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Beijing specialties San son of cannabis

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San son cannabis is Beijing halal snacks in the boutique, very popular with people welcome, it's making too much trouble. In advance alum, alkali, brown sugar, sugar osmanthus melted with warm water on the basin, and then the flour into a uniform, elongate and after a good setback disc while it Xing, then pulling into 40 g of a small dose. San son twist ancient called "ring cake", "with cold", crisp texture, sweet and delicious. Ring cake is said that there are far, since Qin Han become Hansik will eat food in the Warring States Period.

Beijing specialties San son of cannabis

- San son twist -

San son cannabis is fermented face twisted into a twist rub shaped, fried together, is a small food throughout the country. Its long history. The ancient twist, San son as a representative with the cold, Cold Food Festival day fire ban, eat this product. According to the "continued Jinyang autumn" contains: ".. Huan Lingbao build good calligraphy paintings, off to, but often out of view off with cold food, oil painting which, after then cold with no" Accordingly story is seen with a cold Fried food. Tang Wei Juyuan "Fresh List" contains: "huge victory slaves - crisp cold with honey." Re-Ming Li Shizhen "Compendium of Materia Medica" said: "with cold, winter can be left for several months, with smoking and Cold Food, named with the cold." To the Qing Dynasty, according to the imperial kitchen single food contains: "Qianlong nineteen years () 1785 March 16 Malaysia Explorer with pass, meaning the Queen with wild fruit tables table fifteen products. "among them" baking twist "for dessert. Qing will be from about cannabis, San OSCILLATOR, twist hard and thick, thin and San son also scattered. But they are deep-fried foods. Tianjin birthplace of the famous sweet-scented osmanthus twist is the addition of fermentation surface sesame, green plum, sugar, ginger, peach and other fruit, twist after twist, deep-fried. But there are also known as "San son twist" persons, such as Tianjin Kings scissors shares twist, because it strips scattered but not chaotic, muscle twist not screwed together named.

San son twist of historical allusions

In ancient times, San son said with a cold. 2000 years ago, a famous patriotic poet Qu Yuan wrote. "Songs of the South Evocation" chapter, there is: "Ju cake honey bait, there is fever c Xi" in sentences. Ju cake honey bait, fever c is what? Lin Hong Song Research: "Ju honey cake is the face and less profit", "the cold with fever c is the food, no suspicious too." Tang Dynasty poet Liu Yuxi wrote called "cold with" a poem: "Jade real estate broker to find a few twisted, Bristol fried spring night comes out of deep sleep no yellow light and heavy pressure beauty narrow arm wrapped around gold.."

But others say it is not written by Liu Yuxi, but Su Dongpo is a sell "with cold" food of the old woman to write poetry advertising. And no matter who is the original author, but this poem but the "cold with" The fried food painted a vivid, great potential in contrast, the mouth-watering enough. So what exactly is cold with? Ming Li. "Compendium of Materia Medica valleys" most clearly confessed: "cold San also having instant, and waxy powder surface, the salt and the retractor Suoniu twist ring-shaped bracelet, i.e. broken brittle as inlet ...... Ryosetsu. " Visible San son of cannabis ancient non-general of the food can be compared.

Why did the ancients eat "with cold" this food, which is still a legend. The original ancient Ching Ming Festival, a day before the Cold Food Festival for civil, critical fire for three days. Jin Lu (years old feather) of "Ye in mind" "One hundred and five days for the cold Jie off the fire after the winter solstice," the record. He said that Chong Er Jie was accompanied by son lived together in exile for 19 years, when Chong Er hungry belly without food, had cut stocks offered Jun can be described as loyal. But as Gong Chong Er returned to power, the reward Shique forget Jie. For this reason Jie took his mother to the seclusion Mianshan. Gong Jie suddenly remembered the day, personally Mianshan bring people to find, but not command fire to the mountain, want out of Jie mother. Unexpectedly Jie Shouzhi unwavering, refused to meet with Gong, both mother and son hold wood being burned. For this reason Gong is very sad, anger at the fire, ordered Jie died three days before the national ban on fireworks, so there Hansik. After three days without moving fireworks, eat what is it? That is cold with it before frying, can be stored without deterioration, do not keep the crisp skin, of course, when the best food.

San son of cannabis production methods

Ingredients: Maren, a small agent, peanut oil,

Features: San son cannabis is Beijing halal snacks in the boutique, very popular with people welcome, it's making too much trouble. In advance alum, alkali, brown sugar, sugar osmanthus melted with warm water on the basin, and then the flour into a uniform, elongate and after a good setback disc while it Xing, then pulling into 40 g of a small dose.


1, it will be mixed with water Maren, glue agent marinated small seed, fell into 10 cm long in a small dish barcode, the code layer was 3-4 with Xing.

2, after a good Xing, setback pick up two strips by hand to form a homogeneous Nagaami article 2, two round head off into eight, two pinching together into two sharp, large fan-shape or a shape which ZaoHe , oil Zhashu Serve.

3, when five into hot peanut oil fryer, holding at San Son twist kneading head will swing back and forth into the pan so shaped billet, the billet until slightly stiff, the whole fried in oil, i.e., into pieces brown to make.

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