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Hong Kong tourist souvenirs: shrimp sauce

OHTN2017-10-09Aix XinLe

  Shrimp paste, also known as shrimp cake, is a variety of small shrimp salt fermentation, the grinding made of a sticky sauce, China coastal shrimp can produce areas. Production, the election 10 pounds of shrimp (a shrimp) washed with water, into the clean jar, and then into the salt 1500 grams, with a mallet light pound, and then seal the mouth, placed in a cool and ventilated place Natural fermentation. Daily agitation, fake time, can naturally mature.

Hong Kong tourist souvenirs: shrimp sauce

  Shrimp paste is rich in protein, calcium, iron, selenium, vitamin A and other nutrients, shrimp paste there is a very important nutrients - astaxanthin, astaxanthin is by far the strongest of an antioxidant , Known as super vitamin e, shrimp sauce more red that shrimp more. Appropriate consumption of the body is quite useful.

  Shrimp paste a lot of food, can be used for a variety of cooking and hot pot seasonings, but also can be used to make a lot of unique delicious side dishes, such as eggs, steamed shrimp sauce, shrimp sauce stew tofu, chili shrimp sauce and so on. The easiest thing to do is egg shrimp sauce. The oil after the heat into the shrimp sauce, add diced green onions, minced garlic, dried red pepper section, a little rice wine and vinegar, fried into the broken eggs poured into the cake can be, if it is spring to eat, add a little Toon flavor will be better.

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