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Hong Kong St Anthony's Church

OHTN2017-09-28Aix XinLe

St. Anthony's Church (English:. St Anthony's Church) is located in a Pokfulam Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong's Catholic church, by the Catholic Diocese of Hong Kong management, was established in June 13, 1953, by Bishop Bai Yingqi for the new church ordained.

Hong Kong St Anthony's Church

Church street-facing door and gates now have not used the usual parishioners out of the door located in the St. Anthony's School. Placing the Salesian church entrance will Zushengbaosi high (John Bosco 1813-1888) statue, his left hand resting affectionately on Chaoui Saint Dominic Howard (Dominic Savio 1842-1857) shoulder, they are particularly respectful of the Salesian saints. Outside corner of the open-air church Our Lady of Lourdes has a hole, planted with flowers, is a bustle of people in urban areas return to nature's corner.

After entering the church, you can not see inside the pillars of the church, Kuan wide space, like a small sky. Decorated with vertical and horizontal lines of the flat top, it feels like the body in a caravan. The most positive altar in front of the church, behind a dome, on both sides of blowing paint gold statue of an angel's trumpet.

Hong Kong St Anthony's Church

Both sides outside the arch, the left is like Our Lady Help of Christians, the right is the Sacred Heart of Jesus like. Central dome top altar, a relief emblem believe love written in Latin (Fide et Caritate). Former liturgical reform in the 1960s, is above the altar is dedicated to St. Anthony's statue, the statue is now on the right side of the altar of the church. On this side of the altar there is a special like relics significantly small base station for a round mirror frame, with a round box as a palm-sized in the center, dedicated to St. Anthony's bones every Tuesday, other days they worship skin saints. St. Anthony's relics are respected highly believers, a lot of people to find lost people and things, have come specifically asked him to pray. The Church is called St. Anthony's "Lost patron."

Scenic Area Address: Central, Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Western District 69 a

Bus routes: Take Road 3a, 4, 7, air-conditioning bus.

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