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Beijing Liulichang antique market

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Beijing Liulichang antique market is located in Xicheng District. 1 km from Tiananmen Square. Liulichang north and south west of Willow Lane, Temple Street east to life extension, a total length of 800 meters. Liao and Jin called Neptune village, Yuan, Ming opened here kiln firing glazed tile pieces of the palace built by the, so called "Liulichang." Qing Emperor Kangxi and Qianlong years, gradually formed a set of antique cultural essence of the famous street. Qingqionglongniujian stop the kiln, "Liulichang" name has been preserved. It is a prestigious showcase traditional Chinese culture, especially painting and calligraphy art historical and cultural tourist attractions.

Beijing Liulichang antique market

- Beijing Liulichang antique market -

Qing Dynasty, mostly Han Chinese officials living outside Xuanwumen Liulichang west of the exam hall give the child to live in the country are also close by. They demand a lot of books, so Liulichang became the capital of the then biggest book market. Qianlong period repair "Si Ku Quan Shu", the book is more Jia around here warn that have built shops, to sell a lot of books, to promote the development of Liulichang Culture Street. To the dynasty years (1876), grown to more than 270 bookstores. Early Republican era, cultural goods shop operators and nearly 200 workshops, forming a cultural street reputation at home and abroad.

Beijing Liulichang antique market

- Beijing Liulichang antique market -

In 1980, the state antiquated six in the Strip on a large scale turn expansion, completed in 1984. Build 59 Gu Pu and elegant, rich ethnic traditional-style shops, with a total construction area of ​​34,000 square meters, the financial books, jade, ceramics, sculpture, bronzes, paintings, four treasures as one of the high-grade cultural art centers and ancient style resort . Many shop Liulichang street, not only has a long history, but also to the Chinese culture has made important contributions. Opened in Xianfeng years to Kaoru House is a rare ancient books of old business. Beijing now in the possession of the Library "loyalty Outlaws of the Marsh" (100 volume 28, Shi Naian essays, Robben usurp repair, Li Zhi reviewers, carved Ming Dynasty, Kangxi five years Shiqu Court rebuilt this), this shop is donated. Peking University Library of "The West Chamber", is the earliest ever found a complete edition, this inn is purchasing to. China is the country's oldest bookstore set the acquisition, distribution, publishing as one of the state-run bookstore specializing in ancient books. In addition to reap, home purchase old books, but also to carry out urban and rural old books acquisition. Remnants of which 5,000 rare existing copies, rare treasure, the income of national library collections forever. There are more than 300 years of history Rong Baozhai, the Qing Kang Xi eleven years (1672) was founded, to take a "literary circle, called Rong Bao" Meaning. Its world famous woodcut watermark, become exclusive "spurious art", Qi Baishi also the authenticity of his work Nanbian Rong Baozhai printed. Chairman Mao, Premier Zhou once watermark woodcut painting "Wearing Ladies" presented to foreign heads of state as a national ceremony. Four treasures of paper, ink, pen, Yan general. Liulichang to operate a variety of four treasures won praise intellectuals. The famous "Gains Court," opened in the Qing Tongzhi four years (1865), is the pioneer of Chinese ink manufacturing. Pen masters "Dai Yuexuan", 1916, his name was founded pen shop. Its system brush with a "put and leave, do not lay down a soft, sharp stroke, both Rigid and Flexible" feature, Qi during his lifetime favorite store brush.

Beijing Liulichang antique market

- Beijing Liulichang antique market -

Liulichang and Xinhua Street at the junction of the "Diàn", is the capital of two hundred years the most grand Spring Festival temple fair location. Jiong Zhang Qing troops of "Diàn in mind," said "to the first month of the Allure young men and women, such as tea clouds, car handle, flock in the Road." According to historical records, the 1963 Spring Festival, the visitors reached Diàn 4 million people. Diàn after the Cultural Revolution interrupted. Since 2002, the annual Lunar New Year first day to the sixth day, resumed "Diàn folk culture festivals." The main showcase Beijing culture, Xuannan Wen, the people pleasure relive show era style, reproduce ancient charm. Temple set of tourism, leisure and entertainment, shopping and dining as one to open the "catch the big set," featuring the theatrical performances, flower parade, craft show, catering services, sightseeing and shopping, entertainment, recreation and other forms of composition, become the capital during the Spring Festival, the most lively, popular place.

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Beijing Liulichang antique marketBeijing Liulichang antique market is located in Xicheng District. 1 km from Tiananmen Square. Liulichang north and south west of Willow Lane, Temple Street east to life extension, a total length of 800 meters. Liao and Jin called Neptune village…

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