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Picturing old Beijing style

OHTN2017-10-14Wes lee

Stare children to eat food, selling pea cake, almond tea selling of ...... a lot of old Beijing line of business has gone, a lot of old Beijing life scenes have disappeared, a lot of old Beijing customs have been lost. These relics things in seventy or eighty years old Pekingese memory of the future, where we can to find me? The books, historical film, or ...... okay, a little philatelic lets you in the confusion between, will be able to appreciate the diverse style of old Beijing. There are workers digging together various experts, scholars, folk enthusiasts finishing, consisting of a set of 84 souvenir covers of "old Beijing style" Stamps, after two and a half finally complete available. In the Xidan Shopping Center and Urban-Rural Trade Center, one of Beijing Guomai four coin counters a center philatelic products OTC, would attract many collectors collection.

This by the China National Philatelic Corporation issued a postal stamp products sector for the first time in the form of philatelic products, systematic performance of old Beijing since the founding of New China to revive the style. Hou Changchun creation of the original painting of "old Beijing style" souvenir covers, divided into eating, drinking, playing, holiday custom, home life, landscape mansion, seven themed line of business, vivid realism, like yesterday once more, quite charm. Wang Lu Ping, Hou Zhonglin, Hou souvenir cover design competition, stamp, elegant and generous, full Relics. 60,000 sets of limited edition in two and a half times the national issue, in order to collect their own really is not an easy task.


Sell ​​cut cake

- Selling Cut cake -

Sell ​​old Beijing cut cake, multi-stand often provided in the streets, yellow rice, red beans, dates perforated with a large earthen pot steamed pudding, smoothing on the case, when sold with the knife, is inserted bamboo stick, people buy hand-held bamboo while eating. Because it is a large earthen pot with a steaming it is also called "Bowls cake."

Sell ​​Luzhu fried tofu

- sell Luzhu fried tofu -

Sell ​​Luzhu Chuanjie selling fried tofu evening, there is a small stove before burden, sitting on a large casserole, add the salt inside the container of pepper aniseed and cook the fried tofu and bean flour croquettes, served in a bowl plus when selling parsley, vinegar and chili paste.

Sell ​​sheep's head meat

- selling sheep's head meat -

Autumn and winter, evening market, pick a large oval basket, which stood water sheep's head, lying on top of one of the wooden lid, turn it over when the meat chopping board. The traders are very thin fillet into a sheep's head, asked the paper, then sprinkle with salt and pepper flower big cow horns.


Selling sour plum

- selling sour plum -

Old Beijing street summer warn that selling sour plum, plum good will with boiling water infusion add sugar, sweet-scented osmanthus, placed in a large porcelain altar, then the porcelain altar placed in an ice bucket. Two traders who held a small lamp copper, diameter 320 Cunxu named ice light. Britain dialing with your fingers to make two small brass lamp strike hit each other, send out a clear crisp clank sound, stand erect next to a crescent made of brass halberd that mark. Old Beijing dried fruit shop also sells hot day and plum juice glass powder, almond tofu children and other cold drinks. Beijing letter far fasting in the most famous.

Sell ​​the almond tea

- sale of almond tea -

Almond tea is one of the old Beijing breakfast food, fine boiled rice porridge more dilute slurry, add almonds and cook time, Sheng add sugar, sweet-scented osmanthus in a bowl, you are selling sweet taste, served with sesame seed oil ghost, but exceedingly good breakfast. Traders who knows the weight Chuanjie, crying as "almond - tea Yo."

Home life

Sell ​​zero carbon

- selling zero carbon -

Beijing residents are born earlier stove fire with charcoal and firewood, charcoal daily afternoon will have to sell in order to Vitex basket or bamboo basket loaded charcoal and firewood Chuanjie selling, crying, "about zero carbon na" hand side of the flat drum, plump sound. Traditional dialogue segment "three stick drum" Finally also mentioned selling charcoal drums. In the late thirties, there is no such industry.

Fight hair oil

- fight hair oil -

Monopoly women used cosmetics, sewing and other debris truck or cargo load, also known as selling line of children. The pomade sold osmanthus, peaches base with her hair, pig say soap wash the balls, cakes children rouge, foundation steep playing child, children ingot powder, the first sub-distribution networks, scalp fork children, dentifrice, needle and thread, thimble, buttons, Taozi, Tousheng, leg bands, toilet paper, paper Douer daily. Shaking the hands of a small copper traders Zheng, Department of hammer hitting two small copper Zheng Zheng jingling on the shelf, shouting to "fight hair oil to buy nets."

Selling flowers look like

- selling flowers look like -

Monopoly women embroidery flowers look to the powder curtain paper sheets as a stack of ten, various ports carved with a knife edge, beautiful patterns, knife tiny, winding radius, follow the market, which are common for the toe, upper , pillow-top tricks children, boots clothing children, dalian, betel nut pouch, fan cover, boxes of glasses, etc., are mostly content auspicious patterns, such as seasonal flowers, very happy, duck lying lotus, peony Phoenix, crane deer with spring, over three Kau, grow rich, carp big splash, Monkey Guayin, when a product towards the like.


Grass paint fingernails nails

- Nail grass paint fingernails -

Impatiens name the nail grass, red, white, pink three colors, the mining safflower petals down on the grass nail in small sake cup, add a little alum, then mash with a bone needle provoked heap on the nail, carefully care, so as not to be knocked, to be dry nails will be red, not afraid of washing. Early years now no nail polish, nail grass is the best natural dye armor products, most little girls like to do this stuff.

Holiday custom


Miranda stepped

- stepped Tsung -

Lunar twelfth lunar month thirty at night, sesame stalks scattered on the courtyard, hallway, Yong Lu, doorways and other places, either pedestrians trample, step on sesame stalks rattle. This is called "step haunting," "evil spirit" and "broken" is a homonym, meaning that everything evil are trampled underfoot. (Zhang Shijie)

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