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Hong Kong cuisine Swiss Wing

OHTN2017-09-28Aix XinLe

Hong Kong Swiss Wing is a brine chicken wings in Hong Kong to Switzerland in the name, they are not from Switzerland or other European countries. The food is mainly used the "Switzerland juice" is sweet brine made of soy sauce, spices, sugar.

Hong Kong cuisine Swiss Wing

One theory about the Swiss Wing is originated in a centuries-old cafes, before an epidemic of Western soy sauce, soy sauce, cooking with a similar Western food, Swiss chicken wings is an example representative. Since it is with soy sauce, then why is it called Swiss chicken wings? That there are lo to the restaurant, I feel sweet chicken wings, and the waiter said "Sweet", waiters do not know what that means, ask a person who, due to the pronunciation, people thought he said was "Swiss", then Switzerland chicken wings called away.

Another argument is that Swiss Wing pioneered by founder Taiping Museum Restaurant Xulao high. The name of the Swiss Wing, and legend has it that a foreign visitors to Guangzhou Pacific Pavilion restaurant to taste this sweet chicken wings. When he asked a waiter to dish the name of convenience to answer in English "Sweet Wings", but because of misunderstanding verbal, visitors thought it was "Swiss Wings", thus the name derived from the Swiss Wing.

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