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Hong Kong Kat Hing Wai

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Kat Hing Wai Hong Kong is a well-known Hakka walled village, located in Kam Tin, is a well-known Chinese and foreign ancient castle.Walled green-brick structure surrounded by bunkers, next to a moat. Deng Deng Fu Association's distant ancestors to settle here as early as the Northern Song Dynasty, and later by the tribe Deng Bo and two other men (1465-1487) lived in the building Wai Ming Dynasty Chenghua years, has more than 500-year history.

Hong Kong Kat Hing Wai

In 1898, Britain forced the Qing government signed the "Convention for the Extension of Hong Kong Territory", in April 1899 after taking over the New Territories. Kam Tin residents unwilling to do British people belong to Kat Hing Wai as a stronghold and took over the New Territories British launched a bloody battle, and finally close the iron gate to the wall, protecting the river resistance. British forces repeatedly attack high, and finally to artillery attacks and dismantle the chain iron gate, shipped back to London for the trophy exhibition. Until 1924, the tribe requested the return of Deng Pak Kau iron gate, the Government ordered the event to convey the British Government. May 26, 1925, Governor of Hong Kong Stubbs visit the main Pro main ceremony, held in ceremony returned to the iron gate.

Hong Kong Kat Hing Wai

Kat Hing Wai early without walls, until the Qing Dynasty Kang Xi, as is located in coastal, to prevent Koudao, Tang Chu Yan and Jian Deng Naomi before adding the fence. Wai Kat rectangular shape, an area of ​​45 acres (about 100 meters and a width of 90 m), neat design, using the layout of axial symmetry, is a typical village architecture. Brick walls six meters high, with a base of a wall made of stone masonry, wall of the muzzle, wall corners, were built more buildings, for housing and small Lane inner circle, stretching from the middle to one end of the village to the main entrance hall of God street. Wai to the original one over 10-meter-wide river of protection around the side entrance was filled later, now I only retained for a period of Kam Tin Road, a few meters wide river, the rest is open on both sides of the open channel. Kat Hing Wai is only one entrance, set up a chain iron gates outside the door there is a documented history of Deng's bronze medal.

Village equipped with a small temple, dedicated to 15 gods. Today, Kat Hing Wai is still surrounded by walls 18 feet thick, but as urban development, has been greatly diminished. Most of the old house within the walls of a modern building converted into a small number higher than the wall map, and even extends to the outside wall. Based on the unique architectural features and historical position, Kat Hing Wai God hall, around the door, surrounded by the towers and walls have been listed as a historical building Antiquities and Monuments Office.

Scenic Area Address: Hong Kong Kam Tin, Yuen Long District, next to the highway.

Bus routes: Take KMB 251m, 51,54,64p, 77k to go.

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