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Bank of China Tower (Hong Kong)

OHTN2017-09-28Aix XinLe
Bank of China Tower Bank of China (Hong Kong) headquarters, located in the Western District No. 1 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong.On April 18, 1985 made the ground-breaking start

Bank of China Tower Bank of China (Hong Kong) headquarters, located in the Western District No. 1 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong.On April 18, 1985 made the ground-breaking start, the general contractor Kumagai, completed in 1989, August obtain an occupation permit, May 17, 1990 officially opened. The site of Murray House. When the time for the completion of the building the tallest skyscraper in Asia, currently the fourth tallest building in Hong Kong, after International Commerce Center, International Finance Center and Central Plaza, ranking it among the first 25 (as of January 2013) .

Bank of China Tower (Hong Kong)

Bank of China Tower was designed by Chinese-American architect Bei Yuming, it has also designed the pyramid entrance of the Louvre in France and other famous buildings. Bank of China Tower building in preparation for the beginning of 1982, when the Hong Kong Government will be to 1.1 billion Hong Kong dollars, will be located in the heart of the business district in Hong Kong - Central of 6700 m2 old Murray House, the lot sold to Bank of China. However, it was a time when the peak of the property market in Hong Kong, so the premium of the land in fact much lower than the prevailing market value, it was considered the colonial government to be friendly behavior to China. Initially, the Bank of China Tower is scheduled for August 8, 1988 completed, due to take the number of the words "8" has the meaning auspicious number in China. March 3, 1987 under construction, to be completed 1989 year-end report and held a capping ceremony, was officially opened May 17, 1990.

Bank of China Tower (Hong Kong)

Building storey silver layer 70, the height of 315 meters, a total of 367.4 m height plus the top of the two. Therefore, it is the tallest building in Hong Kong and Asia from 1989 to 1992, is also the tallest skyscraper outside the United States, maintain a record of two years, Central Plaza, Wan Chai was only replaced. Bank of China Tower prismatic shape, like "have been rising," shoots the same. According to the introduction of design within the building site is modeled on bamboo BOC Hong Kong continues to grow upwards, a symbol of strength, vitality, robust and enterprising spirit; granite facades on behalf of the Great Wall base, the representative of China. Structurally, whole building corners reinforced concrete supported by four columns, there is a triangular frame is transferred to the pressure building on four pillars. Outside the glass for covering curtain. Therefore its unique exterior design make it one of viewing the issue of Hong Kong's most prominent landmark one, many Hong Kong stamps, postcards fairly frequently in order for the Bank of China Tower. Bank of China Tower at the same time as one of the Symphony of Lights Festival to participate in the building.

Bank of China Tower unique exterior design, making it the only city in the famous Hong Kong building computer game SimCity 3000 and SimCity 4 arise. In addition, the sci-fi series "Star Trek: Voyager" positive use of digital technology will make changes in the Bank of China Tower, making it the "Communication Research Center" play Starfleet (Communications Research Center). This building in the international well-known building, the Bank of China have also appeared in many Hollywood movies, such as The Dark Knight Rises, super battleship and so on.

Scenic Area Address: Western, 1 Garden Road, Hong Kong

Bus routes: Take 1,5,10,11 Ring Road, Ring Road, 15, 25, 26 bus to the Ring Road.

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