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What fun place in Hong Kong? Hong Kong to play a new route recommendation

OHTN2017-09-29Aix XinLe
Referred to Hong Kong, you are not the first reaction is to go shopping shopping, or shopping. Play it, come and go is Disney ah, ah Ocean Park, etc. and the like

  Referred to Hong Kong, you are not the first reaction is to go shopping shopping, or shopping. Play it, come and go is Disney ah, ah Ocean Park, etc. and the like. Or where to go to eat, eat here. Every time you go to Hong Kong feel so very tired of it? In fact, in addition to shopping, go to Disney, eat food, there are many places of fun will occur, we come with me in Hong Kong, Hong Kong tide take you to the park to play, bid farewell to the classic the old Raiders, took a new play line.

What fun place in Hong Kong? Hong Kong to play a new route recommendation

First stop: BOUNCE Park trampoline

  Want Fun gravity? To brief you on the first leg of the squad is from Australia BOUNCE, which is composed of 80 multiple splicing of each other trampoline and trampoline crafted paradise! Dodgeball field is divided into zones, SlamDunk dunk area, TheWall wall running area, FreeJumping bouncing free zones, etc., where you can fancy into the basket, Feiyanzoubi, more defy gravity! unleash your nature now playing the bed!

  Address: Kowloon Bay International Trade and Exhibition Center E-Max underground

Second stop: JetOne Motion

  The shop is actually a high-quality game experience museum, but not a simple game center, but it is not a simple game center, but it is not a simple game center, But the one can open the plane, racing cars, playing roller coaster, virtual visual games and shooting game experience museum! Here has the world's most advanced dynamic simulator, you can feel the somatosensory game stimulation!

  Address: Room 1405, 14 / F, Century Plaza, 1-13, German Street, Central

What fun place in Hong Kong? Hong Kong to play a new route recommendation

The third station: Crazy inflatable Run 5K Crazy Steeplechase Park

  If you think running is very simple, you're wrong! 5K run mad steeplechase tell exactly how crazy! 5K Crazy steeplechase November will be a grand landed in Hong Kong, no superhuman powers are hesitant to challenge it! Total length of the track 5 km every half kilometer road will be a giant inflatable obstacle clearance allows you to challenge, in order to win the game, how can we not fought, ha ha, so you also look down on running!

The fourth leg: Bubble Soccer Bubble Football

  It is better to come to Hong Kong to play football? Conscience squad how casually call you to play football in Hong Kong! Amway today is the Bubble Soccer bubble football, and ordinary football is different, the player must wear bubble equipment, with any The way the football shot into the gantry can be, even if they do not understand the football pro can also simply come to the field fun football field!

  Address: Room D, 6 / F, Industrial Building, 77 Hoi Yuen Road, Kwun Tong

What fun place in Hong Kong? Hong Kong to play a new route recommendation

Fifth Station: Blacklight Dodge Ball

  And general play dodgeball similar, the biggest difference is that you want to put on Bling! Bling! Fluorescent clothing and use sparkling fluorescent dodgeball game! Accidentally flash blind your eyes slightly! Cool ~

  Address: 12th Floor, No. 12 Hung To Road, Ngau Tau Kok fine cotton Industrial Building

Sixth Station: Mr. X Chamber of Secrets

  Room Escape parental love to see here! Introducing the squad to give you an area of ​​over 2,000 square meters Room Escape paradise! Mr.X total of seven various themed rooms, including Angel Bird, concentration camps, the ultimate trial, Machinarium Wait. High degree of simulation of large-scale three-dimensional projection device and install complex organ within the game, allowing you to experience the fun of the Chamber of Secrets escape!

  Location: Hung Hom Ferry Wai Road, Hung Hom 37-39 square 1 / F and 2 / F, No. 7-13

Seventh Station: Flight Experience Flight Experience Center

  Soar! Do you want to frequent fliers back when a captain? Then they would have to fly Flight Experience museum and experience the taste of the captain to do! Scene simulator to give you the real experience of the captain, you can choose your favorite the simulated flight route, feel all kinds of unexpected situations during the flight, you have to do is to let the plane landed safely. Is not very interesting? Not come quickly enroll, to be a little captain.

  Address: China Wang Chiu Road, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong 38 Megabox mall G20

Eighth Station: Impact Force CQB

  Like the excitement War Game Friends of the basin can not miss, Impact Force CQB! Impact Force for you love CQB pro who carefully built a 360-degree simulation area, the site is divided into the Amazon forest region, Cambodia and tombs fans urban area, with features giant Egypt ancient statues and stone faces of the people, as if to a real-life version of the CS, like! come and experience the feeling of bullets rain it!

  Address: Yau Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon 25-27 Zhongxing Industrial Building, 8th Floor, B, C, D Block

The ninth station: Lasermads

  If you say Impact Force CQB is the pursuit of realistic experience of War Game, then Lasermads is the pursuit of science and technology futuristic WarGame game! Lasermads be able to give you a Star Wars-like War Game experience, playing a game area decorated spacecraft, here your weapon is a laser gun, you have to wear a vest sensing equipment and a daredevil war your enemy!

  Address: 11th Floor, East Point Yee Wo Street, Causeway Bay, 2-6 No. Ying Light Building

Station X: Safe Archery Fun laser arrow

  If you are tired of firearms class WarGame game, it is better to try bow and arrow WarGame game --SafeArchery Fun shock arrows. There is no player selected to provide a shooting game, your weapon is the bow and arrow, the player can select different modes for the game, such as the defense of the king, arrow speed and quick decision unlimited resurrection, etc., where you will experience a different WarGame charm!

  Address: No. 608 Castle Peak Road, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon Rongji Industrial Building, 12th Floor, Room 6 a (at the above address for the Office of the organizers, gaming venue located in Tsuen Wan, Yuen Long and Kwun Tong.)

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