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Hong Kong Chung Chi College

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Chung Chi College) is one of four College of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, which is also a founding College and the largest academy, according to the Christian tradition of providing higher education to the Chinese as the main language of instruction, this teaches youth carry forward the spirit of Christ, advanced academic learning, promote research, and develop socially useful talents for the purpose. Chung Chi College campus is located in the valley eleven microphone and a half northeast New Territories of Hong Kong, Tai Po Road. Chung Chi College of the College and several other differences, in addition to the Institute's own Christian background, as well as weekly lessons every Monday, is the seminary chapel and has a range within the college, as well as the sole provider of a full university theology and music select the two subjects. Chung Chi chapel is unique in the tertiary sector in Hong Kong Floor church.

Hong Kong Chung Chi College

College Department

Chung Chi College is divided into 61 Department offers about 54 majors and 46 minor program. Students must belong to one of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, including Arts, Business Administration, Education, Engineering, Medicine, Science, Social Sciences and Law School. Chinese University of Hong Kong Chung Chi College is the sole provider of theology and select the music of these two subjects in college.

Hong Kong Chung Chi College


The establishment of Chung Chi College, mainly because of merging the mainland thirteen Christian University made. Given the early 1950s in Hong Kong society needs Chinese Higher Education, Chung Chi College, founded in 1951 by the representatives of the Hong Kong Christian Church, and incorporated in accordance with the Hong Kong Government legislation in 1955.

Chung Chi College was founded at the beginning, only 63 students who borrow John's Cathedral and St. Paul's Co-educational College class. After that is the lease of premises and Anglican Caine Road Albert Road cent of Asia under Joseph Hoare Memorial Hall for the school site. This development trusted by the United States of "United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia region," New York "Lingnan University Foundation" and "Christian Association of the University of Asia" in London United Kingdom financial aid, and been satisfied by the Hong Kong public and the Church financial support, also on the increase.

Mongolian Government in the New Territories of Hong Kong Ma Liu Shui dial donated some land, a total area of ​​10 acres and build its railway station (now known as University Station), Chung Chi College moved to the beautiful village of Ma Liu Shui, New Territories Environment permanent school in 1956 site. School buy more land adjacent, that building new playgrounds and school purposes. Together with the current land area of ​​Crown land, including college, a total of 55 acres, and Ma Liu Shui villagers have been relocated to the new location of the other Territories.

In 1957, New Asia College, Chung Chi College, United College consisting exclusively on the Chinese Students Association, promoting the establishment of a "Chinese university." In 1963, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, became one of the three members of the Chung Chi College. Chung Chi College motto is "striving for perfection," a phrase from the "university."

Scenic Area Address: Hong Kong Road, Tai Po, New Territories eleven microphone and a half northeast of the valley

Bus routes: Take KMB 72a, 72,73a, 74a, 872 Road; New Territories GMB 28k

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