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Hong Kong Day Tour route recommendation

OHTN2017-09-29Aix XinLe

This is a first time for Hong Kong to reach the line, plus a variety of ways suggested hiking subway, oil tankers and other transportation combined with a day to play Hong Kong's attractions. The main route to play, Shopping, supplemented by tourists arriving for the first time, we recommend that aside a day to finish this route, then concentrate on shopping.

Hong Kong Day Tour route recommendation

1、First visit to Hong Kong a day trip Description:

morning ride arrived at Tsim Sha Tsui, Tsuen Wan Line, from the exit A1, Haiphong Road across Canton Road, Harbor City can go to

Haiphong Road, Tsimshatsui some good specialties:

Harbor City is the largest in Hong Kong and one of the most popular shopping center, the Gateway mall, ocean Center, ocean Terminal and Marco Polo Hong Kong hotel mall shopping area of four parts interconnected components. Recommended in Harbor City Harbor City desk can take a map. Tsim Sha Tsui shopping mall shops, Harbor City, you can visit only on one day.

2、Around 11:00, Harbor City walk south along the beach from, you can get out of Harbor City, came out a few steps is the Star Ferry. To not visit the pier, continue to move forward along the coast, he went to the "Avenue of Stars" to see the stars of hand prints in the Walk of Fame, next to the famous Victoria Harbor, where the scenery is good, it is recommended to stay a few shadow.

Ride from Wan Chai MTR Station subway stop is Causeway Bay, from A out of the mouth, went to Times Square. Arrived in Times Square is just lunch time, lunch can be resolved in the food court Food Forum in Times Square. "Pool mind" next to the recommendation in Times Square, where the wonton noodles quite authentic.

3、Causeway Bay shopping are the "Times Square" to "Sogo SOGO" line, should be the way most of Hong Kong's major jewelry store, Chow Tai Fook, Zhou Shengsheng to, Xie Ruilin, Gyeongbokgung one by one. Causeway Bay excellence, a lot of SASA, you can shop around.

Causeway Bay estimated to 4,5 points wander around in the afternoon, the next station in the ring to go.

4、Central MTR J2 exit station. (Via @ Dear group of friends to experience the blue flowers reminded that, where the nearest exit is K oh) next to the Statue Square, the Legislative Council Building, can turn about. To Victoria Peak Tram station, with a clear identification guide, walk to the Garden Road Peak Tram Terminus where the Peak Tram ride up the mountain. If you catch the weekend, a cable car ride more people to line up for an hour. However, in order to enjoy the night, Hong Kong, etc. or value. After the cable car ride up, not to the top, if you want the best angle to see Hong Kong harbor night, they would go on to spend 30 to Peak Tower. (Can be purchased on a round trip + 517hk Peak Tram Tower ticket) after arriving Peak Tram can also visit Madame Tussauds.

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