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Hong Kong subway shopping list of the best lines

OHTN2017-09-29Aix XinLe

  Speaking in Hong Kong, your first impression of Hong Kong is definitely a shopping paradise. Most people go to Hong Kong are mainly to buy buy buy, but the traffic situation in Hong Kong is very busy, so the fight was out shopping trip time consuming and costly. The spirit of saving time, effort and money of travel principle, of course, is the preferred mode of transportation - Hong Kong MTR Hong Kong MTR line along friends, enjoy sightseeing Hong Kong's main shopping center.

Hong Kong subway shopping list of the best lines

  MTR Shopping Best lines:

  1, wil For the crowd: advocating high-quality, international brand of white collar

  Recommended sites: Central Station, Causeway Bay station

  Island Line across the most prosperous section of Hong Kong, including Central, Admiralty and Causeway Bay. Whether weekday or weekend, depending on which subway lines built shopping plaza is gathered white collar, elegant and stylish entertainment stars ...... is this line gives the overall impression for the pursuit of high-quality, respect international brand of glamor crowd .

  Star loved by the International Finance Center Mall is located ifcmall Island Line Central Station. It is sitting on the world famous Victoria Harbor stunning views day and night, Hong Kong is an international landmark. In addition to the mall convergence over two hundred international brands of outdoor, another feature is the food. ifc has opened the world's first and the only Michelin three-star restaurant, and the only Michelin three-star restaurant in Hong Kong Four Seasons Hotel Long Jingxuan, which is Hong Kong's most Michelin-recommended restaurant concentration, converging world cuisine. When shopping and visiting the tired, may wish to enjoy international cuisine at the ifc pick the restaurant, you may also encounter which star you sat next to him. wtcmore World Trade Center is located in the heart of Causeway Bay station. If you want to buy top international brands, you can not miss wtcmore World Trade Center.

  2, Kwun Tong Line

  For the crowd: the pursuit of trendy city of people

  Recommended Sites: Kwun Tong Station

  Green Line

  Kwun Tong Line Kwun Tong Station apm, local heat influx of people pushing shopping nocturnal, therefore, the pursuit of trendy young family can not miss this station. apm As the name suggests, is the combination of day and night, apm has over 170 shops, retail stores open until 12:00 pm, open until 2:00 catering, entertainment and shops to late night.

  The main stores include MUJI and Jusco supermarket. There are a number of high-quality trend in apm restaurants, including Table18 restaurant, one of the more style Thai Royal Thai Square and the city's hot pot of hot pot restaurants HIPOT; momentum in recent years, the most prominent of the plate longevity Division has also landed apm; otherwise France brand agnesb Zhu Guli shop opened agnesb.DELICES, became first store in East Kowloon MTR Kwun Tong line ...... has many lodging options, from budget to luxury hotels, everything. In Mong Kok, as low as two or three hundred of the hotel, such as the famous Chungking Mansions, or middle level, comfortable Metropark Hotel, a luxury hotel to five-star standards Langham hotel.

  3, East Rail Line

  For the crowd: the whole family

  Recommended sites: Sha Tin Station

  If you take Harmony to Hong Kong via Lo Wu, will have to take the subway East Rail Line. East Rail line, there are many worth visiting the shopping malls, convenience mainland people do not turn line can also enjoy shopping. For example in Sheung Shui Station Sheung Shui Plaza, Tai Po Tai Po Mega Mall station, of course, better known, it is located in Sha Tin New Town Plaza.

  New Town Plaza Hong Kong is one of the few large leisure and shopping malls, has one of Asia's first outdoor playground Snoopy - Snoopy Happy World, "Snoopy Happy World" covering 40,000 square feet, a total of six a resort, including Snoopy big house, canoe exploration interest, peanut campus, softball playground, peanut Avenue and Snoopy open gallery, and placed more than 60 large and small, only three-dimensional model peanuts character, tourists also you can close the "peanuts" characters protagonist camera, free park open from 10 am to 8 pm, visitors simply spending of HK $ 180 to participate in canoe trip to explore interest in the mall. New Town Plaza convergence over one hundred famous fashion apparel brands, famous stores include: ARMANIEXCHANGE, CalvinKlein, it, ZARA and so on. There is also a shopping mall in Hong Kong's unique Japanese-style department store, "a Yata."

  New Town Plaza, eating is definitely not a problem, there are more than 50 Universal restaurants, seventh floor for air eat edge, 200 restaurants, including iron, weekly shelter and so on, all kinds of world delicacies, numerous. It is understood that the MTR Hong Kong residents, visitors to the main means of transport. A total length of 82.2 kilometers, a total of 44 stations, amounted to 2.2 million passengers a day. Subway lines include: Kwun Tong Line, Tsuen Wan Line, Island Line, Tung Chung Line and Airport Express line totaling 5, to contact each other on Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, Tsuen Wan, Tung Chung and Tseung Kwan O, Kowloon Tong Station but also to take the train, separate the Airport Express from the airport and downtown.

  Around 6 starts walking every morning until midnight, i.e. there is a group every few minutes, the fare starts from $ 4 (two stations). What to pay attention while riding the subway in Hong Kong? There are five main subway line, the line continues to cycle, leading to the tourist can buy zone, frequent flights, and can communicate with each forwarding. There is also the Airport Express line, connections to the airport and downtown. Central city center just 24 minutes' drive from the airport access. Island, Tsuen Wan Line, Kwun Tong line, the line frequency is relatively frequent TKO, generally only be 2-3 minutes. Chung Line be only 4-5 minutes, AEL frequency of every 12 minutes.

Take the subway Note:

  1, busy time recommended to pick the subway, only the subway from traffic affected.

  2, the airport express service time is 5:50 am to 1:15 am.

  3, if you want to Tuen Mun area, the subway can be transferred to the West Rail, transfer station for Nanchang.

  4, not in the area of ​​paid meals, while maintaining environmental health. Diet, smoking, chaos throw, free lying and other uncivilized behavior.

  5, such as the Expo during the large-scale activities, the MTRC may be particularly deployed to the larger passenger capacity of the Tung Chung line travel expressway, and without the airport station, the station will have a special notice.

  6, Admiralty Station has a subway travel service center, providing on behalf of the Hong Kong and Macao hotels, buses, tickets, travel packages and travel insurance and other services, in addition to subway souvenirs to buy.

  7, painted, portrayed, unauthorized posting, or promotion, distribution of advertising and cards and other business promotional materials.

  8, begging, selling, noisy, selling, entertainment (such as singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, playing, wearing ice skates, etc.), chasing slapstick and other violations of the order of the subway operation. 9, carry livestock, serious smell of fruit (food), pets and other obstacles to public health, affecting the station, car sanitation items stop by car.

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