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Hong Kong landmark: the feng shui story of the bank of China

OHTN2017-09-27Aix XinLe

The central ring of Hong Kong is called the Wall Street of the far east. It is the home of the big Banks, insurance and land industries in the local and regional headquarters.Since 1949 Shanghai surnamed capitalist after the surname club, Hong Kong has replaced the Shanghai become the financial center of the far east, especially after China's reform and opening up, become an international financial capital and the Chinese mainland capital for each other.

Hong Kong landmark: the feng shui story of the bank of China

Located in the central HSBC asia-pacific headquarters, it was one of the world's most expensive building, built all the fittings are made in advance, steel manufacturing in the UK, glass, aluminum frame and floor manufacturing in the United States, internal infrastructure components production assembly in Japan.Under the guidance of my friend, I seem to see a completely different central ring.In terms of geography, HSBC current address belonged to the beach, but now the coastline by the reclamation and launched hundreds of meters to the north, but HSBC not high still leaning against the building of the Victoria peak, surface smooth inspect the harbour, the sea take in everything in a glance, the high ground.Looking around the side, the west side of the building stood side by side with the slim standard chartered bank building, and the other erect buildings, though tall and small, could not match the stability of the building and the larger one.Only the eastern buildings are imposing.

At six or seven o 'clock in the morning, the HSBC building was enveloped in the shadow of skyscrapers such as the central bank of the Yangtze river and central bank of Hong Kong.Until 8 or 9 o 'clock, the top of the bank of China tower, shaped like the sword, the shadow straight HSBC's throat and heart, with an arrow through the heart of the tasks assigned, it does have a thrilling feeling.The controversy over the completion of the Chinese silver tower in 1989 sparked a geomantic war in central China, where the fire of the invisible war burned to the present day.

Despite denials from the Chinese bank of China tower construction have any relationship with feng shui, the designer for the famous chinese-american architect i. m. pei, the site is from the port of the British authorities to curry favor with the Chinese side, far below market value, price will be the Hong Kong business district center 6700 square meters of the original beauty of the building and the surrounding land sold to bank of China.It is said that zhongyin is the only giant building that has not consulted feng shui masters, but the gas and the domineering of the building shows that it does not want to compromise with others.The building has 70 floors and 315 meters high, with a height of 367.4 meters and the tallest building in Asia.It is shaped like a bamboo shoot "rising and rising". It is a symbol of strength, vitality, strength and enterprising spirit, according to the bank of China.The plinth wall represents the Great Wall and represents China.Although the landlord has no intention, the visitor has a heart, Hong Kong people think this building attack and defense both, killing gas.In fact, much of the central government's intervention in Hong Kong is like the bank of China, which is unintentional but has a huge impact on Hong Kong people.

Most interesting of all, when the bank of China was completed, the first pressure was for the Chinese authorities in Hong Kong.Feng shui master to refer to the bank of China tower is shaped like a knife, and one of a "blade" pointing to governor mansion (now the Hong Kong government), the governor's mansion so please resolve, the final decision in the direction of facing the bank of China tower planting willow to murderous look.The citibank tower, which is under construction next to the bank of China, is designed with a book in the shape of a book, which corresponds to the sharp corners of the bank of China, and is designed to defuse its killing.Another 1999 completion of the Yangtze river is said to be the center of the group features are also affected by boc murderous look, the Yangtze river group chairman li ka-shing, to listen to your feng shui master decided to adopt "are all" shape, namely, behave, who also not to offend meaning, eliminate all prominent part, to resolve the murderous look of bank of China.Li ka-shing is Hong Kong's biggest landowner and local bully, and the Yangtze is a long-time patron of foreign Banks, including Goldman sachs Asia headquarters in the United States.In this rented building, there is more protection for the underground snake. After all, the dragon does not control the snakes.

The 52-story HSBC asia-pacific head office building on the ground floor is not only under the "sword" of the Chinese bank, but also a threat to the "blade" of the bank.It is said that soon after the completion of the bank of China tower, HSBC's performance was affected, then add two door at the top of the HSBC "artillery", aimed at boc heart, to counter the murderous look of the bank of China tower, HSBC's performance to improve.

After Hong Kong's return, the tower of the bank of China's silver tower is more like a sword to Hong Kong, and the Chinese bank's actions are more aggressive than its buildings.From being a top dollar dealer to a large number of small Banks, it is a fierce one, and is now firmly in the second position of the bank of Hong Kong.And HSBC, the biggest, has merged its third largest bank, the hang seng bank, to make it still worth several times its size.What we are seeing is a struggle for business, profit and market ownership, but in the eyes of feng shui masters, there is a lot of destruction, sword and shadow, and even gunfire.

In the field of feng shui, silver has a blade, HSBC has artillery;Silver has a sword, HSBC has a fire wheel.The overall structure of the HSBC tower is assembled from prefabricated, detachable parts that can be disassembled in a short time and shipped to any part of the world to be reassembled into a building.In an unexpected twist, HSBC would quickly pull out, leaving the occupiers without a piece of its own, unlike its Shanghai bund headquarters building more than 60 years ago.

Central area of numerous and commercial Banks, financial institutions, are in Ming or secretly to participate in the tangible silent war, feng shui seemed to each have to beat the competition, occupy the favorable conditions and unfavorable to favorable.Feng shui is an ancient industry in such a well-developed Hong Kong. It has such an important position that feng shui masters are highly respected.It can be said that the real designers of the Hong Kong financial centre are feng shui masters, not academic town planners or designers.

It makes me think that the construction of our city and countryside, if all can get the guidance and advice of feng shui masters, may be beautiful and healthy, and will make our city more spiritual.In fengshui, clear water, fresh air, clear unimpeded traffic, beautiful environment, is the basic element of luck money, these are urban designers and urban and rural residents need?The feng shui wars of buildings and environment, seemingly tense and intense, bring vivid and lively organic interaction to urban construction. The result must be harmony and balance.

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