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Hong Kong art festival fringe festival

OHTN2017-09-26Aix XinLe

The Hong Kong fringe festival, held every year and February, is an "alternative" art activity that emphasizes artistic creativity and is a refreshing addition to the live performances of local and international artists.It is usually held in several different places in Hong Kong, but the fringe of the central ring will be the main venue.

Hong Kong art festival fringe festival

The Hong Kong fringe festival took over the colonial architecture in 1984, transforming it into a free art platform.Hong Kong fringe festival was founded in 1982, a nonprofit organizations and charities, based on the principle of free open and innovation, is committed to engage in different art forms of local and foreign artists to create works show in Hong Kong and abroad environment, and actively and establish a channel for communication between Hong Kong culture for them.

Cultural event held each year in addition to large capital city b section, field operations, leading artists to overseas exchange, cultural heritage projects and core activities such as artistic creation, training administrators.The Hong Kong fringe festival has two small theaters, three book galleries, rehearsal rooms and ticketing systems, with more than 500 exhibitions throughout the year, including performance art: 350 performances.Visual arts: seventy-five exhibitions;Music: 120 performances and other lectures, interest group outreach and community projects, etc.Artists and performers are free to use the Hong Kong fringe festival exhibition and performance venue without subject to art review and regulation.

The fringe is a historic building located in Hong Kong's most prosperous central district.Built at the end of the 19th century, a three-storey building with brick walls is one of the few buildings to be preserved.When the building is built, its design can be used for a variety of purposes, including industrial, commercial and residential.Therefore, the building of the building is very unique, not only reflects its original purpose of multi-function, but also the nostalgic color of colonial period.

The fringe will take over the building in 1984, the building has is disrepair, rags and leaking, founder of the fringe will Xie Junxing with a group of enthusiastic volunteers and decoration workers, together in a short span of four weeks, the rearrangement was left more than a decade of ice room, will become the fringe of the day.At first, the fringe operated for five years without a lease and then signed with the government.After years of maintenance, the fringe will preserve the building and make a new look.In addition to making it escape the developer's chisels, it also gave it a new life.Today, the fringe has been recognized as Hong Kong and Asia Pacific a vibrant dynamic space for contemporary art, become valuable to reuse the abandoned buildings, and the successful example of the decaying community back to life.

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