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Beijing folk custom: New Year paste door god

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The door god is one of the most religious gods in Beijing, which is the most popular among the folk gods.Only in the old days of Beijing, the door of the gate of the gate of thousands of families.

Beijing folk custom: New Year paste door god

The gods of ghosts and gods are mostly gods and spirits, golden chickens and tigers.It is said that peach trees of peach and depression, with a disk of 3000 li.There are golden chickens, and there are two gods, a depression, a base, and a reed rope, the name of the evil spirits, the genus of the birds.It is the golden pheasant, the golden chicken, the cock crow.So the whole world came to know that the golden cock flew down and ate the evil spirits and feared the golden chickens.More talkers, the two gods caught the ghost, tied to a reed rope, holding on to the tiger.Peking man in the old days, after the 23rd day of the twelfth lunar month, then pasted the door god, the role of peach man, hanging reed, painted tiger on the door, the door left and right two lights, symbol tiger eyes, to remove the evil, the town evil drive ghost.

The door god is not a protector of the portal. He is dedicated to blessing and blessing.There are also liu hai-opera golden toad, the small fortune boy.The family of the offering and the posters are mostly business people, hoping to get the fame and fortune from the god bless the god.

There are no more posters of the doorman in Beijing, but there are two great gods in jingtao, the two great gods of the mountain gate, the god of the green dragon, and the king of the white tiger.

The door god is usually placed on the front door of the street, for the purpose of holding the devil or the disaster from the gate, so the door god is armed with weapons.For example: sword and spear, axes, axes, hammers, clangers, kidnapper, shooting stars, etc.The martial arts at the gate of the Beijing residents' court were mostly qin qiong and junior high.Qin qiong, also known as qin shubao, a man in the city of shandong province, is known as the "master of the martial arts", which is known as meng, which is like meng.Weichi, sui and tang dynasties, wu yiqiang, the day occupy three cities, the night capture eight villages, gongfu seal of the state of the state.Qin and yu-li will help li shi-min to set up the great tang dynasty. Why would the founding father be the public god of the people?The three teaching sources: the early days of li shi-min, tang taizong, who were in the army of wah gang, esau dou jiande and zhen du fuwei, during which he killed countless people.After a, poor body, dream at night, nightmares, more common worship outside the tomb inside throw throw brick tile, ghost call, make the house, before and after 36 palace, 72 yuan night no peace, its fear of, told officials, ran up and down outside the palace temple are unaware, taizong account only a gentleman inductive that fear day and night.After more than a month, taizong would not be able to suffer from the evil spirits, and summoned the public to discuss it.The public will propose that marshal qin qiong and the general, junior, will have their armed guards on both sides of the palace every night.It was night, and sure enough, the taizong and the imperial court went up and down with cheers.But over time, taizong was reading qin qiong, and wei, wei, would work day and night, so that the painter in the palace would paint the military clothes of the two men, and they would be angry, and they would carry the mace and hang them on both sides of the palace gate.After that the evil worship is gone.Later follow this method, the second goalkeeper and that they will never do to be able to become the most popular in folk, the biggest influence, prestige the highest, the most pervasive, rich and poor is the door god of love, immortal, so far.

Qin shubao objects with WeiChi with two door gods of residence in Beijing, its style also up, there are seated, vertical and wearing robes type, with his armor type, step, horse riding, dancing single whip double mace, of gold, but no like of armed with bows and arrows.The god of the bow and arrow was the second god of the founding fathers of the great tang dynasty, xie yingdeng and the friend of jinlan, wang bo.In the late Ming and early Ming dynasties, liang shanbo, han xiaolu and sirengui guo sheng.

Because a couplet and door gods are affixed to the door of the left and right sides, and the objects in the qin shubao and WeiChi around two door gods, put on a pair of couplets: yesterday as the founding will, today for a great god, by praising the datang founding fathers and a favorite to goalkeeper.

During the Ming and qing dynasties, martial arts of the republic of China were different from all parts of the country, and there was a difference between the people and the people in Beijing.For example, the door god offered by henan people was the zhaoyun and ma chao of shu in The Three Kingdoms period.The gods of the hebei people are ma chao, maadai brothers and ji 'su in the northwest.Shaanxi people worship sun bin and pang Juan, huang SAN and Yang xiangwu.In the middle of the han dynasty, many of them were posted in meng liang.

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