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Hong Kong Lamma Island

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  Lamma Island is the third largest island in the territory of Hong Kong, China, second only to the area of ​​Hong Kong Island and Lantau Island. Islands District belongs among the 18 districts of Hong Kong on administration. Sham Wan, Lamma Island have unearthed the Neolithic to the Ming and Qing era relics. Lamma ancient called "ship Liu Chau", the Tang and Song had to berth vessels of Guangzhou to foreign trade, the post-ya into "Lamma Island." In modern times, because the islands lie south of Hong Kong, shaped like the Chinese character "Ah", hence the name "Lamma", and gradually replace the "Lamma Island" one.

Hong Kong Lamma Island

  Lamma Island is located in the south of Hong Kong Island, an area of ​​about 14 square kilometers, most of the islanders live in the north of the relatively flat terrain, it can be used as farmland Yung Shue Wan area. Hong Kong Island by boat from the past, only 30 minutes to reach the island's two ports in Sok Kwu Wan and Yung Shue Wan, Lamma Island has always been quiet and peaceful, so after the sixties and seventies attracted many young people and expatriate to Yung Shue Wan inhabited area, the street also opened a lot of Western-style restaurants and pubs filled with an exotic romantic, the most famous bar "Wanda Lama", it is the opposite and next to the most famous Hong Kong style cafes "multi meet cafes" and "Ying Kee." In addition to international cuisine gathered outside, walk along Yung Shue Wan Road, along the way are charming little shops sell handicrafts, household items have sold green, there are all kinds of homemade cookies to sell, the people here are like the 1960s West Like love hippie simple and natural life, and they care about the unique quality of life.

Hong Kong Lamma Island

  Lamma early as there were people here live in the Neolithic period. Since ancient times, the islanders fishing is the main livelihood. Today, the islanders had not only native aborigines, and more than ten thousand inhabitants of the island, the expatriates accounted for almost half. They attract a beautiful environment, mountains, trees, bamboo groves, villages on the island, and of course the beaches around the island, all this constitutes a sense of an paradise. With respect to the hustle and bustle of downtown Hong Kong Island, the Lamma Island still has a kind of rustic tranquility. More and more foreigners working in Hong Kong to Lamma Island to settle, they brought foreign bars and cafes, it also brings a bikini and all kinds of foreign stuff. Lamma Island, Hong Kong has become the island's European style, this exotic but also attracted many Chinese young modernists, these advocates of freedom "Bobos" Youth and the island became quite a number of artistic

  Archaeologists believe Lamma Island is the oldest cultural sites in South China. There has been a fisherman used to live, its quiet atmosphere attracts countless poets, artists, and other people want to escape the city competition.

Scenic Area Address: Hong Kong Island's south

Car lines: Lamma Island ferry totally dependent on external traffic. There are two routes HKK and forth between Lamma Island, Central ─ Shue Wan, Sok Kwu Wan ─ Central; Greenwood has a shipping route and forth between Lamma Island, Shue Wan (via North Point village) ─ Aberdeen; Chuen Kee ferry there is a round-trip route between Hong Kong Island and Lamma Island, Hong Kong Aberdeen ─ ─ Mo Tat Sok Kwu Wan.

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