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Beijing folk custom: The Lantern Festival eats "tangyuan"

OHTN2017-09-27Wes lee

"Osmanthus is wrapped in walnuts, and jiangmi is a well - like water.See to say the horse family drop powder good, try to sell yuanxiao in the light wind."The qing dynasty's "bamboo twigs" reflected Beijing's habit of eating tangyuan for the Lantern Festival, which was already known as the "tang yuan".

Beijing folk custom: The Lantern Festival eats "tangyuan"

The Lantern Festival falls on the 15th day of the first lunar month.

Yuanxiao is the Lantern Festival.

In China, the custom of Lantern Festival in the tang dynasty has been circulating among the people.

In addition, the custom of eating tangyuan for the Lantern Festival has been kept until now, because in the evening of the first yuan festival, people also used to call tangyuan as "yuanxiao".

Lantern Festival, Beijing food, pastry shop, even on both sides of the road SheTan selling dumplings, every family all eat a bowl of steaming on the fifteenth of dumplings, how people miss the customs of our ancestors left!

Tangyuan is called tangtuan and pink fruit, because it is floating on the water, and in ancient times it is called the float.

People eat tangyuan on the Lantern Festival, which is actually the meaning of missing loved ones and longing for reunion.

In the song dynasty, zhou must write the poem "yuanxiao boiled and floating yuanxiao", which is the earliest poem describing the tang yuan in China.

Reunion is the same thing.

The tang officials sought out the old taste, and the cooker was amazed at the new work.

The stars are covered in dark clouds, in the water.

When you are old, you will have a mixed singing.

Zhou biao was a minister in the southern song dynasty.

In this short poem has showed his reunite raise the bowl to look forward to the national people's thoughts, even for all the kitchen fire wench cooking tangyuan exhaled in hometown in the deep emotion was surprised!

Eating tangyuan, remembering loved ones, this habit has been in the present.

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