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Beijing Summer Palace Scenic Area

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Summer Palace is China's existing largest and best preserved imperial garden, is China's four famous gardens (Chengde Mountain Resort, Suzhou Humble Administrator's Garden, Lingering Garden in Suzhou as the other three) one, known as Royal Garden Museum . Summer Palace is located in the northwest suburb of Haidian District, Beijing, 15 kilometers from the Beijing urban area. Is the use of Kunming Lake, Longevity Hill, West Lake in Hangzhou modeled, learn some design techniques and mood Southern Gardens and built a large natural landscape garden, but also preserved a royal palace of the most complete Regency, covering about 290 hectares.

Summer Palace Scenic Area

The Summer Palace was originally the Qing Dynasty imperial palace and gardens, the predecessor of the Qing Yi Park, three mountains five gardens in the final construction of a garden, built in 1750, built in 1764, an area of ​​290 hectares, accounting for about three-quarters of the water. Qianlong Following the previous position, in the area west of Beijing, has built four large-scale imperial garden, from Haidian Xiangshan to these four self-contained garden, the lack of organic links between each other, in the middle of "urn Hill Park" has become an open area . Fifteen years of Qianlong (1750), Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Yi Park converted into here, this is the center of the four sides of the garden fused to form a royal garden area up to 20 kilometers from the present to the Fragrant Hills Park, Qinghua . Xianfeng years (1860), Qing Yi Park, British and French troops burned. Guangxu fourteen years (1888), the Empress Dowager Cixi in the name of fund-raising Navy spent 30 million taels of silver reconstruction, renamed the Summer Palace, for summertime amusement places. To twenty-six years Guangxu (1900), destruction "Boxer Rebellion" will again be the Summer Palace, destroyed many buildings. Guangxu 29 years (1903) repair. Later in the warlords, the KMT reign, will again be destroyed in 1949 after the government continue funding repairs, March 4, 1961, the Summer Palace was announced as the first batch of national key cultural relics protection units, in November 1998 under the "World Heritage List. " May 8, 2007, Summer Palace formally approved by the National Tourism Administration for the state 5A-class tourist attractions. In 2009, the Summer Palace was selected Chinese Association of World Records China's largest existing imperial garden. Summer Palace with a number of the best in the world, China the most.

Dacheng traditional gardening art of the Summer Palace collection, Longevity Hill, Kunming Lake constitute the basic framework, borrowed landscape environment surrounding scenery, full of Chinese imperial gardens restore Hong Fuli momentum, and full of natural interest, a reflection of the "although from making, Naturalism open "park guidelines made. Summer Palace pavilion, promenade, halls, temples and bridges and other artificial landscape and the natural mountain lake and open with each other in harmony, artistic integration, the entire garden art ingenious, is the culmination of the Chinese garden architecture masterpiece, in Chinese and foreign art history landscape position significantly, impressive.

Summer Palace Scenic Area

Summer Palace scenic scale, covers an area of ​​2.97 square kilometers (293 hectares), consists of two parts Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake, which accounts for three-quarters of the water (about 220 hectares). Park construction to Buddhist House as the center, the garden has hundreds of attractions building blocks, the size of the courtyard at more than 20, 3555 ancient buildings, an area of ​​over 70,000 square meters, a total Pavilion, Taiwan, House, House, gallery, pavilion and other different in the form of more than 3000 buildings. Famous Trees of more than 1600 strains. Where Buddhist Pavilion, promenade, Shi Fang, Suzhou Street, Seventeen bridge, harmonic walled, large stage and so have become well-known representation of the construction.

The park's main attractions is roughly divided into three regions: the solemn majesty of Renshou represented political activity area, it is the main place in the late Qing dynasty Empress and internal affairs, diplomatic and political activities. To Le Shoutang, Yu Lan Tang, Yi Yun Museum and other garden as the representative of the living area, it is the Empress, Guangxu and Empress place to live. Scenic resort to Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake and other components. It can also be divided into three parts before Mansudae Hill, Kunming Lake, the mountain lake. The majority of the area to promenade along, mountain, consisting of Western, is for the Empress were scattered Cheng Huai-chi, recreation Court Park resort. Hill before the Court as to the Buddhist center, consisting of a huge main building. Longevity Hill south of the central axis, the magnificent Buddhist House, Pai Yundian construction rallied from the shores of Lake Yunhui Yuyu archway, through the row of Cloud Gate, two Kumon, Pai Yundian, Dehui Temple, Tower of Buddhist Incense , and finally to the wisdom of the sea hill, heavy gallery temple complex, multilayer rise throughout Qing Suo, magnificent. Towering towering Buddhist Incense three directions, squat mountain and the lake, commanding the whole park. Rippling tile Kunming Lake Longevity Hill in the south, about three-quarters of the entire park area. In Kunming Lake, ambitious Seventeen bridges such as Changhong Yan Yue reflecting surface of the water, the lake has connected a South Lake Island, Seventeen bridges and the shore. Sai twists and turns like a green ribbon, rayon with a north and south, Hengjue Tianhan embankments six bridges, graceful, form mutually exclusive. Han virtual hall, algae Kam Tong, cure mirror cabinet three islands separate categories, meaning the myths and legends of the "sea mountains." Having read soft mulberry farming organizations picture was blowing, Bin Feng picturesque, Emperor Qianlong was in this farming organizations having read live painting, great rivers and lakes Murano fun. A lake with water before communicating Suzhou Street, wine Sapporo Wind, bustling shops, like being in the Royal Street trading 200 years ago, the harmonic walled complex Qushui the gallery, its full harmonic interest. Kunming Lake shore, the famous Shi Fang, vivid bull, spring tour viewing point of view known Chun Ting and other buildings is very good. After the mountain lake clear water eddy back, towering pines, quiet environment.

Beijing Summer Palace Scenic Area

Over the years, the Summer Palace management imposed "cultural Orchard" for the purpose, dig culture, and vigorously promote the protection of the Summer Palace, management and research to by King environment, Yamagata water, ancient artifacts, vegetation landscape Summer Palace's core protected content, establish a complete management system to protect the Summer Palace. Especially since the reform and opening up, accelerate the construction of the Summer Palace and the pace of protection, it has invested heavily restored four continents, Suzhou Street, King Ming House, Dan NING Tang, Farming and Weaving and other scenic spots, actively participate in the transformation of Zhou Bian environment, the continuation of the Summer Palace historical and cultural environment, restore the integrity of the cultural heritage and authenticity, the construction of the national park system in the most advanced Wenchang hospital museum.

December 2, 1998, Summer Palace with its rich historical and cultural heritage, beautiful natural landscape environment, excellent protection and management of UNESCO "World Heritage List", hailed as one of the world's great civilizations strong symbol. Summer Palace in 1987, was approved as a World Heritage Site.

Summer Palace Scenic Area

World Heritage Committee to evaluate: Beijing Summer Palace, built in 1750, in 1860 severely damaged in the war, in 1886, was re-repaired on site. Its pavilion, promenade, halls, temples and bridges and other artificial and natural mountain landscape and the open lake harmony with each other, artistically blend, called the Chinese landscape garden design masterpiece. The Summer Palace, located in quiet landscape, scenic northwestern suburbs of Beijing, formerly known as Qing Yi Park, founded in the year 1750, a time when China's last feudal Golden Age - "Kangxi and Qianlong" period; Second Opium War in 1860 , the Qing Yi Park, British and French troops burned down; in 1886, the Qing government embezzled navy funds to reconstruct it, and two years later renamed the Summer Palace, the Empress Dowager Cixi as old age home for the land. Since then, the Summer Palace became the supreme ruler of the late Qing the most important outside the Forbidden City in the center of the political and diplomatic activities, it is an important witness China's recent history with many important historical events took place. In 1898, Emperor Guangxu had met Reformists Kang Renshou Summer Palace, ask reform matters; after reform failed, Guangxu was imprisoned Yu Lan Tang long in the gardens; In 1900, the Allied Forces invaded Beijing, the Summer Palace suffered another ransacked, 1902 Qing government to rebuild; the Qing Dynasty, the Summer Palace became the main residence of the supreme ruler of China, the Empress and Emperor Guangxu sit here toward the hearings, issued a decree, met with foreign guests.

Summer Palace, formerly known as Qing Yi Park, built in the Qing Emperor Qianlong fifteen years (1750), which lasted 15 years completed, is Beijing's famous "Three Hills and Five Gardens" in the Qing Dynasty (Xiangshan Providence Park, Yuquan Shan Jing Ming Garden , Longevity Hill Qing Yi Park, the Summer Palace, Chang Chun) in the last one built. Xianfeng years (AD 1860) during the second Opium War in British and French troops burned the Yuanmingyuan same was severely damaged.

Dynasty years (AD 1886) began reconstruction, Guangxu fourteen years (AD 1888) Cixi embezzled navy (Navy military in the name of raising funds) to fix the park, renamed "Summer Palace", which is called "Home for too and "justice. Twenty-one years Guangxu (1895 AD) end of the project. Summer Palace became the supreme ruler of the late Qing the most important outside the Forbidden City in the center of the political and diplomatic activities, it is an important witness China's recent history with many important historical events took place. In 1898, Emperor Guangxu had met Reformists Kang Renshou Summer Palace, ask reform matters; after the failure of the reform movement, Guangxu was imprisoned Yu Lan Tang long in the gardens; twenty-six years Guangxu (1900 AD), the Summer Palace will again Boxer Rebellion ransacked, the following year, returned to Beijing from Xi'an Empress again after the use of large sums of money to fix this park. In 1924, the Summer Palace turned into open park.

Empress vigorously purpose of this park is the fix for the summer and a comfortable old age, only that she has a fancy piece of treasure "longevity" name. Since 1903, the Empress spent most of the time here, because the Empress met with civil and military officials often need here, deal with affairs of state, specially build the palace area and a residential area in front of the park, so the Summer Palace is a chief with large royal garden "Palace", "garden" dual function. The whole garden can be roughly divided into the palace area and the Court forest.

Because of the dual function of both the Summer Palace and the Palace Court. Therefore, in the build up inside the park into a district court as a civil and military officials met with local processing of affairs of state. District Court by the hall toward the room, more than the value of housing and other components into the courtyard of the building complex, covering little area after relatively independent of its vast forest Court, both the two separate but related. Among them, Renshou center, after Renshou are three large courtyard: Le Shoutang, Yu Lan Tang Yi Yun Pavilion, where were the Empress, Guangxu and Empress live. Yi Yun Pavilion on the eastern side of Germany and Yuan Peking Opera Theater is one of three major theater of the Qing Dynasty.

Court forest to Longevity Hill, Kunming Lake as the main body. Longevity Hill thing about 1000 meters long and 60 meters high. Kunming lake surface accounts for about 78% of the entire park area, the northwest end of the lake is connected to the bypass Shanxi Lu Wanshou Mountain "post-lake", the situation constitutes Hill hold water, the lake and the mountains tightly into one. Longevity Hill Summer Palace from top-down wisdom of the sea, the Tower of Buddhist Incense, Dehui Temple, Pai Yundian, ranked Cloud Gate, Yunhui Yuyu Square, constitutes the central axis of a structured. Yamashita is one of more than 700 meters long "corridor", Liang Fang gallery has 8000 pieces of painting, known as "the world's first gallery." Before promenade that is rippling Kunming Lake. Kunming Lake Sai is modeled on West Lake Sir Georg Solti built. Longevity Hill, the ancient lake forest, quiet location, Tibetan temples, ancient Suzhou River Street trading. After the eastern end of the lake there are harmonic walled imitation Wuxi Chi Chang Yuan built, small and exquisite, known as the "garden within a garden."

Longevity Hill, Yanshan Mountains, 58.59 meters high. Buildings built the mountain, Longevity Hill before the mountains, Buddhist Incense eight three four eaves of the center, consisting of a huge main building. From the foot of the "universe Winfair" arch, through the discharge cloud gate, two Kumon, Pai Yundian, Gradoville Hall, Buddhist House, until the top of the wisdom of the sea, forming a layer of the rising axis. The east side of the "runner possession" and "Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake" stone. There are five parties Court and the west side of the bronze treasure brought into sharper focus. Hill, after Hong-li of Tibetan Buddhist architecture and stand in the greenery of multicolored glass pagoda. Mountains are Gyeongbokgung Court, re-Chui Ting, write pavilions Xuan autumn, such as painting the middle, boarding overlooking the Kunming Lake.

Kunming Lake Park Royal Zhu Qing Dynasty largest lake, the lake a causeway ── Sai, meandering from northwest to south. Sai its support to the bank of the lake is divided into three different sizes waters, waters each have a lake island. The three islands into a confrontation of rival powers cloth out on the lake, a symbol of the East China Sea three mountain ── ancient Chinese legend of the Penglai, abbot, Yingzhou. Since the dike separating the island, the lake level appears to avoid the monotony Kongshu. Sai's six bridges and embankments is a conscious imitation of the West Lake in Hangzhou and Sir Georg Solti, "Sir Georg Solti six bridges", the Kunming Lake West increasingly likeness. Sai area blue willow, natural scenery open, the number of park outside in the beautiful mountain Yuquan Yufeng Peak Yamagata and Taying row from the door of an inner, as part of the photo collection landscaped. From the Kunming Lake and Lake west of the scene outside, garden and park hills, seamless, which is the Chinese garden in use by the King of outstanding examples of the way. Lakes are mainly concentrated in three buildings on the island. Lakeshore and Hudi green shade thick, nestled amidst glittering, showing the natural beauty of the mountains near the lake with one of the rich southern flavor.

Longevity southern slope (that is, before the mountain) near Kunming Lake, hills, affiliates, constitute an extremely pleasant natural environment. Here's lake, mountains, islands, and building on the embankment, with the outside of the park by the King to form a picture of continuous expansion, such as embroidered brocade-like landscape picture. Park Hill before approaching the main entrance of Dili, after the palace, and from the tour more convenient, but also face south overlooking the Kunming Lake, the main buildings are a blend of the park here. Gardening craftsmen on construction groups in the former mountain layout accordingly using the focused approach. Build a set amount at the center portion thereof and the center of the image rich buildings, from Lakeshore until the top, a heavy gorgeous stage Pavilion temple covered hillsides, constituting at the front through the longitudinal axis of the hill. This group of large buildings, including the main building ── Park emperor, after North Korea will hold the celebration of "Pai Yundian" and Buddhist "Buddha Incense." The latter is the largest building in the park on their body mass, the Court about 40 meters high, ranked in the top of the high stone. It was octagonal, the four eaves, Spire image in many parts of the park outside the park can see, have a dignified appearance, overriding group of London, York became a global total of the entire front Mountain and Kunming Lake in the center of the composition. The central longitudinal axis of the building complex echoes traverse the foothills, along the winding northern shore things "corridor", a total of 273, total length 728 m, which is the longest Chinese garden veranda. Building volume remaining lots in front of a small mountain, natural and Lichtung arranged on the foothills, slopes and ridges, set in among the lush green pines and cypresses, for dignified contrast, typical Li's central buildings. Mount Longevity Hill, standing in front of the Tower of Buddhist Incense look down, the scenery of Summer Palace in the eyes half closed. Lush trees, the shade of green with yellow and Zhu Hong-tiled roofs of the palace wall. Directly in front, Kunming Lake quiet as a mirror, a jade green like. Cruise ships, boats slowly glide in the lake, almost without leaving a trace. Overlooking the east could see the dim ancient tower and several town Baita.

After meandering river in the Longevity Hill Lake that is north slope of the mountain foothills, gardening craftsmen clever use of the river and a wall of the cramped environment of the North Shore, the North Shore rockery piled barrier across the wall, and with the real context of mountains south of the phase caused by two mountains with a water landscape. Water river has a narrow width, when put to close, after boating lake gives a mountain complex water recycling, a way out of the fun, the park has become an excellent quiet water features.

Mountain landscape with a mountain very different, is rich in forest wild natural environment, lush forests, mountain road curved, deep and quiet scenery. In addition to the middle of the temple, "Sumeru spiritual environment", the buildings are concentrated at a number of self-contained, with the surrounding environment consisting of charming little garden. They squat or hills, or leaning against the hillside, or temporary water, it can be arranged with the landscape and flexible. After the middle of the lake on both sides, imitation of southern Ho City restaurants when Emperor Qianlong and the construction of "street trading" sites. Mountain building in addition to harmonic walled and Ji Xuan Qing dynasty when to complete the reconstruction, the rest are incomplete, only by virtue of rubble as a reminder decadent wall vaguely recognize the scale of the year. Formerly known as harmonic walled garden Huishan, Wuxi Chi Chang Yuan is imitation and built a garden park. The whole garden with water as the center, as the main water features, pool arrangement ring clear Pu Yajie hall, church, buildings, pavilions, kiosks, and other buildings Xuan, Qulang connection between tall bamboo plant willows. Stones of North Shore rockery pool, lake from the flowing water led along the isthmus by Yuqin stacking the rocks in the betting pool. BUZZ water to the sound of the scene, which adds poetic this small garden.

Line play

- Summer Palace tour route -

For the first time, visitors to the Summer Palace tour, we suggest several itineraries for your reference for you. For visitors have been to the Summer Palace, you can tell us in the past came to attractions, tour route we will advise you individually.

Half-day tours

Orient House door starting point, the end of the Orient House door

Via attractions: Orient House door - Ren Shoudian - Germany and the Garden - Garden of Harmonious Interest - Gyeongbokgung Court - Buddhist Pavilion - Pai Yundian - gallery - Le Shoutang - Yu Lan Tang - Chucai Temple - Orient House door

The starting point of a new palace, North palace end

Via attractions: new palace - the bull - Seventeen Bridge - South Lake Island (by boat) - Kunming Lake - Shi Fang - Promenade - Pai Yundian - Buddhist Pavilion - after Lake Street trading (Suzhou Street) - North palace

Full day tour route

The starting point of a new palace, the end of the Orient House door

Via attractions: new palace - the bull - Seventeen Bridge - South Lake Island (by boat) - Kunming Lake - Shi Fang - Promenade - Pai Yundian - Buddhist Incense - Gyeongbokgung Court (or by Suzhou Street) - garden of harmonious Interest - Germany and the garden - Yongshou vegetarian - Le Shoutang - Yi Yun Pavilion - Yu Lan Tang - Ren Shoudian - Orient House door

The starting point of a new palace, the end of the Orient House door

Via attractions: North Gate Ruyi (Tsing Lung town) - Shi Fang - Promenade - Pai Yundian - Buddhist Pavilion - Gyeongbokgung Court (or after the sale Lake Street) - Garden of Harmonious Interest - Germany and the garden - Yongshou vegetarian - Le Shoutang - Yi Yun Pavilion - Yu Lan Tang - Ren Shoudian - bull - Seventeen bridge - South Lake Island - new palace

Related Information

- Garden Reference Guide -

1. Garden Tickets: Tickets Summer Palace as follows: low season (November to next March 31 1st year): General Admission is $ 20, $ 40 ticket.

High season (April to 31st October every year): General Admission $ 30, $ 50 ticket. Buddhist House, Suzhou Street, Germany and the Garden tickets remain unchanged, namely: Tower of Buddhist Incense 10 yuan; Suzhou Street, 10; Germany and the Garden 5 yuan monthly 30 yuan

Less-free fare:

1.1.2 m children free of charge;

2. The elderly with the old card tickets half price;

3. Pupils and students (excluding adult education) half price tickets with valid documents;

4. Police officers and military personnel with valid documents free of charge (excluding Garden Park);

5. Social workers hold credentials guarantee Jinling evidence tickets for half-price concessions;

6. Permit holders retired with retired card Free admission (excluding garden park).

Special Note:

1. Ticket including tickets, Germany and park, Buddhist Pavilion, Suzhou Street;

2. Pass only into the door, free garden park;

3. City residents with ID cards to buy monthly passes (30 yuan / month);

Cruise Information

Open boat in the Summer time is 8:00 in the morning, not the same each time to close the boat dock, 17:00 mostly Pai Yundian last boat dock for 16 points. When the boat stopped operating in case of stormy weather. Summer Palace boat has five six kinds:

1, hand rowing. For four people or less. Boating dock hand in the seventeenth Kong Qiaodong end, Octagon pavilion on the south side. With the completion of the reduction to be submitted before the departure pier to retrieve the deposit.

2, pedalo. For four people or less. A pedal boat dock Chunting known in the south, the central corridor in the other row Cloud door. Deposit of $ 200, $ 20 to a solid / hr. With the completion of the reduction to be submitted before the departure pier to retrieve the deposit.

3, electric boats. For four people or less. Electric Boat docks on the south side known Chun Ting. Deposit 200, a real $ 30 / hr. With the completion of the reduction to be submitted before the departure pier to retrieve the deposit.

4 medium-sized boats, dragon boat. It can accommodate dozens of people. In the bull, South Lake Island, Yu Lan Tang, Pai Yundian, etc. There are Shi Fang dock. 5-6 tickets per month.

5, "Wo" was large luxury antique boats. Boat divided into two layers, which can accommodate 50 people three or four hundred people. It is a unit of water bodies to organize banquets, receptions and ideal tool for networking activities.

Food Shopping

1. Shopping: In order to meet the shopping needs of tourists, both inside and outside the Summer Palace to open a multi-imposed engaged in handicrafts and cultural tourism products shops. The larger shopping areas are: Chunting known shopping district, Shi Fang shopping district, Octagon Pavilion shopping district, harmonic walled palace Suzhou Street shopping district and the city shopping district.

2. Dining: There Oriole Pavilion Summer Palace restaurant, wishful restaurant, known Chunting restaurant, Tsinghua Xuan Restaurant, Lake imaginary island Han Tong restaurant. These places are generally guests to lunch time a lot, sometimes circumstances arise ranked squad. But the park has many places of convenience food shops, visitors can use with the purchase. Summer Palace outside many restaurants, state-run private, has, size, ranging from food prices. Kitamiya outside McDonald's outlets one.

Health facilities

1. Toilet: toilet in the Summer Palace are free public toilets. However, the lack of copper in the south of Tung Tai Sai cattle and toilets, are visitors during hurt my stomach should be taken to avoid walking to the other side, so as not to inconvenience.

2. Garbage: Summer Palace hygiene management is very strict, basically trash everywhere. Visitors must not spit or litter, fine offenders. Visit the park within a few points separate ticket are non-smoking, smokers are required to consider whether overweight into the tour.

Car lines

- Summer Palace travel guide -

In the Orient House door, the door and the new Kitamiya outside the palace, respectively, with multiple bus stop. One can easily travel to where you want to go. Buses from various quarters, in addition to 332 road and the end of the 375 shuttle bus late last train trips the rest mostly closed car in about eight nights. Note that passengers must be clear: the Summer Palace covers an area of ​​great, a lot of the palace and park entrance. In terms of entry can purchase tickets to enter the park, there are: the Summer Palace main entrance (Orient House door), new palace, south wishful door, North palace, wishful North Gate, opposite the Central Party School and the newly opened garden doors.

In general, foreign tourists and local visitors will rarely come from the Orient House gate admission, North palace and the new palace three entrances. However, the new palace of Orient House and the Summer Palace gates have nearly two kilometers (during which no bus), Orient House gate to the North palace and also to have nearly two kilometers away. If you did not say clearly beforehand, either by bus or taxi ride can cause unpleasant between the parties. To this end, the Summer Palace and the location of the three main attractions of the palace is attached to the main entrance on a map, please refer visitors to our suggested tour route, and then choose a good entrance into the park.

In addition, the Summer Palace outside the doors of the small buses and rental cars are also numerous. Kitamiya tricycle soliciting outside often, if enough time, ride a tricycle to visit the Summer Palace Yuanmingyuan the east may well be a means of transportation.

Further, the bus transfer may be listed below the MTR are: 808, 106 through transport line 717, 817, 374 branch road, the road 374, new palace line, passage 375, passage 904, 375 Road Extension .

(A) Summer Orient House door (also called the main entrance) outside the originating bus (terminal): Road 332, 332 Line Road, passage 330, passage 346, passage 394, 718

(B) via the door Orient House Palace (also called the main entrance) of the bus route: 801, 808, 106 through transport line 717, passage 33, 817

(C) new palace bus station: 374 Road Extension, 374 road, new palace line, 905

(Iv) Summer Beigongmen (referred to as "Beigongmen") outside the originating bus (terminal): Road 375, line 106 Express, 362 Road, branch passage 362, passage 301 [up], 301 passage [Downlink] , 303 Road, 384 Road, 801 Road, 808 Road

(E) via the Summer Palace North palace (referred to as "North palace") of bus route: 904 Road, 716 Road, 717 Road, 333 Road, 375 Road Extension


① 1 Road to 122 Road to urban lines

to 212-way road is ②201 night bus

③300 Road ~ 949 road is suburban line

④ "8" prefix line is air-conditioned bus

⑤ special prefix for the double-decker bus

⑥ "6 , 7,8,9, special "prefix line monthly invalid

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