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Hong Kong Victoria Park

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Victoria Park is the largest park in Hong Kong Island, covering about 19 hectares, opened in October 1957, to Queen Victoria named.Park at the main sports venues, a You Yongchi, tennis courts, football fields and other sports venues. Every Sunday at noon,

Victoria Park is the largest park in Hong Kong Island, covering about 19 hectares, opened in October 1957, to Queen Victoria named.Park at the main sports venues, a You Yongchi, tennis courts, football fields and other sports venues. Every Sunday at noon, held a current affairs debate rather special park - Urban Forum. Victoria Park festival organizing large-scale events in Hong Kong places, including evenings and Mid-Autumn Festival and Lunar New Year Flower Market and other markets held every year.

Hong Kong Victoria Park

Victoria Park in August 1954 to start construction, after World War II Hong Kong's first large-scale reclamation projects, the park formerly known as the Causeway Bay Typhoon Shelter old, reclaimed building materials used are obtained postwar remove the damaged building material, in October 1957 inaugurated. After the completion of the park shelter moved to Kellett Island West Sea on out.

Victoria Park main entrance there is a Queen Victoria statue is to commemorate the Queen Diamond Jubilee in 1897 and casting, originally placed in the Central 's Statue Square, Hong Kong during the Japanese occupation had been transported to Japan, ready to melt as military material, not yet started Japan surrendered unconditionally. After World War II returned to the Hong Kong government, it is placed into the newly constructed Victoria Park, placed in the main entrance area of ​​a 7-foot-high pedestal.

Park has a different kind of recreational facilities, including horse will be funded by the construction of the swimming pool complex, a tennis court with a 3,611-seat main stadium, are held here every year for the tournament's Hong Kong home Davis Cup matches, as well as 13 standard tennis courts, six hard and seven football field 4 outdoor basketball courts, a total of 12 two-lane artificial grass bowling greens, 2 squash (tennis may be converted into the chamber), 1 handball courts and a roller skating rink, is also a fitness and jogging track, children's play area, model boat pool, can accommodate about 100 spectators in the music pavilion, foot massage path and in 1974 reached an open area of ​​two hectares the central lawn. You Yongchi Complex has a restaurant, and near the center of the lawn with a fast-food kiosk.

Hong Kong Victoria Park

Various activities

Since Victoria Park convenient transportation, many major events are often held here, such as the eve of the Lunar New Year Lunar New Year market, the Hong Kong Flower Show in March, during the Mid-Autumn Festival lantern show, December industrial exhibition and so on. Since 2008, Victoria Park became the end of the Standard Chartered Ma Lasong.

City Forum

1980, RTHK City Forum will be conducted every Sunday in this park. Current affairs debate program in the form of imitation of London's Hyde Park, broadcast live by television stations. The show often invited legislators and senior government officials to express an opinion on social issues. Some of the older elderly would shout in protest outside the forum to democrats, and mixed with foul language, they often say that Hong Kong's population of "Victoria Park Arbor."

Political rally

Victoria Park is also the main place for mass rallies. July 7, 1971 in the evening, Hong Kong Federation of Students held seventy-seven demonstrations to defend the Diaoyu Islands in Victoria Park. Council to protest in the park and hinder public entertainment will destroy the flowers as a reason not to approve the application demonstration, the night a large number of police to disperse the demonstrators. Since then, Victoria Park become a popular gathering place.

Hong Kong Victoria Park

Since 1990, the annual June 4 candlelight vigil in the evening will be held in the park sixty-four several football fields remember the June 4 martyrs. Every year, tens of thousands of people attended. After 1 July 2003, the annual seventy-one march towards universal suffrage parade held on December 4, 2005, as well as many other parades are this park as a starting point.

Olympic Cultural Square

During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and Paralympic Games organized, set up at Victoria Park and Sha Tin Central Lawn Park Main Plaza Olympic Cultural Square and offers free cultural and recreational activities, to enhance the atmosphere of the Olympic Games to promote the Olympic spirit and culture and attract people actively involved Olympic activities.

Hong Kong Women's Open

September 2014 8-14, the Hong Kong Victoria Park Tennis WTA women's tennis will host the first International Open. Event features a women's singles and doubles, women's singles main event loop will have 32 tennis players compete for the championship 280 points available WTA world ranking points.

Scenic Area Address: Causeway Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Car lines: tram 1,5,6 way to the

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