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Paradise for hikers in Hong Kong on foot through the MacLehose Trail Guide

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MacLehose Trail  is the first in Hong Kong to enable a long-distance hiking trail, on October 26, 1979 on, when he was Governor of Hong Kong to MacLEHOSE name, and presided over the ribbon-cutting opening ceremony by himself. MacLehose Trail is the longest hiking trails in Hong Kong, a total length of 100 km, divided into 10 segments. MacLehose Trail distance post a total of 200, about one every 500 meters. It runs through the Sai Kung East and Sai Kung West, Ma On Shan, Lion Rock, Jinshan, Shing Mun, Tai Mo Shan and Tai Lam Country Park, Tuen Mun as the end point. Most of the MacLehose Trail is built by the mountain.

Paradise for hikers in Hong Kong on foot through the MacLehose Trail Guide


MacLehose Trail consecutive eight country parks, including the Sai Kung East (4,477 hectares), Sai Kung West (3,000 ha), Ma On Shan (2,880 hectares), Lion (557 hectares), Jinshan (337 hectares) gates (1,400 hectares), Tai Mo Shan (1,440 hectares) and Tai Lam (5,370 hectares) Country Park.

MacLehose path is divided into 10 segments, each segment of a length of 5 to 16 km range, most of about 10 km long. It began from Pak Tam Chung, Sai Kung Peninsula bypass, turn west to reach the Kowloon hills, and from the gates began to walk north to reach the Tai Mo Shan, then go west to Tuen Mun as the end point. In addition to part of the paragraph is flat cement road, most of the MacLehose Trail is built by the mountain, only a small part of the effort difficult, the rest mostly clear instructions whole article MacLehose Trail are easy installation but signs of public transport is too large to be MacLehose Trail.

MacLehose diameter along with a sign post, a total of 200 full flag 500 meters per column. Especially where the third ﹑ ﹑ 4 ﹑ seven eight, are continuous hard line of rugged mountain, a few hundred meters down the straight.

It includes 10 sections (Difficulty: * for the most vulnerable, as ** moderate, *** is the hardest):

  1, Pak Tam Chung to Long Ke (10.6 km, 3.0 hours, difficulty: *) full free supplies.

  2, Long Ke to Pak Tam Au (13.5 km, 5.0 hours Difficulty: **) in West Bay can buy water, food, camping, camp near there at the end, but very simple. From the end of the car or can walk to Huang Shi Pier camp, fully equipped, you can barbecue.

  3, Pak Tam Au to Kei Ling Ha (10.2 km, 4.0 hours Difficulty: ***) have groceries and camp on the peaks, there are toilets at the end collar enterprises, have running water.

  4, Kei Ling Ha to the Tate's Cairn (12.7 km, 5.0 hours Difficulty: ***) full free supplies. But at the start and Ngong Ping campsite have running water, you can boil water to add. There are about two hundred meters to the fourth paragraph Keevil camp, there are make-up water streams.

  5, Tate's Cairn to Tai Po Road (10.6 km, 3.0 hours Difficulty: **) Lions Pavilion has groceries, you can buy water. This paragraph is no legitimate public campsite. M101 gauge pile, there are more shops, you can eat, drink.

  6, Tai Po Road to the gates (4.6 km, 1.5 hours, difficulty: *) full free supplies. Starting point forward about 1.5KM, left the road dripping stones can be added. End gates barbecue, there is drinking water can be added.

  7, the gates to Lead Mine Pass (6.2 km, 2.5 hours Difficulty: **) full free supplies. The end of the camp there is, the concave end Galena toilets, running water there.

  8. Lead Mine Pass to Tsuen Kam Road (9.7 km, 4.0 hours Difficulty: **) end there are groceries can replenish food and water. Full free camp. Down from the top of Tai Mo Shan about 2KM, the right side of the road there is a small stream can be added.

  9, Tsuen Kam Road to Tin Fu Tsai (6.3 km, 2.5 hours, difficulty: *) end there Tin Fu Tsai Tin Fu Tsai camp as well as groceries, you can add water and food.

  10, Tin Fu Tsai to Tuen Mun (15.6 km, 5.0 hours, difficulty: *) Tin Fu Tsai has more than 2 or grocery store, you can eat, make-up water. The whole camp, and no replenishment.

Hiking tips

Every year in early November, Hong Kong will organize a charitable fund-raising campaign called "Walker", requiring four participants to complete the 100 km mountain road within 48 hours. The first is to warm up. The importance of warm-up, how can not be underestimated. Start a few times, because they do not pay attention, eat a big loss, often cramped on the road.

Probably judge a mountain who have experience no, that is, he does not attach importance to warm up it

Warming is the big leg of the tendons to relax. Try to pull the muscles for as many minutes as possible until the ribs hurt, and then come again. Tendons to relax, can withstand the vigorous uphill and down the mountain action.

But also make good use of the rest time to pull the bar. At the beginning, the lack of experience, because tired, every time the rest of the time, can not wait to sit back and rest. And later saw his teammates are riding this time pull, and later found really magical infinite.

The second is the mentality of the adjustment. Probably professional march is that he will only go bitterly, will not easily stop, but will not stop to watch the scenery. I used to travel often, but go unassailable, tired. The biggest problem is often stop to love the mountains. Need to know the human body in the movement such as high-speed operation of the engine, but stopped, restart, will consume a lot of energy. Walker who just concentrate on how to sleep in the shortest possible time to complete, why other.

Mentality of the adjustment of another meaning is to take the usual mentality of their own way to go. The beginning of those who often commit the problem is to see too far, see the front of the peak pull up, Xiongguan Man Road, then the gas Lei depressed, the pace of virtual; or heart impatient, desire and heaven than high, the results quickly lose their strength, No reason to continue

Experienced people who walk on the road in the chest, not anxious not slow, step by step to the foot of the road, so to complete.

The third is to make good use of the mountain. Mountain road, nothing but uphill, downhill, flat road only three. Three different sections of the mastery of power, it is important. When walking on the road, to slow the main, one by one to pick up the road. Experienced teammates have repeatedly warned that when the mountains must not go to fatigue, because to go on a hundred kilometers of mountain road, but once the physical loss, it can not reply.

Ping Road, to comfortable, to retain physical strength, should not be too fast. Such as leisurely victory, slowly reply to the mountain when the fatigue. In particular, the MacLehose path of the road through more than in the dense forest, or lakes and mountains of the water, slow and go, sincere pleasure also.

Down the mountain, must be washed, have to run. This is the key to the successful completion of the Walker. On the one hand is compensated due to deliberately slow down the time spent on the road, on the one hand is to rely on the momentum and gravity of the downhill, save energy. Rushed down, the trees, boulders whirring and over, honesty also.

However, down the road running, easier said than done. Road rugged, boulders everywhere, and when there are cliffs in the side, to be trained several times, to whom.

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