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Hong Kong tourist souvenirs: Digital electronics products

OHTN2017-10-10Aix XinLe

 Like many mainland tourists to Hong Kong to buy digital products, such as iPhone, ipad, digital cameras ... mainland tourists are a favorite, as a "shopping paradise", Hong Kong's electronic products is not only cheap, but also diverse styles. I went to Hong Kong where to buy electronic products more reliable? Here five stores more popular in Hong Kong, a high degree of market acceptance, quality assured, buy electronic products to these zones will not be wrong.

Hong Kong tourist souvenirs: Digital electronics products

Su Ning

Hong Kong Su Ning full range of goods, whether digital, mobile phones, audio and video products, audio equipment and small household appliances are also readily available. Su Ning stores in Hong Kong throughout the territory, customers enjoy exclusive membership benefits, it would also enjoy shopping guarantee, so you can always shopping experience.

Central Plains

Central Plains Electric (Chung Yuen Electrical) is one of Hong Kong's major electrical retail chain, founded in 1927, the retail and distribution of electrical appliances as the main business, a total of 13 outlets throughout Hong Kong. Early to run Sony brand known for service, in cooperation with Sony after the end of the relationship, instead of retail business development


Fortress was founded by Hongkong Electric Company in 1975 in Hong Kong Island Fortress (Fortress Hill - Fortress that is the English name of "Fortress" origin), it was originally used to promote Hong Kong Electric Power payment center power use and sale of basic appliances supplies. 1986 was acquired by Hong Kong tycoon Li Jiacheng's Hutchison Whampoa, in 1990 he became a member of Hutchison under the retail business, Watson Group. In Hong Kong, public recognition of the Fortress is very high, can be said to be representative of quality, access to a variety of honors and awards.


Wilson Communications (Hong Kong full name Wilson Communications Limited) is a mobile phone chain stores, sales mainly for mobile phones, accessories and laptops. It provides mobile phone sales due to the application of free courses so popular. Nokia was the designated direct supply retailers, so the quality is good, there are also small scale in Hong Kong.


Broadway moment the spirit of "brave attempt, innovative" spirit, and actively introduce all kinds of new digital electronic and electrical products, with the continuous upgrading of professional services and retail fashion shopping experience, ad hoc "consumer protection, ten replacement" and " computerized stay goods services "to let customers time and technology trends closely associated. With the development of the times, Broadway gradually become larger scale, the development of photographic equipment from the store to a wide range of digital electronic and electrical retail business.

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