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Hong Kong culture and art: manga

OHTN2017-09-27Aix XinLe

Hong Kong is one of the few places in Asia that has its own comic book tradition, except Japan, which has its own comic books. The history of its cartoons can be traced back to the 1960s and more than 40 years ago.We all know a lot of good comics.The image of the classic characters in the comics also recalses.His works include huang yulang's "the dragon tiger gate", ma rongcheng's "fengyun", "the Chinese hero", wang ze's "the old master" and "McDull" and "McDull" by xie liwen and mai jia bi.

Hong Kong culture and art: manga

Cartoon - "the old master"

Hong Kong comics is different from the Japanese cartoon, accepted and learned Japanese cartoon and the dual effects of the European and American cartoon, in the production process from the European and American cartoon industrialization process, with the typical assembly line production characteristics, division of labor is careful, the lead author, as a whole by editor team together, painting style is given priority to with Europe type, combined with ink, on the content and character set on affected by martial arts concept in traditional Chinese culture, the plot twists and turns and exquisite, theme is extensive, most works commercial color, strong subject combined with science, society, entertainment, self-help, gang, funny and so on.With the increasing popularity of computers and the Internet, the cartoons of civil society have appeared on the Internet.

Hong Kong manga classification


In the early days of Hong Kong, most of the cartoons were published in newspapers, which included issues such as people's livelihood, political or social atmosphere.Gradually, the cartoon developed into four cartoons, and the meaning became more detailed and developed into serialized four cartoons.


The political cartoons of Hong Kong are well known in the newspaper and daily daily, and in 2000, "the old meng dong", launched by the "second cultural hall", was the first of its kind.

The comic book

Hong Kong since 1945 peace, continuous comics published for general workman's interest (or called the comic books, comic figure, doll), mainly using the tabloids popular column old electric version of the spell synthesis eight pages, published two articles, for conspiracy.

In addition to the local market, Hong Kong's comic books mainly export to southeast Asia. In 1960, the embargo on China's exclusion of China caused a sudden loss of a huge market and the comic book industry was in trouble.The "financial uncle", edited by xu guanwen, is dominated by the local market. It adopts a 32-point scale, with a one-page multi-grid innovative approach, which sells at a low price in each corner.

Thin with cartoon

Hong Kong comic books have today's achievement to cartoonist Tony wong from Hong Kong classics "hooligans"/" dragon tiger gate ", founded in 1970, at that time, social depression, underworld, Tony wong produced against the dark forces on the streets of hero, x.h., "hooligan" became a best-selling comic books.Huang yuulang, from the company, has expanded the original 32 comic books to 16, from black and white to color, to reduce the violent color of "the little hooligan" and to be renamed "dragon tiger gate".

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Children's books

The mainland in the 1950 s large population moved to Hong Kong, make children population surge, "sing tao daily" and "overseas Chinese newspaper" the opening of a children's garden, while Shanghai bookstore and Joseph wang) some children culture series.In 1953, "children's paradise", edited by luo guanqiao, became the first color comprehensive children's picture newspaper in Hong Kong. It was published until the 1006th issue of January 1995.And children illustrated gen 刋 in 1959, cover by cartoonist Anthony refrained painting, in 1981 incorporated into xinya culture, in 1987 changed its name to the deformation of bean - children illustrated 刋, did not come to stop 刋 in 1992.

Girls manga

The girls cartoonists in Hong Kong have 1950, 1960's guan shan mei, li huizhen, xie lingling, the golden Oriental in the 1970s, Chen also in the late 1980s, the wheat family in the 1990s, the snow clear and liu lilly.

Li huizhen's 1966 "13 points" co-produced 178.The main character of "13 points" often wore new fashions, which provided a popular message for the readers, which combined with the social and economic cycle of the time to make "13 points" the popular product of the 1960s.

In addition, Comic Fans, which was founded in August 1995, also has several works by teenage cartoonists in Hong Kong.Like OS rabbit cat, grass, etc.

Comics journal

In the 1970s, huang yulang published the golden and sheng pao newspaper more familiar.

Fan chi

Since the late 1990s, the manga publishing model has been rapidly rising, attracting a large number of creators and readers.So-called "fan" (ど う じ ん), the former refers to a group of like-minded, have a common interest, but now has personal creation of the author, so "fan chi" is refers to the group or individual autonomous, self-financing published books, fan chi is not necessarily for comics, text, video or audio and video.In Hong Kong, the same people are mainly divided into original doujinshi and the adaptation of "parody doujinshi".In addition to the cartoon, fan culture, there are other products, such as music, lyrics, novel, MV, CG, games, etc., and hot Cosplay, fan culture in Hong Kong as the branch of anime culture, can be said to be a "culture" in culture.The same culture was first seen in the art market of fringe festival, which gradually expanded to the Hong Kong book fair and Hong Kong animation festival, which became one of the attractions.

Independent comics

There are still a small number of cartoonists in Hong Kong who draw cartoons on their own, known as indie comics, compared with the drawings produced by the jade emperor's factory assembly.In the 1980s, the first generation of independent cartoonists in Hong Kong jointly compiled a collection called "the retreat", which included the author, huang zhihui, li nizhi and ouyang.In 2006, ouyang should jointly launch another collection called "Hong Kong spring rolls" in collaboration with Eric So, Yang xuede, Yang xuede, zhi hai, and the humanoid artist Eric So.

Picture books

Taiwan cartoonist several metres since 1998 with the creation, with exquisite exquisite picture, deserve to go up as new poetry writing, paint urbanite's regrets, dreams and fantasy, popular, similar creation appeared in Hong Kong, draw more than the marketed in the form of independent comics.

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