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Beijing features snack stinky tofu

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Tofu is a spread in the whole of China and other parts of the world tofu fermented products, but across the way in the production, consumption methods are considerable differences. Tofu dry tofu and tofu milk points are two, are very popular snacks. Tofu milk served as the imperial palace dishes sent by the Empress Dowager Cixi's favorite, pro Ciming Royal Green Party. Tofu in Shanghai, Taiwan is fairly representative of snacks.

Beijing features snack stinky tofu

- Old Beijing tofu -

Old Beijing Wang and tofu has always been the smell of stinky, eating incense and famous.

It is said that there are three major Empress old woman eating habits, one of which is favorite Wang and tofu. Do not see the old lady that would be the supreme child, but like Tan Xi (sound: XI read soon) this port children. As well as later became Empress of the Imperial essential food. And Tan eat tofu, it must also be the same day from South Wang sauce now buy. Empress suspicious nature is well known, the old lady was afraid following eunuch fool, the next day the deal with her, he secretly buried in the tofu to the children of a pepper. Really let the old lady guessed, there is a eunuch repairing stinky feet lazy, put leftover tofu to Granny on the end. Empress quietly with chopsticks a clip pepper still really, so furious and ordered severely punished. As for how a strict approach to children, irrelevant. Today, it is important that we talk about this tofu is how come.

Where best to ask Beijingers tofu, one accurate to your newspaper, "Wang's." As the saying goes, "Where is the salt hit play where salty vinegar acid," said Wang's stinky have to first say.

This year was Wang's Anhui lifts, say it can be considered a mid-level intellectuals. But the bad luck Mr. Wang, the official transport barrier, in 1664 is eight years of Qing Emperor Kangxi Beijing exam exam, dispirited, she collected money, repairing homes moment, at the foot of the emperor in Beijing to start the tofu.

One year summer, hot weather, Wang and tofu not sold out. I thought this hot day, put the tofu is not bad money spoil it. Then a knife cut into square pieces remaining tofu, flowers and sprinkle with salt peppercorns children, children into the sealing tank. After a few days, Wang and suddenly remembered the tank leftover tofu. Quickly put a cylinder open look, tofu already become cyan, an odor nostrils. Well, I say no to spoil or spoil. But Wang still did not give up and remove the chopsticks a taste in his mouth, boy! That taste, called today's words "unique flavor", with a smell of incense, fragrant smell in there. The neighbors smell the smell of the dice is also a sense of curiosity, a folder called a chopstick put his mouth really sweet.

Beijing features snack stinky tofu

- Old Beijing tofu -

After this fight, Wang and right again to start a business and fermented bean curd tofu, miso, pickles. After the sale of bigger, still life extension of old Beijing Temple Street West front door open sauce son, named children called "cause and sauce." According to legend, when the sauce as well as sub-door couplets two Qing Dynasty scholar Sun Jiading research question. Head a joint "Zhijun delicious spread far and wide, and I Cunxin keep secret" and the other with pieces of children is: "Lung Poon tune sauce with peony, lotus garden open chicken plantar bell", four first word will be combined into one It is "induced and sauce."

According to records from the late Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China, in addition to Wang and the old city of Beijing, as well as Chi and Wang, Chih name and so on. But the name has a word "and", represents the authentic legend.

Today's tofu, eat people fear is running out. Occasionally slander did not dare to eat a big way at home, but to run the old Beijing cuisine restaurant, you want fried corn bread on a plate, inside and outside touch solution called addictive slander.

Wang and tofu Qing Kang Xi eight years since the advent of 300 years of history, also Beijing flavor of the food, smell the scent characteristics have.

Old Beijing tofu production methods

1. tofu soybeans with blisters, washed well with water after foaming, 20-25kg change into water, dilute with stone ground into a paste, then add the same amount of thin paste with warm water mix well into the bag, the extrusion force sauce, mix again and then squeeze into the boiling water in the residue, thus continuously left the okara, soy milk has been completed when squeezed, skim foam, the juice boil with fire pot, into the cylinder , add gypsum juice plus side with a wooden stirring, stirring about 15-20 turn, may drop a little water, such as mixing with slurry, gypsum expressed juice enough, some of the plaster shall be coupled into the juice then stir. As there is no water was added dropwise with a mixed slurry, it was about to become curd after 20min. The curd scoop into the wooden box, covered with wood, heavy pressure on the stones, to the water pressure, Serve tofu. Make tofu, tofu if the qualities, the weight to be harder than we generally eat tofu, but tofu and soft ratio.

2. The fermented bean curd make a plate to a plate shelves, wooden shelves can put tofu dozen layers, intermediate ventilated, cast salt, mold point (sp dissolve in water, dipped in a finger bomb in the tofu ), in a ventilated room without direct sunlight put two to three days, summer temperatures can be 32 degrees up and down, tofu, president of the inch-long white hair in the house, that mold.

3. Handling after fermentation green vitriol into the barrel, pour boiling water was stirred with a stick open, add tofu soak 2h, remove the cooling tofu. The tofu was then soaked into the brine, spring and autumn, about 3-5 h, well summer soak about 2h, winter Approximately 6-10 h, well after the bubble out, washed with a little cold water, drain water i.e. can. (Brine Method: calculated as the standard with tempeh 2.5kg, 15kg boil water to be added, after filtration, add about half immersed in the alkali 1500g juice, stirring once a day, after fermentation Serve brine.)

The taste and characteristics of different regions, and then processed.

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