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Hong Kong Peak Tram ride Tourist Guide

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Hong Kong Peak Tram is the first operation of motorized public transport, is the first cable car in the world. It dealings and Peak Garden Road, built by the mountain rail, slowly climbed the steep hill 373 meters high, about 8 minutes by car, rail total length 1.4 km. The Peak Tram transportation and sightseeing one, passengers can enjoy the scenery along the way Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, regardless of day or night, have their own characteristics, can bring an unforgettable experience for visitors, so that they feel "Pearl of the Orient" in charm. Peak Tram it is the choice of travelers hilltop row sightseeing!

Hong Kong Peak Tram ride Tourist Guide

Peak Tram running since 1888 accident never happened, hundreds annually by a driver driving two cars, carrying 72 people, up to 1500 meters by cable wound on a drum, control movements. On the train before, in the shelters are already crowded, slow and saw the cable car stop, Laomashitu were already spotted the car on the site, the first to occupy a seat as close to the right. Because the right side of the seat, in order to have a better view to watch four weeks views; the return trip, the cable car back down to the original direction, so to enjoy the night view of the mountain also need to choose the right seat of the original.

Along the way, you can find many hiking trails and lifts intersection, in "May Road" this path is the steepest slope of the place, while in "Bowen Drive" the views of Wan Chai, the driver will be suspended so that visitors to watch; in "Macdonnell Road" and "Kennedy" are available through the entrance to the Botanical Gardens and Zoo. The cable car station at the Peak Tower (the Peak Tower) on the third floor, visitors can shop and eat at the Peak Tower and visit a wax museum located therein, or the ultra-dynamic theater, believe it or not quaint shops and Legend of the Dragon - - time roaming the train to spend a happy time. Of course, do not forget the viewing audience looking on from the Peak Tower Hong Kong night it's amazing!

Tram route

  Garden Road Terminal, Kennedy Road station, McDonald Road station, May Road station, and Barker Road Station Peak Station.

Operating Hours

  The first bus is 7:00 am on, the last train to 12:00 midnight; frequency: every 8 to 15 minutes.


  28 adult single HK, HK $ 40 back and forth; child (12 years old) and elderly (65 years or more) one-way 11 HK, HK $ 18 back and forth; adult monthly HK 500; elderly (65 years or more) pass HK 250.

Travel tips

  Two Terminus (Garden Road and the Peak) bus passengers need to pay before boarding tickets at the box office, while the rest of the passengers divided Station, then on the car payment, payment options are accepted or Octopus cash. In addition to two terminal is mandatory pit stop, the train station and will not take the initiative to stop halfway. Station in the middle of the passenger, to be chosen to take the direction of its own, pressing the "car call machine" within the station - i.e. similar to the elevator up and down selection buttons. The passenger needs to stop in the middle, you need to get off Early press the bell inside the vehicle to indicate which of the stations need to get off the train arriving passengers must get off the train in front of the door (terminal can be made to all bus captains alight on available).

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