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Beijing folk art: storytelling

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Popular in Beijing drama, folk art has a long history and rich heritage. In addition to Beijing style drama originated in the Yuan Dynasty opera, the most famous is called the quintessence of opera since the formation of fifty-five years of Qianlong (AD 1790) the emblem of class to Beijing. As well as Hebei Clapper, opera and the resulting assessment derived "Beijing Leap" (West play commentary). The former is called "drama", the latter known as the "drama."

In addition, different forms of popular Beijing faces as well as "Luanzhou Lvpi play", puppet theater, Flower Drum Opera, Bajiao Gu, Beijing piano book, fork song, stringed, Jingyuntaigu, fast writing, plum drums, storytelling, peace drum, crosstalk and other small drama.

Beijing folk art: storytelling

Beijing opera theater - storytelling

Storytelling - According to the old legend artists, storytelling two north-south school, Ming and Qing Liu Jingting are handed down. Liu Jingting Kang Xi in the Qing Dynasty (AD 1662) with the total water transport are Cai Shiying North, he said storytelling was in Beijing, and Wang Hongxing received as a disciple, thus sowing the seed in the capital. Wang Hongxing He Liangchen men have, Anliang Chen, Dengguang Chen three disciples, when people called "three-chen", a storytelling authority and live on their own, then Beijing is the storytelling of these three actors are passed to send flow down.

In those days, that storytelling of this portal, the Qing Emperor Yongzheng thirteen years (AD 1735) was in charge of instrument Secretary Incorporated, Royal Dragon tickets issued. Until the dynasty years, this historical heritage, was one of the lost descendants storytelling community.

Beijing folk art: storytelling

Years ago, this is storytelling rap and president of the stuff, like the modern River drums, Laoting drums, sing and say complementary. Because the dynasty years listening to the book mostly a group of eunuchs. Accordingly, Ci Xi heard palace, palace pass it. In the off-limits singing a lot of inconvenience, then change the "comments about" Zhuodeng only one each, a wake wood, remove the string drum, with Storytelling speech. So, that storytelling performances this was definitely down.

Qing Dynasty, the folk storytelling to say, the vast majority Yong Lu both sides of the support account sheds stand in the street, put benches, surrounded by a rectangle wherever he goes, that the "Liaodi." Only a few tea Xian Yi Yi storytelling talent. After the Boxer Incident (1900 AD), storytelling teahouse was smooth rise, the early Republican heyday storytelling teahouse.

Open teahouse Start-Up "book holder" must pass a so-called "Please do family" (ie, storytelling museum's auspices invited angle) to invite storytelling actor. As usual pretext actor held a "wasteland broken table" to storytelling tea ceremony - after offering Zhouzhuang Wang Wenchang, Liu Jingting, he gave the actor a storytelling containing cash "Taiwan seal" in order to open. On the income profiles by storytelling community is "under thirty-seven account", storyteller earn a dollar, took only seven horns and personal; take away teahouse triangle. Open the book the day before and made money last one day, "no less than the head and tail account" all go storyteller. Every actor storyteller, a book in the museum can only say two months, called "a revolution." Teahouse in the city of storytelling is storytelling during the day, at night to sell tea. Storytelling tea other than green tea before selling three of daylight, night lights storytelling. Inside and outside the city of storytelling teahouse, black and white days only say that the book Xuanwu Avenue Road West "as Yunxuan", "SANRAD Xuan"; ciqikou rainbow "days of Xuan" and bridge "Fuhai living."

Storytelling, performers only one person, that talk sing, but its props Peter wood one, a handkerchief, a folding fan. When opening a book first read the eulogy, mostly praise these three items, then only turn to the question. He said bibliography mostly the whole large set of lengthy bibliography, will make a short finish every "button" to seize the audience. Content traditional general bibliography, based on historical stories and Wu Xia main story, there are gown with books, "Three Kingdoms", "the Western Han Dynasty" and so on; rifles book "Loyalty of Yue Biography", "martyrs", and so on; bunt book "Water Margin", " five Seven Chivalrous justice "and so on; fantasy book" Journey to the West "," Monk Biography "and other points. Subparagraph "film live" to "Ghost Story" is the theme of the story books "Laoshandaoshi", "Dream Wolf", "Painted Skin" and so on. After 50 years and acted in the new book "Snowy Forest", "Liehuojingang" and lengthy and many medium and short bibliography.

Beijing Modern storytelling actor in large numbers. Such as: double-thick end of the Qing Ping (dual stage name of Wen Xing), Manchu, Beijing, storytelling way wide, often "Water Margin", "Loyalty" as the most exciting books, was known as the "king of storytelling", and Tan Xinpei, Liu whole collectively, the "art scene Ruin." Double-thick floor descendants Yang Yunqing had been masters say, "Monk Biography" and "Water Margin." Chingford group, in the period from the late Qing Dynasty to the Republic of storytelling community enjoy the name for 40 years, to say "koan" book known. "Living Wong Tin-bar" another said. Wang Jiekui, 23-year-old began in Beijing that storytelling, specifically said, "Five Seven Chivalrous justice." Even as wide, Manchu, before the war, to say "the Eastern Han Dynasty" fame. After the liberation, he said, "Three Kingdoms", "Water Margin", also received praise.

Since the 1980s, Xuanwu flyover book teahouse Lian Li Ru of storytelling, "Han", "the Western Han Dynasty," Cai Liangui of "Sui and Tang dynasties." Now, there is tea Yue Ma Zengkun flyover of storytelling "Five Seven Chivalrous justice."

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