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Beijing Summer Palace game routes

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Summer Palace is located in the northwest suburb of Haidian District, Beijing, 15 kilometers from the Beijing urban area. Is the use of Kunming Lake, Longevity Hill, West Lake in Hangzhou modeled, learn some design techniques and mood Southern Gardens and

Summer Palace is located in the northwest suburb of Haidian District, Beijing, 15 kilometers from the Beijing urban area. Is the use of Kunming Lake, Longevity Hill, West Lake in Hangzhou modeled, learn some design techniques and mood Southern Gardens and built a large natural landscape garden, but also preserved a royal palace of the most complete Regency, covering about 290 hectares. Summer Palace is (another three for the Chengde Mountain Resort, Suzhou Humble Administrator's Garden, Lingering Garden Suzhou) one of China's largest existing and best preserved imperial garden, is China's four famous gardens. Known as Royal Garden Museum.

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- Summer Palace -

Dacheng traditional gardening art of the Summer Palace collection, Longevity Hill, Kunming Lake constitute the basic framework, borrowed landscape environment surrounding scenery, full of Chinese imperial gardens restore Hong Fuli momentum, and full of natural interest, a reflection of the "although from making, Naturalism open "park guidelines made. Summer Palace pavilion, promenade, halls, temples and bridges and other artificial landscape and the natural mountain lake and open with each other in harmony, artistic integration, the entire garden art ingenious, is the culmination of the Chinese garden architecture masterpiece, in Chinese and foreign art history landscape position significantly, impressive.

Summer Palace scenic scale, covers an area of ​​2.97 square kilometers (293 hectares), consists of two parts Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake, which accounts for three-quarters of the water (about 220 hectares). Park construction to Buddhist House as the center, the garden has hundreds of attractions building blocks, the size of the courtyard at more than 20, 3555 ancient buildings, an area of ​​over 70,000 square meters, a total Pavilion, Taiwan, House, House, gallery, pavilion and other different in the form of more than 3000 buildings. Famous Trees of more than 1600 strains. Where Buddhist Pavilion, promenade, Shi Fang, Suzhou Street, Seventeen bridge, harmonic walled, large stage and so have become well-known representation of the construction.

December 2, 1998, Summer Palace with its rich historical and cultural heritage, beautiful natural landscape environment, excellent protection and management of UNESCO "World Heritage List", hailed as one of the world's great civilizations strong symbol.

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- Orient House door -

Orient House gate area: the easternmost in the Summer Palace. This area was originally the Qing emperor and local political activities of daily life, including the audience with the Minister and the Northern and Southern Renshou rooms, chambers, big stage, such as the courtyard. Orient House door Summer Palace is now the main entrance, which faces east, all with paint eaves lintel depicting colorful pattern. Zhu was covered with six neat red door on the yellow doornail, the eaves hanging from the middle of a large gold plaque Kowloon, a letter to "Summer Palace" three characters, Guangxu emperor, pro title. Yunlong stone engraved on the front of Okimichi Danbi Erlongxizhu, as Qianlong's carved, from the ruins of the Old Summer Palace (Palace of Anyou) to move on, it is a symbol of the emperor's dignity. Orient House gate is for the Qing Dynasty Empress out of the year.

Renshou at the Summer Palace gates Orient House door. Empress Dowager Cixi and Emperor Guangxu sit toward the hearings, met with foreign guests hall. Formerly known as Qinzheng, Guangxu reconstruction, renamed Renshou. East, Miankuo 7, north and south side hall on both sides, in front of Renshou door, the door to the north and south Jiuqing room, the Chen Long of copper, copper phoenix, tripod, etc., are very beautifully carved.

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- Le Shoutang -

Le Shoutang: Summer Palace in residential living area of the main building, originally built in Qianlong fifteen years (1750), Xianfeng years (1860 AD) were destroyed, Guangxu thirteen years (AD 1887) to build. Le Shoutang facing the Kunming Lake, Longevity Hill perched, Renshou east, west promenade, park location is the best place to live and play. , Empress front is a boat dock "Le Shoutang" black gold horizontal tablet Guangxu handwritten. Magnolia planted courtyard, crabapple, peony and other rare flowers, take "Yutang prosperity" was intended. Le Shoutang hall set up the throne, royal case, palm fan and glass screen. There are two seats next to smell the aroma filled with fruits and flowers Dragon large disk, four burn sandalwood peach with nine large copper stove. West is a bedroom suite, suite for the East locker room. Indoor rosewood wardrobe for the Qianlong relics. Le Shoutang on display in the courtyard of copper deer, crane copper and copper vase, intended as a "six and peace." Hospital flowers planted magnolia, crabapple, peony, flowers full House, apartment "Yutang prosperity" was intended. Here's famous magnolia, now in front of an invitation from the South Qianlong is transplanted.

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- Pai Yundian -

Pai Yundian: In the center of the Longevity Hill before the building was originally his mother's 60 birthday of Emperor Qianlong built a large debt of gratitude Yanshou Temple, Pai Yundian changed when rebuilding the Empress, Empress accepted worship and live in the park birthday The place. "Row cloud" Guo Pu poetry word from the gods row Yunshan, but see gold and silver Taiwan ", in analogy like the mist-shrouded mountains Joan Tower, fairy about to show up. From a distance, Pai Yundian and arches, row of cloud gate, the Golden Water Bridge, two layers of elevated palace even become a straight line. Pai Yundian this group of buildings is the Summer Palace, the most spectacular building groups.

Wisdom of the sea: is the highest top of Longevity Hill at a religious building, is an entirely non-beam brick masonry permitted by the arch structure composed of alternating vertical and horizontal. Façade all with fine yellow, green and white glazed tile decoration, the upper portion with a small amount of purple, blue glazed tile roof, the whole building look colorful, magnificent. Dianwai especially embedded in the wall of glass Buddha statue richer than a thousand specialties. "Wisdom of the sea," the term for the Buddhist term, meant to praise Buddha's wisdom Huiru Hai, Buddhism boundless. Although the building is very much like wooden structure, but not actually a wood, all with bricks made of brick coupons, no load-bearing purlin Fang, so called "no Liang Dian." Corridor because worship hall Amitayus, it is also called "immeasurable temple."

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Gallery: Gallery is located in the south of Longevity Hill, facing the Kunming Lake, Longevity Hill according to the North, east door on the invitation, the West only stone Zhang Ting, a total length of 728 meters, a total of 273, is China's longest porch in the garden, 1992 was recognized as the world's longest corridor, included in the "Guinness Book of World records." Each has painted porch Fang Liang, a total of more than 14,000 drawings, including landscapes, flowers and birds, fish and insects, figures and other allusions. Painting portraits were drawn from the Chinese classics.

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- Shi Fang -

Shi Fang: Qing Yan Fang, commonly known as: Shi Fang in the western end of the lake promenade, is a stone boat, named the Qing Yan Fang, Yu "sea Qinghe Yan" means. Summer Palace is the only building with a Western style. Its predecessor was the Ming Dynasty temple round static release units. Qianlong repair Qing Yi Park, change table for the ship, renamed "Shi Fang." 36 m long Shi Fang, marine piling up marble. Hull boat has two floors, bottom tile flooring, stained glass windows for the top brick decoration. When it rains, the rain falls on top of the boat through the four corners of the hollow columns by four leading port hull into the lake, the design is very clever.

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- middle painting -

Painting the middle: the middle picture is a group of Longevity Hill in western important architectural attractions. It hillside, the front has a two-storey pavilion, each about the first floor, the name "Love Mountain", "by autumn." There stands a stone arch after Court, behind the arch is "Cheng Fai House." There are climbing between the gallery building. As is located halfway up, in the form of colorful building, floor, cabinet, they were built in a different gallery contour line, surrounded by cypresses Castle covered by a set of red, yellow, blue, green glazed building groups, resembles a Chinese landscape painting.

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- Yu Lan Tang -

Yu Lan Tang: Yu Lan Tang Pro Kunming Lake was built in the southwest Renshou, is a traditional courtyard-style building. Yu Lan Tang main hall faces south, east side hall Xia Fen room, west side hall lotus Champs. East Hall can to Renshou, West Lake pier to the house can be, straight to the back door of the main hall should arts gymnasium. After the canopy and the two side halls were build walls and cut off from the outside world, the Summer Palace is in an important historic sites. Twenty-four years Guangxu (1898), Empress launch a palace coup, once advocated reform of Emperor Guangxu imprisoned here. Is the emperor's palace.

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- Grand Theater -

Grand Theater: in Germany and the park, with the Chengde Mountain Resort in the Qingyinge, Nobuo Court in the Forbidden City, the three collectively known as the Qing Dynasty stage. Germany and Yuan Peking Opera Theater is built for the Empress 60th birthday, specifically for the Empress theater. 21 meters high, the second highest of Buddhist Incense in the Summer Palace. Theater a total of three, two-story building backstage makeup. There are seven "patio" on the roof, the floor in the "land well." The bottom of the stage and there are five wells square pool. When ghost play speech, it may also be out of the "days" from the sky from the "ground", also diversion stage.

Kunming Lake: is the main lake of the Summer Palace, three-quarters of the total park area, about 220 hectares. Former southern Lake rippling blue waves, Lakeshore Miaomiao, west and downs, north pavilion in groups; there was a lake in Sai, embankments Tao Liu trip; Seventeen bridge lying on the lake, the lake island also has 3 different forms classical architecture.

Longevity foreground area: area by the two vertical axes of the guide bush, a corridor east-west axis, the central corridor from the north-south axis, followed by discharge cloud gate, two Kumon, Pai Yundian, Gradoville Hall, Buddhist Court, until the top of the wisdom of the sea. Longevity Hill formerly known as Jinshan, urn Hill, 109 meters above sea level, south of Kunming Lake, with Buddhist House as the center, forming a group of imposing, majestic and impressive buildings. The east side of the "runner possession" and "Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake," the stone, on the west side have seen the five-party pavilion and treasure. Boarding hilltop overlooking the Kunming Lake views.

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- Buddhist Pavilion -

Buddhist House: Located in the central part of the mountain before the mountain of Longevity Hill, built on a square platform 21 meters high, is an octahedral three four eaves of buildings; House 41 meters high, there are eight huge iron Genei Lei Muk Optimus Prime, complex structure, classical architectural masterpiece. Former House Xianfeng years (1860) after the British and French troops burned down, Guangxu seventeen years (1891) spent 780,000 taels reconstruction, (1894) completed Guangxu two decades, the Summer Palace is the largest engineering. Genei dedicated to the "escorts Buddha" for the royal family in this burning incense.

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- Oriole Hall -

Oriole Hall: originally Qianlong emperor built for his mother to see them, there are stage two, because the ancients often used the analogy Huang Li bird calls beautiful sounds of music, so named as "Oriole Hall." Xianfeng years (1860) by British and French troops burned down, rebuilt Guangxu. Before Germany and Yuan Peking Opera Theater is completed, the Empress often here to see them, feast. Now Oriole Hall has become a franchise royal cuisine style restaurant, has received services through the Heads of State and Government hundreds of countries, Oriole Pavilion restaurant is famous royal cuisine restaurant system.

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- Seventeen Bridge -

Seventeen Bridge: Located on the Kunming Lake, flying between Tung Chung and the South Lake Island, to connect the island of embankment, it is the largest stone garden. Ishibashi 8 meters wide and 150 meters long, composed of a bridge opening 17. Carved different sizes, different patterns of more than 500 lions on both sides of the stone railing.

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- bronze ox -

Bull: bull Kunming Lake in the north east coast, seventeen Kong Qiaodong bridgehead. 1755 copper casting, called "Taurus." Copper cattle are provided for the suppression and flooding.

Bronze Pavilion (Po Celeste Court): Copper is China Pavilion at present the finest surviving the process, one of the largest copper products massing. Built in the Tower of Buddhist Incense on the west side of the hospital in a five-party House 4 meters high stone pedestal of white marble was built in the reign of Emperor Qianlong, high 7.5 m, weight 207 tons. Ryoka surrounded by a fan. Although the copper, but in full accordance with timber frame structure to do. East, south and west sides of a door, door to door four lattice, north eight lattice window fan. Lattice windows and doors are LINGHUA fan fan grid heart, curtain rack unit also have case fans heart, both inside and outside the two-story possessive fan heart.

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- Wenchang Pavilion -

Wenchang Pavilion: Wenchang Pavilion Tung Yi and Kunming Lake at the northern end of the country. It was originally a county, one of the park gates to Qingyi Park. Qianlong fifteen years (1750), the existing tower is Guangxu (1875-1908) reconstruction. Chengtou Siyu angle gallery plane was "human" shape, the middle three pavilion. Middle worship Wenchang bronze statue like Fairchild and, next to a copper mule, highly distinctive.

Wenchang Pavilion Wenchang Institute is located east of Wenchang Hospital Museum is the classical Chinese garden in the largest and highest grade cultural relics exhibition hall. Exhibition hall is provided with six topics, categories relates bronze, jade, porcelain, gold and silver, wood, horn, a lacquer, furniture, paintings, books, enamel, watches, and other miscellaneous class. As the Royal Summer Palace specific environment, these works of art represented the best level of technology, many treasures at the time is the State of the weighing; museum exhibition Chen is also a part of the Qing Dynasty palace household items.

After the mountain Lake: is located in the most northern part of the Summer Palace, less buildings, trees Cong, winding mountain road, elegant and quiet, in stark contrast to the ornate front of the mountain. A group of Tibetan architecture and features of Suzhou Jiangnan Street, compact layout, each wit.

Four Department of State: Ministry of the four states in the Longevity Hill Central, is a Tibetan-style buildings. It covers an area of 20,000 square meters, because of the mountains homeopathy, in place since Court. There Sumeru spirit throughout the former (now changed to platform), a 3-meter-high Jingchuang on both sides, after the Court temples main building Cheyenne were printed. Surrounded by the Buddhist symbol of the world's four continents ---- Dongsheng body Island, West cattle goods Chau, jambudvipa, uttarakuru and built of different forms of the tower into eight small part of the continent. South, southwest, northeast, northwest and representatives of Buddhist scriptures "four wisdom" of red, white, black, green four La Mata. There are thirteen tower ring "with wheels", said the Buddhist "Thirteen days." Tower unique, dignified appearance. Middle four continents and eight small part two continents temples and palaces uneven, on behalf of a platform, a representative of Japan and Taiwan, symbolizing the sun and the moon around the Buddha body harmonic walled.

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- Garden of Harmonious Interest -

Garden of Harmonious Interest: Garden of Harmonious Interest in the eastern foot of Longevity Hill, as is a separate area with a garden-style garden in the south of the park. Qing Yi Park called upon Huishan Park ", is a fake Jichang Garden Wuxi Huishan built after renovation Jiaqing sixteen years (1811), to take a" quiet interesting things outside, among the fields and harmonic inch "and Qianlong emperor's poem, "a pavilion a path, enough harmonic Wonder" means, renamed the "garden of harmonious Interest." There are park pavilion, Taiwan, hall, pavilion thirteen, and veranda with one hundred and five different forms of phase bridge communication. southeast corner of the park there is a stone bridge, the "know that the fish bridge" the words inscribed on the amount of Qianlong bridge Shifang, is quoted Zhuangzi and Keiko controversy comes in the "Autumn Ho" is.

Suzhou Street: after the two sides imitation of southern Lake Township built street trading. Qing Yi Park periods ashore variety of shops, such as jade antiques shop, Chou Duandian, snack shop, restaurants, buildings and other gold and silver jewelry. Shop clerk are eunuchs, ladies dress. Start "business" trip when the emperor fortunate. Dozens of shop after the lake shore in 1860 was burned powers. Now the landscape was rebuilt in 1986.

Summer Tour Guide

Travel information

Summer Palace (Bus) 209,330,331,332,346,394,712,718,726,732,696,683,801,808,817,926

Summer Palace North palace (bus) 303,330,331,346, 375,384,393,634,716,718,696,683,801,808,817,834, especially 5

Summer new palace (bus) 374,437,704,992,481,952

Summer Palace Simon (bus) 469

High season (April 31 to October 1)

open the door to Time: 6:30 - 18:00

Garden Park Hours: 8:30 - 17:00

Jingyuan time: 20:00

Off-season (November to next March 31 1)

Opening doors Time: 7:00 - 17:00

Garden Park Opening hours: 9:00 - 16:00

Jingyuan time: 19:00

Ticket price (for reference only)

Tickets: 20 (off-season) 30 (season)

price tickets: 10 (off-season) 15 (season)

ticket: 50 (off-season) 60 (season)

Browse Line

Orient House gate admission:

1, Orient House door - Ren Shoudian - Germany and the Garden - Wenchang Hospital - Yu Lan Tang, Yi Yun Hall - Le Shoutang - Promenade - Pai Yundian - Buddhist Pavilion - Shi Fang - - door wishful - farming and weaving resort. (About 3 hours for the trip)

2, Orient House door - Ren Shoudian - Germany and the Garden - Wenchang Hospital - Yu Lan Tang, Yi Yun Hall - Le Shoutang - Promenade - Pai Yundian - Buddhist Incense Court - Shi Fang - by boat to South Lake Island - Seventeen bridge - bronze ox - new palace. (About 2.5 hours for the trip)

3, Orient House door - Ren Shoudian - Germany and the Garden - Wenchang Hospital - Yu Lan Tang, Yi Yun Hall - Le Shoutang - Promenade - Pai Yundian - Buddhist Incense Court - Suzhou Street - North palace. (About 2 hour trip)

4, Orient House door - Ren Shoudian - Germany and the Garden - Wenchang Hospital - Yu Lan Tang, Yi Yun Hall - Le Shoutang - Promenade - Pai Yundian - Buddhist Incense Court - Suzhou Street - Dan NING Tang - harmonic walled - Orient House door. (About 2.5 hours stroke)

North palace park:

1, North palace - Suzhou Street - four continents - Buddhist Pavilion - Pai Yundian - gallery - Shi Fang - by boat to South Lake Island - Seventeen Bridge - copper cow - Kunming Lake Tung - Wenchang hospital - Yu Lan Tang, Yi Yun Hall - Le Shoutang - Germany and the garden - Ren Shoudian - Orient House door. (About 3 hours for the trip)

2, North palace - Suzhou Street - Dan NING Tang - harmonic walled - Ren Shoudian - Germany and the Garden - Yu Lan Tang, Yi Yun Pavilion - Wenchang Hospital - Live Tang Shou - promenade - Pai Yundian - Buddhist Pavilion - Shi Fang - wishful door - scenic farming and weaving. (About 2.5 hours for the trip)

3, North palace - Suzhou Street - Shi Fang - Promenade - Pai Yundian - Buddhist Pavilion - Le Shoutang - Germany and the Garden - Wenchang Hospital - renshou temple - Orient House door. (About 2 hours stroke)

New palace park:

1, new palace - Kunming Lake Tung - Wenchang Hospital - Ren Shoudian - Germany and the Garden - Yu Lan Tang, Yi Yun Hall - Le Shoutang - Promenade - Pai Yundian - Buddha incense - Suzhou Street - North palace. (About 2.5 hours trip)

2, new palace - Island Lake - Seventeen Bridge - bovine Cu - Shi Fang to boat - Farming and Weaving resort - Suzhou Street - Buddhist Pavilion - row cloud temple - gallery - Le Shoutang - Germany and the garden - Yu Lan Tang, Yi Yun Pavilion - Wenchang hospital - Ren Shoudian - Orient House door. (About 3 hours trip)

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