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Hong Kong folk festival: the international Dragon Boat Festival

OHTN2017-09-26Aix XinLe
Dragon boat RACES are held every year on Hong Kong island, Kowloon and New Territories, but the international dragon boat invitational tournament is the most ey

Dragon boat RACES are held every year on Hong Kong island, Kowloon and New Territories, but the international dragon boat invitational tournament is the most eye-catching.The event is organized by the Hong Kong tourism association and the provisional municipal council of Hong Kong, usually within one to two weeks after the Dragon Boat Festival.The international competition, which began in 1976, now has more than 30 overseas teams each year, and the venue is the shing mun river.

Hong Kong folk festival: the international Dragon Boat Festival

The dragon boat is twenty meters long and one meter wide.It consists of three straight, straight fir trees, dug into grooves.The middle one was twenty-three meters long for the mother ship, and each of the two sides was of a length of ten meters.Bibcock, dragon neck by a 2 meter long water carved willow, the paint gold, silver, red, green and white variety, like our gleaming, a pair of intense longan, curved Angle, turned upward, it may be said to be healthy and energetic, lifelike.The dragon boat is composed of a drum head, a gong hand and a hand.The drum head is the commander of the dragon boat, and is the most prestigious person in the village.A dozen children of the wind were a gongs, and the mariners were thirty-eight, and they were young and young in the stockade.During the race, the sailors each held a one-hand, five-foot-long flat shoulder wood pulp.A raincoat with a hat on the head, a prayer rain.The competition is very exciting and exciting, and it is indeed a physical activity, better than technology, more than wisdom, courage and solidarity.

Some of the rules of the Hong Kong international Dragon Boat Festival: first of all, the channel, according to the river conditions, set men and women 400 meters, 500 meters, 600 meters, 800 meters, 1000 meters (according to local conditions).The race should be in a still water, the channel is straight, and the line must be parallel to the finish line and perpendicular to the fairway.According to the number of teams and site conditions, set 2 or 4, 6 and 8 channels, and the width of each channel can be set in 9 meters, 11 meters and 13.5 meters.The shallow water of the channel shall not be less than 2.5 meters, and there shall be no water grass, reefs and wooden posts within the channel, and no obstacles within 5 meters of the waterway.Equipment: according to the traditional dragon boat style specifications, making materials, the rudder and paddle specifications are made according to the traditional requirements.

Dragon boat attached device, the traditional dragon boat can be used to make the faucet and the dragon tail, and has the gongs, gong, drum and drum, and the other water mark two, prepare the oar several.Members of the Hong Kong international Dragon Boat Festival must be healthy, swim and be familiar with the water, and the dragon boat RACES are 25 people.Each team has a team leader (athlete and athlete) who must wear the logo when it's cold.There are 23 players in each team, including: the helmsman, the gongs, the drummers and the other two, each of whom has two substitutes.The replacement must be verified by the referee and replaced before the inspection of the ship, and no replacement after boarding.

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