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One of China's geomantic treasures: Hong Kong

OHTN2017-09-27Aix XinLe

Since its opening in Hong Kong, the population has grown from thousands to seven million, and has not been heard of a small fishing port as a "pearl of the Orient".In addition to human effort, feng shui can help?

One of China's geomantic treasures: Hong Kong

To the dragon

Hong Kong dragon vein can be traced back to Asia in the western China powerful kunlun mountains, it is one of China's four gets the dragon, the dragon winding its way from west to east, thousands of kilometers, on the way out countless dry.One of them, from baiyun mountain in guangdong province, enters luofu mountain, which extends to the lianma pit and rushes to the sparrows. It can be said that the mountains of Hong Kong originate from luofu mountain.The mountains extend into the north east New Territories, Hong Kong border wutong mountain, it again to the southwest, tai mo shan, New Territories, to the main ability of 958 meters, towering magnificent, majestic beauty, has become the New Territories, the father of the mountains is also Hong Kong soyama.

Tai mo shan is located in northwest Hong Kong.During the eighth shipment (from 2004 to 2023), feng shui yuan was also in the northwest.That is, the location of Hong Kong's ancestral mountains is in line with the orientation of the sixth movement and the god. During this period, economic development and eventual achievements have been achieved.Tai mo shan branch is divided into the east and west.South to kwai chung, tsuen wan, long pearl island, deep well.West to tai lam chung, tuen mun, blue land, flood bridge, yuen long, ping shan and other places.East to sha tin, horse water area.

Progenitor stretch cap mountains to the southeast of shandong university, Hong Kong, by the gate, Shi Li bei two ponds, and rushed up the Kowloon Peninsula bijia mountain main pier hill (also known as smoke), its ability of peak 453 meters, and many north Kowloon Peninsula, into a mountain.The mountains of the pen mountain range to the east, through the sierra leone and the grand old mountains, straight to the goose hill ridge, the goose peaks rise and fall, like the sky.The longmai extended southward to the lei yue mun and the buddhist gate.Shandong north extension to sai kung and ma on shan.It is said to be the origin of the name:

1. From the point of the penholder mountain to the tsuen tsuen estate and the estate of li cheng.

2. From the pen rack mountain to shek kip mei, sham shui Po, tai kok tsui, lai chi kok, mobil.

3. From the penholder mountain to mong kok.

4. Straight through the penholder mountain, the official chung, Tsim Sha Tsui.

5. From the sierra leone, jiulongtang, ho man tian and hung hom.

6. From shizishan to Kowloon city, tokwa bay and Kowloon bay.

7. From the lion mountain to wong tai sin, new Po kong, ngau tau kok and kwun tong.

8. From sierra leone to diamond hill, Jordan valley, lam tin, yau tong.

9. From sierra leone to ciyun mountain, niu chi wan, rainbow and sau mau ping.

Nine dragon veins cover the entire Kowloon Peninsula.

The island range is from Kowloon.The dragon vein in Kowloon is located in the sea of the dragon, which originates from the protection of the dragon from flying goose hill via lei yue mun port, and the dragon of the Tsim Sha Tsui in the pen-mount mountain, both crossing the river to join in the taiping mountain, and it is also the sea of the two dragons.Taiping mountain is commonly known as qishan mountain.The peak is 554 meters high and majestic, which is the highest mountain on Hong Kong island.It scores a mountain range across Hong Kong island.The central vein along the old peak road and the garden road, the two jiacupoints: the main expensive government of the government (formerly known as the governor of Hong Kong) and the main rich bank HSBC.

To dragon strong momentum strong, but the slope is too steep, ShaQi big, set up the plant and animal park in Hong Kong as a buffer, cut slope jerky ShaQi greatly, so the two auspicious acupuncture point and central gas to condense.The left pulse along the west side of the west, the mostar ridge and Kennedy town, the mountains are short and the dragon is powerful.

The right vein is to the east of the Columbia hill, the valley of mount mount, mount mount, mount Nicholson, the causeway bay of causeway bay, the beidanshan, north point, shau kei wan, mount parker.From the shandianshan branch, from the huangmud chung gap, violet hill to tai tam, ma keng mountain, Stanley and shallow water bay south of Hong Kong island;And mount mount of mount parker to the southeast of Hong Kong island.South pulse extends to qili mountain, poklin and Aberdeen huangzhu keng island southwest of Hong Kong island.Hong Kong island has many mountain form is the soil shape, the land mountain main rich.They are beautiful and beautiful and are one of the richest factors in Hong Kong island.

Water and water

Hong Kong's water comes from the pearl river delta, through the qingyi water gate, from the west to the east stream, the Hong Kong island of Victoria harbor.The water is rich, the water quality is good, water is quiet and long, and it has no source, it has no flow.

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