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Spring Festival customs in Hong Kong

OHTN2017-09-26Aix XinLe

The lunar New Year is a traditional festival in China, which is believed to be one of the Chinese people.In Hong Kong, however, the year of the lunar calendar is very different from tradition in terms of customs and atmosphere.

Spring Festival customs in Hong Kong

In recent years, very few people in Hong Kong during the lunar New Year, according to the traditional stick Spring Festival couplets and New Year pictures at home, instead, in some stores or home labeled "business", "in peace" and other wave spring.However, the original intention of the Spring Festival is the same as the Spring Festival couplets and New Year pictures, so as to take its auspicious meaning and hope everything will go well in the coming year.

Spring Festival fireworks display in Hong Kong

In addition, lion dance, dragon lantern and so on also will appear in some New Territories village, in the village, in the New Year's downtown street is also very difficult to see large lion dance, dragon lantern performance.As to put the fireworks, firecrackers and so on in Hong Kong is from, but each year since 1982, the night of the lunar issue, will be held a grand fireworks show on the Victoria harbour, this has become more than a decade of a program.

Hong Kong is known as "gourmet paradise", the Spring Festival on the custom of eating too many, and most of the families will eat "reunion dinner", during the Spring Festival is usually a banquet in the home, in the New Year's eve the whole family up and down, inside and out together and enjoy the dinner.After the meal a big program, the first choice believe is to visit the flower market, during the lunar New Year, the Hong Kong nine places have the lunar New Year market, among them the flower city of Victoria park is the biggest, the most lively.The people of Hong Kong are used to visiting flower markets after dinner. The New Year's eve is more crowded and crowded.

Hong Kong Spring Festival horse race

In Hong Kong, the happiest time to spend the New Year in Hong Kong is to accept "li" as a child."Li is" the original "li thing", the wide and good, and also became the custom of the Spring Festival with relatives.

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