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Tiananmen Square

Tiananmen Square in central Beijing, north to south and 880 meters east-west width of 500 meters, an area of ​​440,000 square meters, can accommodate 100 people held a grand assembly, is the world's largest city square.

Tiananmen Square

- Tiananmen Square -

Tiananmen Square in Beijing describes the people indomitable revolutionary spirit and dauntless heroism, the May Fourth Movement, December 9th Movement, five Er ○ sports are here to stay in a dark color to the history of modern Chinese revolution. After the founding of New China, Tiananmen Square widening and the construction of the Monument to the People's Heroes in the central square, respectively, in the west side of the square and later built the Great Hall, the construction of the east side of the Museum of Chinese Revolution and the Chinese History Museum, built on the south side of the hair Chairman of the Memorial.

Tiananmen Gate is located at the northern end of the square. Tiananmen Square, Ming Yongle fifteen years (1417), formerly known as Edward door, Shunzhi eight years later (1651) converted Tiananmen said. Que gates five, nine Ying re-building, 33.7 meters high. On 2000 square meters Sumeru beautifully carved white marble pedestal, is 10 meters high pier red and white, is the magnificent Tiananmen Gate on the pier. Downstairs is a sparkling blue city Jinshui, there are five beautifully carved white marble Golden Water Bridge on the river. City front two pairs of lions and graceful Chinese table skillfully matched vigorous, the Tiananmen Square became a perfect masterpiece of architectural art.

October 1, 1949, Chairman Mao Zedong proclaimed the founding of People's Republic of China, and personally raised the first five-star red flag in Tiananmen Square. From the rostrum of Tiananmen become a symbol of new China, its stately image is an important part of our national emblem.

Chairman Mao Memorial Hall

  Chairman Mao Memorial Hall is located in Tiananmen Square, the People's Heroes Monument south. China is located in the former site of the door, held a groundbreaking ceremony in 1976, completed in May 1977, it covers an area of ​​over 57,000 square meters, with a total construction area of ​​28,000 square meters. A square body, the outer column 44 Fujian Ming yellow granite building, between a column packed with ceramic plate floral Shiwan Guangzhou, Qingdao quintana granite veneer. There are two layers of glass roof cornices, eaves between the inlay sunflower relief. The base has two platforms, all with help desk maroon granite Sichuan Dadu next brick, marble ring around to Fangshan evergreen floral railings. South, North Gate intermediate step and each with two vertical white marble, carved with sunflower, evergreen, bloom, pine pattern.

Chairman Mao Memorial Hall

--Chairman Mao Memorial Hall--

Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, 280 meters north-south, east-west 220 meters, covers an area of ​​57,200 square meters, construction area of ​​28,000 square meters.

(1) Garden

The main building in front of the North East, West two sets of clay to the Chinese revolution epic for the content. East group showed that the new democratic period, the performance of the group West period of socialist construction. South Gate is the main building inherit the behest of Chairman Mao, people of all nationalities showed immense confidence in the clay content of the two groups. There are four groups of 62 clay individual objects (35 meters high), carried out by more than 100 sculptors from 18 provinces and cities nationwide. All statues with more than 200 tons of mud, which lasted five months. 30 red flags outside the South, on behalf of our 30 provinces.

(2) Memorial

Memorial Hall is the main building, consists of three parts. LMH: 4 m high, 1055 m side length. LMH has the appearance column 44, section 15 m, 175 meters high. LMH is surrounded by Toru starting with maroon granite from the Dadu River. White marble railing on top, carved with a symbol of Jiangshan Yong stored evergreen. When the cornerstone of November 24, 1976 the foundation stone laying ceremony buried in this pedestal. The cornerstone of the puzzle into the surrounding rock from Mount Everest and irrigation water in the Taiwan Strait. That is north of the main entrance into the North Hall, wide 346 m, depth 193 meters, 85 meters high. Chamber large column 1 is 4 meter square, the top sunflower lamp 110, Hangzhou staple gray marble floors. Chairman Mao statue face 3 meters high, like rivers FIG behind is huge, 7 m high and 24 m long. This is where the commemoration. On the south side of the North Hall of the gold Phoebe door to go in, that is, to pay tribute to Hall. Crystal coffin 80 cm from the ground, surrounded with colorful flowers, surrounded by black granite brick ladder coffin seat, surrounded by covered with emblem, national emblem and badge. Hall to pay tribute to the South for the South Hall, engraved with Chairman Mao's "Azolla" word on white marble stone wall. Three east and west sides of the hall is the lounge and the old revolutionaries Memorial Hall. Memorial of the entire project in just six months, May 24, 1977 the main construction works are completed be completed end of August, was officially opened on September 9.

To pay tribute to [information]

Address: Beijing (Dongcheng District) the center of the southern end of Tiananmen Square

Pay their last respects Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday: 8:30: 00-12: 00 Opening

Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and other six great revolutionary performance Memorial Hall, Tuesday to Sunday morning 8: 30--12: 00 free of charge (only available for groups).

September 9 (anniversary of the death of Comrade Mao Zedong), December 26 (the anniversary of the birth of Comrade Mao Zedong)

Opening hours: 8:30: 00-12: 00.

Under special circumstances, be closed. (Four weeks at Memorial signs prevail)

Directions: Take 1,2,4,17,20,37,52,57,802 Road to Tiananmen Square or take the subway to Tiananmen Square, the front door to get off.

Qianmen Street

Qianmen Street

- Qianmen Street Night -

Qianmen Street

Five repairs on Qianmen Street history

The first Once - 1679 (Qing Kang Xi eighteen years), repair reasons: Imperial earthquake, including Qianmen Street, gate building, including residential areas 70% -80% of collapse, officials collapse.

Second Cycles - 1900, renovation reason: During the Allied Forces invaded Beijing, Qianmen Street was burned.

Third - in the 1920s, repair reasons: First World War, national industry and commerce to flourish, and the West in the Great Depression. (People's impression of the Qianmen Street is also formed in this period)

Fourth - In the 1970s, renovation reason: After the business developed, street stamped many large commercial buildings, such as the billion-building, O'Neal shops, Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant and so on. Since billboards Lin Li, could barely see the original look Qianmen Street, the old house was dilapidated but has failed to repair.

Fifth - began in May 2007.

Full of passion and expectations, another 28 days, Beijing Olympic Games officially opened. Beijing, international metropolis are carefully combing their makeup, to meet friends from all over the world. Many old Beijingers say, to Beijing, not have to go to the front door and see. In order to show the new face of Beijing's cultural scene, from April of last year, the Qianmen Street closed to traffic starting repairs, and before the Olympic Games the world will penetrate the veil. New Qianmen Street, what kind? As an ancient capital of business cards, how she would look, what kind of charm to show the world the charm of old Beijing culture? With these questions, this reporter recently walked into a new repair with relevant experts Qianmen street, Beijing to explore the culture and spirit of antiquity new rhyme blend of ancient and modern.

South Axis in Beijing, Qianmen Street, dating back more than 570 years of history, known as "Heaven Street". In the minds of Peking Man, "the front door" is both a tower commonly known, is representative of a region, is a symbol of Beijing. People tend to think, to the front door has truly entered the capital of Beijing.

According to historical records, Moon Bay north, south Zhushikou, a total length of 840 meters of Qianmen Street, since the emperor Zhu Di moved the capital Beijing, has been the emperor went to the Temple of Heaven and the sacrifice of a xiannongtan Okimichi ( "Heaven Street" also known as a resulting). Since the Ming Dynasty 600 years since, the Qianmen Street although several damage and repair, but is always important commercial street in Beijing, boutiques clouds, sound of the city with people, pedestrians, such as weaving.

Beijingers love to the front door, it is difficult to express in words, it is reflected in everyday life always and everywhere. Old Pekingese basic necessities of life, almost each piece and the front door about: Quanjude roast duck, dumplings are one of Hendry watch, Zhang Yiyuan tea ...... Now these old branches in the capital, although wide open, but for life "old Beijing" were quite luxurious, the headquarters of the non get to the front door of my heart be considered practical. The front door, but also is the birthplace of capital taste culture: comic, Beijing piano book, Jingyuntaigu ...... a native of Beijing opera, the libretto many excerpts are in the front door and the front door customs.

Literary Federation vice chairman of Beijing, folklorists Zhao said the book, concentrated Qianmen Street in Beijing culture, style, also witnessed profound changes in each historical period of old Beijing occurred. Qianmen Street every year attracts a large number of tourists at home and abroad, has played an important role in foreign economic and cultural exchanges.

One of the front door area or the old Beijing style well, the best preserved historical sites of cultural relics area. Experts, since the Ming and Qing dynasties, there has been a Beijing architectural culture, Merchant Culture, Hall culture, folk culture, the most developed and prosperous Liyuan cultural characteristics of neighborhoods, is a lively folk customs museum of ancient and modern Beijing.

Qianmen broad areas rich cultural heritage, unique cultural charm far-reaching, many historical relics along with the remains of old Beijing marketplace of life, together with the surrounding historical sites, together form a unique historical features Qianmen area, it became the most Beijingers live cultural memory.


Wangfujing Street, south East Chang An Avenue, north to China Art Museum, is about three li, is Beijing's most famous commercial district.

Liao and Jin era, Wangfujing just an obscure village, after the Yuan Dynasty, gradually densely populated, then call it T Street. Ming Dynasty, where repair from ten palace, Wangfujing also begun to take shape, renamed ten Palace Street. Qing Dynasty spent ten kings, renamed the Palace or Palace Avenue Street. In 1915, when the Northern government to draw "Beijing suburbs detail", this street is divided into three sections: the northern section called Palace Street, said the eight slots in the middle, because there is a sweet southern section of the well, and collectively known as the palace, to become the "Wangfujing street." In 1903, the establishment of the East Market, East Market is old Beijingers favorite place to visit, in 1909, published the "Beijing Hyakuji Bamboo Branch" in that it has a single "new market wide open everywhere, to buy things hard heart does not cost, If the theory of a bustling first finger, please go to the king of the city Dongan. " Thus enough to appear Dongan position.

Wangfujing Commercial Street

- Wangfujing Commercial Street -

Wangfujing daily necessities, hardware and electrical materials, garments, jewelry diamonds, gold and silver jewelry, silver, commodities into great sales, it is known as "vast fortune" the gold of the land. In recent years, the development of faster Wangfujing, the Beijing South Side Street northbound from the hotel, I saw a plaque hanging, shops awe-inspiring, full of people, like water, from morning to night, enter this street every day as many as one million Chinese and foreign customers people. The street now has Asia's largest commercial buildings, the density of the largest and most concentrated shopping malls, hotels and stores. Wangfujing commercial or domestic travel agencies join the nearest large shopping areas, the highest concentration of state-owned brand, old places. This article is full of modern, high-quality, high standards of an international center commercial street, the Champs-Elysees with French sister became friendly street, it's international status has improved. Department stores, foreign language bookstore, Dan Yao Building, US industrial buildings, department stores palace women, Muslim buildings, Sun Dong An Plaza and Sheng Xifu, and with the rise, Dong Lai Shun, Quanjude, quadruple salons, pharmacies constitute this Herbs 810 meters commercial gas full of modern commercial street.

Since 1996 the expansion of Wangfujing transformation, now invested more than 1 billion yuan renovation of Wangfujing Street has been re-appearance, Oriental Plaza, it became another big landscape; old Beijing street also moved to the ground floor from the first floor, business area expanded from 500 square meters to 2700 square meters, fully modeled on the Ming and Qing architectural style of design and decoration, a total of 40 natural outlets. One feature of this street is to focus on a large number of old Chinese Shoppes. Liter inline, antique jade step Ying Zhai shoe, Sheng Xifu, Ma Juyuan hat, Ruifuxiang silk, Wang Mazi scissors, Dai Yuexuan lake pen Huimo, Ji Gu Ge, the yuan long thick tea, Daoxiang spring, cinnamon Village, Cheung gather public pastries, Quanjude roast duck, Sauce Liu Biju pickles and Tianfu numbers as well as traditional snacks and Hongluo preserved fruit, etc., in the old Beijing street has shops.

Wangfujing Wangfujing is old as well cornucopia, it is a special place in the capital's business district, other commercial street can not be replaced. Or to go to Beijing Wangfujing it!

Like the Eiffel Tower (scenic details) and the Champs Elysees, as Beijing Wangfujing commercial street he had already gained a reputation. For many people, the trip to Beijing, Wangfujing shopping and climb the Great Wall, it is essential agenda. I do not know since when, tourism, shopping is no longer pushed to the crowded city center, various grades of commercial buildings near the residence malls, supermarkets, enable people to enjoy the benefits of economic and social wealth of material goods. Wangfujing Street has become almost synonymous with the times people talk about the lack of substance, Wangfujing Street in Beijing, in Chinese people's minds become more and more blurred. So, Wangfujing Street determined to change his appearance, and since 1992 Wangfujing began quietly changing their appearance, and in August of 2099, after experiencing the "eight-year war" has finally come to a new look and the world meet.

Remediation planning Wangfujing Street, which is characterized as "Beijing Business First Street" business style "Modern", "New Wave," which, after the transformation remediation Wangfujing Street, from goldfish alley to the phase boundary of Chang'an Avenue South side, eight hundred and ten meters long and wiry type of side streets dotted with twelve large shopping malls, in addition to the original department store, arts and crafts building, Muslim buildings, foreign language bookstores, Concord shopping Center, Wangfujing shopping malls, also built six large shopping and entertainment Commerce Department Store comprehensive commercial new building, the Tung Wah Group of clothing, Minghui Building, the world's friend, Dan Yao Building, Oriental Plaza, a large shopping street in Beijing, the pattern can be described as unique.

People walk in Wangfujing Street can be seen, eight hundred and ten meters long main street spacious flat, red granite-paved ground clean and tidy, there is no cut off the curb of the road, before the air dense spider web of wires It is all in people's sight disappeared, went underground. Walking on Wangfujing Street will feel the designer meticulous care, tired, on the street with separate seats that lets you ready to sit down and rest; think RBI words, both sides of the street nine eighteen IC card telephone booth will facilitate you in touch with friends; every forty meters of a trash can so that you can get rid of garbage hands at any time; ask the way, the size of the street signs will be over to help you.

Now this is full of modern, high-quality, high standards of an international center commercial street, the Champs-Elysees with French sister became friendly street, it's international status has improved. Department stores, foreign language bookstore, Dan Yao Building, US industrial buildings, department stores palace women, Muslim buildings, Sun Dong An Plaza and Sheng Xifu, and with the rise, Dong Lai Shun, Quanjude, quadruple salons, pharmacies constitute this Herbs 810 meters commercial gas full of modern commercial street.

Patchwork, a uniquely decorated storefronts, to gather the hundreds of well-known brands of domestic and overseas firms. Assortment of goods, lifelike sculptures make this 700-year-old youth Street re-call, the 50 million people converge here every day, eager to see her charm.


Houhai refers to Shichahai Qianhai, Houhai, West three water. To distinguish the North Sea, the sea, three South China Sea, referred to as the three sea. After Haidong from the street outside, west Xinjiekou Street, south of Ping'an Avenue, north to the North Second Ring Road, a total area of ​​146.7 hectares, water area of ​​34 hectares, green area of ​​11.5 hectares. This is the ancient waters of Beijing city 700 years ago during the Yuan Dynasty.

Houhai night

- Houhai night -

After the sea, it is part of the Shichahai through the millennia, is a water and observability houses and residents of the mountain, idle the weeping willow brush shore, the shore, the surrounding palace and former residence of celebrities more it lay out the infinite charm Beijing flavor and history . People come here just to, there is still able to hear the crisp autumn insects, he was still able to see the epitome of old Beijing courtyard buildings, and still be able to chew it seems to have gone royal Rhyme.

Houhai scenery

- Houhai scenery -

He said that the "sea" is actually a huge artificial lake, is the old royal exclusive pool of Qingchi. Houhai is located in the center of Beijing, from Tiananmen Square just four or five stops, connected with a well-known North Sea water, and Jingshan, the Forbidden City distant relative. We walked along the coast, an inattentive will see red walls and green tiles. In those outside the stately tall, tall hospital Sen Yu can only see the trees. Lay it reveals a mystery. It is said that after the waters of the sea attached to the Palace of the Dragon, since ancient times are poised. Therefore, the ancient monks who repair the temple where the temple was built, and the nobles who built the house on the shore siting garden, famous people have also moved to the lakeside, on a beach after the start of the first waterfront living. Hence, the saying goes, "first Shichahai, after Beijing."

Houhai Bar Street

- Houhai Bar Street -

Houhai Bar:

Bars and other similar tone, simple old furniture, green, personalized ornaments, lazy feeling. Houhai bar area is not large, perhaps too much space to avoid the hustle and bustle, this is the reason I like to sea after clubbing.

Moon hanging light ambiguous, while the faint waft from Pipa Erhu or cruise on the lake over the years, to add to the tranquil sea after Petty atmosphere. Whispering lovers, wine and song of several elder brother. Melodious sound of the piano, people could not help recalling partners Creek and childhood home, catch crickets that summer night scene.

Houhai is a nostalgic place for sea are caused by human feeling nostalgic after every time. Sea romantic feelings with a girlfriend to go after Beijing, this season most things worth considering.


  Located in the eastern Chaoyang District. Within three miles away from the city because of the name. Ming and Qing belong Shuntian Daxing County. As the title, refers to Zuojiazhuang, Men Wai Avenue, Hujialou, Maizidian encircled area. Built in 1962 in the northern region embassy district, the 20th century, 60 to 70 years of diplomatic built apartment complex, Sanlitun area gradually developed into a diplomatic personnel inhabited, shopping and important foreign affairs activities of the community. The region 10 has longitudinal, transverse 12 streets. Road and New Road Workers Stadium as part of the original capital of Welcome Road. Stadium Road, the eastern section of the north western part of the west side of the workers and commercial, service outlets over, Sanlitun Bar Street is one of the main places Beijing nightlife. There Tayuan diplomatic staff apartments, Lufthansa Friendship Shopping Center, foreign duty-free shops, Chinese international shops and other units in the region. Workers Stadium North Road, built on both sides of the eastern city hotel Zhaolong Hotel, Heeren and so on.

Sanlitun Bar Street

- Sanlitun Bar Street -

Sanlitun Bar Street

Beijing Sanlitun Bar Street is one of the most "prosperous" in Beijing nightlife entertainment street. Living in Beijing foreigners and wealthy parts of the country frequented by celebrities. Every night sometime, feasting here, people bustling, noisy metropolis silhouetted against the bright colors and luxury. Sanlitun Bar Street has been always gives a "smoke and mirrors" feeling, who could not see its true face, who does not give it the next accurate business orientation.

Bar Street is north of the embassy district, a great reputation because of the street, and some foreign embassies will be in front of the house number from the Sanlitun Road to "Three Mile River Bar Street" Bar Street business hours from the afternoon of the second day day in the morning.

There are many foreigners driving a car or taxi every day to be here, especially at night, foreigners will come here in droves flocked to, not only foreigners willing to come here, many Chinese people also put clients or friends go here. Here as communicative place.

Beijing Hutong

- Beijing Hutong -

Beijing Hutong

A question to Beijing tourists often asked is where Beijing's hutongs in. Beijing Hutong originated in the Yuan Dynasty, when up to more than 6,000, is one of the earliest history of the alley between East Fourth Street and Chaoyangmennei, planning quite tidy, roughly the same distance between the alley and the alley. Generally north-south street, relatively wide, such as from Beijing Railway Station to the South Street Chaoyangmennei Street and North Street, due to go past the main carriage, also called the road. Generally east-west alley, relatively narrow, to leave the main alley on both sides are generally courtyard.

Division Geographically, the alley north of the front door generally wider, more orderly planning, generally narrow alley south of the front door, planning is not tidy. Because in the Qing Dynasty, the Qing government for security, do not allow the field to Beijing personnel live in the capital, so concentrated foreigners living in the front door and Chongwenmenwai, and thus the formation of the front door of the business district; Many of the foreign workers come to Beijing exam of lifts, thus creating a Liulichang culture Street bridge area has many entertainment venues, Beijing theaters are also concentrated in the South.

Beijing Hutong how much of it? According to historical records, the Ming Dynasty as many as several thousand, of which the inner city there are more than 900, more than 300 outside the city. The development of the Qing Dynasty more than 1800, when the Republic of China has more than 1,900 pieces. Statistical 2,550 more than the beginning of the founding of New China. Later incorporated some of the old name, new name some; since the reform and opening up, economic development and urban construction, renovation and demolition of some of the development so far, Beijing has about more than 4000 street names.

798 Art District

When a lot of people all day thinking about how to live on the estate have balconies, and the other gang put her home in a suburb of the city waste plant. These are special people who work in the arts, so they are more reasons to show their personality than the average person. In terms of timing, they are free people, they do not need from work nine to five on the ground, these artists have the time, they need more space, and now they are in a way such groups have a space of arbitrary .

Silk Street

--Silk Street--

Silk Street

China only world-renowned market, impressively ranked as the world tourism map; in the eyes of foreign tourists, and the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Beijing roast duck par must visit - she is the Silk Street.

She is reform and opening up of woven silk painting. 20 years ago, a group of young people hope for the future, in Beijing Xiushui Street pavement support from the simple use of this prime position next to the embassy district, and foreign trade business silk clothing. This time, she, although Jing Chai sarong, very young, but already conceal the natural beauty, gestures hearted demeanor.

Fame spread like wildfire, patronize, favor more and more people. Gradually, she felt overwhelmed, a bit tired - famous Silk Street is too large, passenger traffic is too concentrated, reception capacity has been overwhelmed. She needs to rest, to rise from the ashes. So, a new Silk Street came into being.

Panjiayuan Flea Market

- Panjiayuan Flea Market -


Panjiayuan there are "ghost city," he said. Speaking of "ghost city" dates back to the late Qing Dynasty. At that time fading fortunes, many dignitaries come down, they stole antiques Station Street to sell the home. After all, this is a demeaning thing, lantern transaction can only choose three or four in the morning. "There are many years of experience in the stall Huo old lament," I remember, 'ghost city' also sell some unidentified objects on, because all have secret ineffable, most of them can only be sold at a cheap price. 'Ghost City, the good stuff' rumors will spread. "Although not required now hiding, to deceive the public, but four o'clock opening of the tradition was continued down. Antique furniture, four treasures of ancient calligraphy, jade agate, Chinese and foreign coins, shadow mask, keepsake religion, national dress, the" Cultural Revolution " relics and even daily necessities, in addition to arms, drugs, people, as long as you can think of valuable items have been spread on the shelves.

Beijing Panjiayuan Flea Market is located in the southeast corner of Beijing's Third Ring Road, it is the largest flea market, open Monday to Friday merchant shops and a greenhouse area the Second District, Saturday and Sunday all shops spread wide open throughout the year prodigiously city. Panjiayuan Flea Market is located southwest of Beijing East Third Ring Panjiayuan Bridge, covers an area of ​​48,500 square meters. Area is divided into market stall, ancient room area, classical furniture district, modern collection area, stone carving area, food service area six business areas. Main old items, crafts, collectibles, decorations, the annual turnover of several million dollars. The market has more than 4,000 operating businesses, business people nearly ten thousand people, including sixty percent of operators from 28 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions except Beijing, involving Han, Hui, Manchu, Miao, Dong, Victoria, Mongolia, North Korea and other more than a dozen people. Market formed in 1992, is accompanied by the rise of civil society and active antique art trade gradually developed, it has now become a large antique antique art market dissemination of folk culture. Fast take 300,300, 957 2,957 Fast branched off like Panjiayuan northbound; take special 28,368,627,638,938, 974, 976, 107 off Panjiayuan Express bridge; Take 674,34,802 Panjiayuan west to get off. Metro Line 10 Panjiayuan station is under construction, please at Jinsong Bridge Station, along the Third Ring Road heading south about 1 km. Panjiayuan Flea Market is the country's most popular antique goods market. Market sit shop shop opened 365 days a year, every stall opening weekend, opening day weekend traffic of six or seven people, including foreign guests nearly ten thousand people. Different colors, different languages, different classes, different beliefs visitors blend in here. Former US president's wife Hillary Clinton, House Speaker Ha Side, Greek Prime Minister Simitis Brahimi, Romanian Prime Minister Nastase, Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga, Thai Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, dozens of foreign dignitaries had come here to visit shopping. "Climbing the Great Wall, to eat roast duck, the Imperial Palace, visiting the Panjiayuan" has become an important item of foreign tourists travel to China. Market is the most comprehensive category of collectibles market. The main items of business with antique furniture, four treasures, ancient paintings, old books, agate Yucui, ceramics, Chinese and foreign coins, bamboo bone carving, shadow mask, Buddhist keepsake, ethnic apparel, and other relics of the Cultural Revolution. The market is the window to show the collections, collectors exchange platform, Friends of Tibet Taobao's paradise. Market is the country's largest distribution center for folk arts and crafts. There Hengshui snuff bottles, Yangliuqing New Year, Jiangsu embroidery, Dongyang wood carving, stone carving Quyang, Shandong's shadow, Jiangxi porcelain and crystal jewelry, Yixing purple clay, bronze, Shaanxi, Yunnan costumes, Tibetan Buddhism supplies, Xinjiang white jade, pottery and so on Taiwan. These different characteristics of folk arts and crafts from all over the country converge Panjiayuan, and from here and sold throughout the world.

Panjiayuan flea market in 2004, "China's first annual list of collectors Awards Conference," through public voting, was named "top ten antique market." "Panjiayuan" has become the carrier of the regional culture, has become a symbol of cultural characteristics, a native title affects feelings of the Chinese cultural treasure to become the sum of intangible assets.

Panjiayuan Antique Market end of October 2001 put into use in arts and crafts greenhouses. Each has a number of professional or business end of this painter sold directly own works of art, so the price is cheaper than elsewhere, Beijing also purchase from many galleries here.

There are many stalls run old painting in the Panjiayuan market, especially in the ages of posters, film and television works reflect the characteristics of the times important props, but also some collection of objects.

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