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Harmony and harmony between China and the west: a taste of Hong Kong's four seasons

OHTN2017-09-27Aix XinLe

You are in a hurry from Tsim Sha Tsui Canton road, carrying a variety of big brand shopping bags, can you be a little more intrusive, talking about another way of experiencing Hong Kong?Yes, taste the characteristic culture of the city and the west.

Harmony and harmony between China and the west: a taste of Hong Kong's four seasons

What, you think Hong Kong is a "cultural desert"?Oh no, if I'm interested, I can talk a little bit about it.If there is still time, then we can sit down and brew a pot of daffodils, slowly spreading out the wonderful cultural events that you may encounter in the course of the year.

The festival and art exhibition play "the brilliance of spring"

Every spring rain season, Hong Kong begins to show the charm of "Oriental film capital".The annual entertainment expo, from mid-march kicks off, for nearly a month, the Asian film awards, the Hong Kong international film festival, international film and TV show, the Asian film investment will, independent short film competition, Hong Kong film awards...Whether you're a movie buff, a professional, or just a few casual tourists who love to gossip, you can enjoy the glow of a light feast.

Two movie awards red carpet walk each star, no doubt is the focus of the media to chase, if you are not afraid not afraid to get wet in the rain, although raised his digital camera, maybe those pictures of unique Angle of view, will become a microblogging forwarding.

The central view is the most promising.Last year alone, there were 283 selected films from 50 countries and regions, 53 of which were global or Asian premieres.Excellent Chinese new films on both sides of the straits, award-winning films from major European and American film festivals, "small and fresh" art films from eastern Europe or Japan, and slightly different pioneering experimental films...This is undoubtedly a big feast.

In may, the Hong Kong international art fair debuted, but it has been running for only five years and is now one of the most important art fairs in the world.Of the 266 galleries that participated in 2012, 53% came from Asia, 47% came from Europe and the us, and proportionate global rarity.

If you like going to galleries and focusing on contemporary art, don't miss this art fair that is favored by many industries.In Hong Kong, as the bridge between east and west art market, excellent works of art are gathered here.If you are interested, you may try your own vision and drive, and perhaps one day later, you will find that the "good things" you receive in Hong Kong are priceless.

The drama festival, the book fair painting is "the beauty of summer"

Throughout the summer, the Chinese drama festival is a good opportunity for the fans to feast their eyes on it.Peking Opera, kunqu opera, cantonese opera, opera, qin dynasty, pingtan...All kinds of traditional operas, the classic reading ones, each group leaders, who rarely meet in Hong Kong, the high quality of opera performance to the Asia, known as the "quick" elegance of of primitive simplicity of smooth added a few leisurely.

Hong Kong people love kunqu opera, no matter the north of the south, if there is a good will in this exchange, two years "north and south west wing" successive visits to Hong Kong, is one example.On the stage, the drums and drums are sonorous, the bamboo is melodious, the sleeve-sleeve dance, the eye wave circulation, the song is exquisite, the body of the sprinkling;Under the stage, from the white-haired old man to the childlike child, infatuated, immersed in it, the wonderful place loudly applauded, the emotion was silent.The good story of drama, drama and "play by man" is being played in this city year by year.

If you are an opera lover, you can enjoy the cool and refreshing of a theater in a hot summer day.If you are only slightly interested, I would suggest that you might as well have a view of such a lovely pear garden, not every Chinese city can be seen.

The rhyme is in the ear, the book fragrance already pervaded.The Hong Kong book fair in late July opened the door to a "world of reading" for book-lovers.Dozens of countries and regions are exhibiting in hundreds of publishers each year, attracting 950,000 visits last year alone.

In collaboration with the book exhibition, the organizer has launched about 300 cultural activities, including the author's lecture, the celebrity reading club, the literary creation workshop and the parent-child interaction.Liu yi-chang, jin yong, Lin peili, su tong, ah lai, liu cixin, long yingtai, li ao, zhu tianxin...These famous writers on both sides of the Taiwan straits have been "guests" at the Hong Kong book fair.Jia zhangke, pang ho xiang, Lin qingxia, nine dao...The showbiz celebrities have also chosen to sell their new bookmarks and culture to the Hong Kong book fair.

As a tourist, you can also enjoy a discount: purchase tickets at a preferential price of hk $10 via the Hong Kong people's ticket office.Check in, and there's a feast of reading about it, right in front of you!

The museum and revitalizing the ancient ruins have a sense of "the beauty of autumn."

The autumn of osmanthus and maple is the best season in Hong Kong.In the year of the nice weather, go out for a walk, visit the museum of the fun and cognitive distinctive activation sites, lingnan sky quietly feeling that an ancient and beautiful mood.

Hong Kong a total of 54 museum, a size larger cultural museum, history museum, science museum, museum of art, have designed points category maritime museum, horse racing, the police museum museum, there are small and delicate sun yat-sen memorial hall, law UK folk museum, scout antiquities gallery houses...It tells the story of Hong Kong, from the vicissitudes of the mountains and the sea to the history, from the cultural heritage to the advancement of science and technology, from the customs to the urban construction.

There will always be special exhibitions from the mainland around the National Day."The opening of the imperial examination -- the qing dynasty imperial examination exhibition" "the whole world: the eternal kingdom of the qin emperor" "root and soul?China intangible cultural heritage exhibition.Looking at the high quality exhibition of "Chinese wind", and looking up at the opening of a cluster of golden acacia, the interest is only a pleasure.

What is an activated monument?It is a heritage conservation measure that is rich in Hong Kong. It refers to the renovation of historic buildings and new USES.At present, there are 18 active projects in Hong Kong that have been completed or are undergoing.North Kowloon referee SiShu "reincarnation" art institute, tai o police turns into a boutique hotel, businessman mansion "lui seng chun" to the Baptist university of traditional Chinese medicine clinic, litchi bungalows built jao tsung-i Angle of hospital cultural center before...

Stroll through the revitalizing historic sites and surrounding areas to smack the historical accumulation of the old building bricks, or the symmetrical axis and the English style of large round arches.Or the style of the cantonese style of the arcade and veranda.If you look at the freshness of their current popularity, you can't help feeling that the old and new can be so harmonious, and create the unique urban culture form.

The art festival and the New Year celebration "the profusion of winter"

Hong Kong has been transformed into a "city of stage art" when the first wave of cold snaps over Victoria harbour.All over the world's top art groups - orchestra, dance, opera, drama club here, bring up to more than two months of the Hong Kong arts festival, and other colorful stage.

The Hong Kong ballet's regular Christmas performance, "the nutcracker," is a beloved play by children.Wonderful plot, melodious music and beautiful dance, builds a fairy tale fantasy artistic conception, also told the stage art lovers, like into a fairy tale, began to enjoy this with about 200 high quality performances of winter!

If you like dance, especially ballet, the Hong Kong arts festival, which has always been a "big hit" with classical ballet, won't disappoint.The national ballet, the Chinese national ballet, the German Hamburg ballet, the Swiss Zurich ballet...They are all regulars on this stage.You can also enjoy contemporary ballet in favor of modern dance, or pure contemporary dance.

Other categories, major groups and musicians joined the Hong Kong arts festival, abound: Vienna orchestra, st Petersburg philharmonic orchestra, New York, in leipzig, the Bavarian state opera house, Sydney opera house, the royal Shakespeare company, Beijing people's art theatre, Moscow art theatre, yo-yo ma, tan dun, yundi li...

In this winter of art, you can hear the voice of the desert and the sigh of the hero, the beauty and disillusionment of the dream, the confusion and loneliness of the urbanite.The ancient world classic and the new sharp art experiment, interweave stage, reflect the stage.

Get out of the theatre and have a New Year's celebration!Permeated with religious atmosphere of Christmas carols, boisterous, dragon-lion carnival, New Year's eve countdown of colours of xiangjiang, joy throughout the New Year parade, solemnly sincere blessing of temples, gleaming the parade...The festival activities of the Chinese and western countries show the charm of the city and the most vivid and vivid expression of Hong Kong's distinctive culture.

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