of Christianity, the cib's articles of association to participate in the organization, there must be more than 3 years of history, there are christians 50 people and have their own church, pastor or director, director of the ministry.The establishment of the joint conference has changed the chaotic situation of the various parties in the Christian community of Hong Kong and strengthened the solidarity and cooperation among the factions.By the end of 1940, 27 new Christian churches in Hong Kong, the salvation army established the first activity point in Kowloon.Christianity continues to develop steadily in Hong Kong.

(4) the church of the Japanese government (1941-1945).On December 25, 1941, Japanese occupation of Hong Kong, a large number of residents fled Hong Kong island, Christianity was badly hit, and church activities fell into low tide.At this time, there are only 49 churches in Hong Kong.In 1945, the Japanese organized the puppet "Hong Kong Christian association" to replace the "Hong Kong Christian association".During the period, the Christian church in Hong Kong was supervised by the Japanese military, and the church was mainly in relief of refugees.

(5) postwar church restoration period (1946, 1949).On August 14, 1945, Japan surrendered and refugees from all over the world returned to Hong Kong, and the Christian church in Hong Kong began to recover.Mainland Chinese immigrants have been flocking to Hong Kong, and mainland churches have moved to Hong Kong, which has doubled the number of christians in Hong Kong, stimulating the development of Christianity and adding 21 new churches in 1949.

(6) church of Hong Kong's prosperity period (1950 to now).After the 1950s, the Christian religion in Hong Kong continued to develop and gradually to the stage of prosperity.Hong Kong has attracted worldwide attention because of its special geographical position and economic status.Many Christian factions have used all means to expand their presence in Hong Kong and to expand into the mainland and southeast Asia.This set of factors has led to rapid Christian development in Hong Kong, with church publications, publications, radio and schools, and charities.

There are now more than 180 branches in Hong Kong.Among the major denominations:

Episcopal church: in 1842, the missionary of the People's Republic of China, the episcopal church of Hong Kong and Macao was established in 1849, and became a diocese of the Anglican church.From the Anglican church in 1951, it became an independent parish.At present, there are more than 22,000 people in the Hong Kong Anglican diocese, 80 priests and 35 churches.The incumbent bishop Peter kwong was appointed in 1981 Hong Kong and Macao parish as a bishop, 9 is the basic law drafting committee of the Hong Kong special administrative region, the preparatory committee of the Hong Kong special administrative region of the first and the SAR government elected by the committee.

Xinyi zong: there are 43,000 followers, 128 churches and sermons, 2 seminaries and more than 200 god students.

Baptist church: 45,000 followers, 55 churches, 26 evangelical churches, 1 seminary, 1.

Hong Kong Christian methodist church: 11,402 adherents, 12 chapels and 5 sermons.

Hong Kong salvation army: there are 19 troops and more than 1,700 troops.

Hong Kong Pentecostal holy meeting: 4000 believers, 17 churches.

Christian repose: 3, 500 believers.

The church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints: 14,000 people, 25 branches.

Chinese Christian church: 25,500 followers, 32 churches.

Christian evangelion: 11,000 people.

Church of Christ church: more than 790 believers.

Hong Kong Christian protestant is a church standing, organization is various, but there is no unified leadership, the Christian church set up only a few interagency coalition, the organization has a famous Hong Kong Christian council, established in 1954, is Hong Kong's major Christian denominations and don will coalition, is the world council of churches, local institutions.There are 11 sect members and seven independent Christian institutions.Its purpose is to contact and coordinate the activities of Hong Kong's Christian churches, to publish and exchange ideas, to focus on social issues and so on.The group consists of unity church committee, the world of common prayer day organising committee, education committee, social concern committee, women's business committee, youth utilities commission, "the information" editorial board, five cakes two fish movement, dissemination enterprise etc.The group represented Christianity in the "six major religious leaders".Founded in 1915, the Hong Kong Chinese Christian association is a joint organization based on the Christian church.At present, there are 286 member halls, divided into different sects and independent churches. The total number of believers is about 250,000, accounting for about 80% of the Christian population in Hong Kong and the largest organization in the Chinese Christian church.The mission is to "contact the Chinese Christian church in Hong Kong, promote the Gospel, and deal with the common cause of the church."The ministry of ministry of education, ministry of education, ministry of charity, publishing division, public graves department, investigation department, etc., publish Christian weekly.

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