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Hong Kong folk custom: wax clay

OHTN2017-09-26Aix XinLe

Referred to in the people of Hong Kong in clay pot candle specifically during the Mid-Autumn festival, the moon cake tin is used as the vessel, burning newspapers or use candles and other sundry wax used in clay pot of fire, a large number of candles (correctly said should be high temperature liquid wax) caused by the fire with fire behavior.When the wax is burning the most, the fire is spraying water into the fire.Paraffin wax is very easy to cause a fire, hot wax contact with the skin may cause third-level burns.

Hong Kong folk custom: wax clay

Hong Kong "in clay pot"

It is a kind of custom in the south. It is more dangerous."Clay pot" is to set two candles on fire, and then take a candle and burn it to the bottom of the candle.Young people in Hong Kong are especially popular in the month of yingyue, the Mid-Autumn festival and the third day of the lunar month in the public places of wax, usually accompanied by lanterns and lighting candles and other Mid-Autumn activities.People in Hong Kong have been admitted to hospital with wax.

The attitude of the Hong Kong government

Due to the number of the Mid-Autumn festival moon out too much, and considering the holiday, so the police rarely intervention in clay pot wax behavior in the Mid-Autumn festival in the past, and make young people take to talk on wax for the annual Mid-Autumn festival can "legal set".But due to talk on wax makes parks and other public places left a lot of difficult to clean up the wax stains, and the danger, so the government since the late 1990 s many advertising, called on people not to talk on wax, leisure and cultural services department will be in the three days of the Mid-Autumn festival encryption patrol parks and other places, don't too much candle for citizens to enjoy the moon, and avoid leaving wax, wax would discourage it boil.

The government of Hong Kong has defined the wax to burn or dissolve the wax, or sprinkle any liquid on or over the hot wax, which may cause injury or damage to any person.If found in the LCSD park, beach and barbecue area, the CSD can be prosecuted under the pleasure grounds regulation and can be fined up to hk $2,000 and 14 days in jail.The department of leisure and cultural services (LCSD) will open a hotline 2414 to 5555 from 7 PM to 12 PM on the three days before and after the Mid-Autumn festival.

If the wax is left in the public place, it can be seen as a random litter and a fine of hk $1,500 is issued.According to the LCSD's recommendations, the public should place candles on a tin can or other non-flammable receptacles and throw out a candle solution that will be extinguished after a month.

If public housing estate residents within the scope of the housing department manages estates public place to talk on wax, housing department can press button "estates cleaning system five points deducted the residents (does not apply to units have been sold), if there is any other besmirch place, can be fined for hk $1500, in addition, if people in the Hong Kong housing society under estates scope of public place to talk on wax, housing association, transfer the relevant case police and processing food and environmental hygiene department.

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