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Beijing Dashilan Commercial Street

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Dashanlan: pronounced "Oishi rotten children" (dàshílànr) Beijing outside the front door is a famous commercial street. Now also refers Dashanlan Street and Langfang headlines, food shop Street, Coal Street, including a parcel of land. Dashanlan is located in the heart of old Beijing, it is an important part of the South Axis, located south of Tian'anmen Square, Qianmen Street on the west side, a total length of 275 meters from east to west exit port. Since 1420 (Ming Yongle 18 years), after 500 years of evolution, gradually developed into a commercial street lined with shops. In Dashanlan distribution of 36 stores in 11 industries.

Beijing Dashilan Commercial Street

- Dashilan commercial district -

Dashanlan Commercial Street gatehouse, once was a bustling business district. The rise in the Yuan Dynasty, founded Yu Mingchao, from the Qing Dynasty began to flourish today. 1900 Boxer Rebellion was a fire burned the whole street, reconstruction is still bustling. According to the CASS Institute of Archeology, Xu Pingfang expert reports, the Republic of China in order to recover the initial outlook is based. The origin of Dashilan, dates back to the Ming Xiao Zhong Hongzhi reign. At that time, Beijing has a "curfew" in order to prevent thieves hidden in the streets, approved by the court, many streets crossing in Beijing, the establishment of a wooden fence. According to the Qing Dynasty "Imperial Order Code examples" in the records, Yongzheng seven years outside the city approved the fence 440, Qianlong 18 years approved the inner city fence 1919, Imperial fence 196. Dashanlan originally Langfang four, because this alley fence making an excellent, long-term retention, and also a bit more, then gradually attracted the attention of the capital, so Dashanlan became the name of this lane.

Beijing Dashilan Commercial Street

- Dashilan commercial district -

Dashanlan is Beijing's oldest commercial downtown, average 15-16 million passengers, more than 200,000 holiday. Beijing lifted the domestic front door Dashanlan almost known to everybody, is also very famous in the world, it can be said to be famous. Historically, despite ups and downs, but the old strip mall has been able to withstand 580 years of wind and rain while undefeated, has its own unique place. Old Beijing saying jingle called "See stuff on the bridge, to buy things to Dashanlan." "Ma Ju Yuan head, foot liter inline, wearing eight Xiang, wrapped around the waist of the four constant" that are the early years of the status Dashanlan and the downtown scene.

Beijing Dashilan Commercial Street

- Dashilan commercial district -

In Dashanlan there are many domestic and international famous old name, such as Tongrentang traditional Chinese medicine business, operating Ruifuxiang silk cloth, Ma Ju Yuan hat business, business-liter inline shoes, tea business of Zhang Yuan, Liu Biju pickles business in addition there is a vegetarian, step Ying Zhai, polyethylene and Shun, Quebec are all long by century-old history. Been circulating in the capital jingle "Ma Ju Yuan head, foot liter inline inside, wearing eight Xiang, wrapped around the waist of the four permanent" standing there as a symbol of identity, Ma Ju Yuan referred to therein, or in conjunction with, the eight auspicious four merchant Bank No. Daheng are Dashilan.

In addition to the firm, Dashanlan also used to be an entertainment center of the capital, historically there have been five major theater: Qing park, Sanqing Park, Guangde floor, wide and park, with the park; the earliest history of a Beijing cinema Daguanlou is located in Dashilan.

Address: Qianmen Street

Transportation: 2,20,48,59,66,69,71,120,201 night, 203 nights, 729,826, especially 11, Metro Line 2 front door.

Zhou Bian restaurants: train, Quanjude, Tianxing home, cheap Square, lib Feng, Sheng Zhai, NVB floor, Chan Kee Luzhu, sunny floor, all one, Laozhengxing, virtues, and so Feng Zeyuan Wait.

Zhou Bian attractions: Qianmen Street, Tiananmen Square, Tiananmen Gate, the Monument to the People's Heroes, the Great Hall, National Museum of China, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, Zhengyang tower, the Forbidden City, Jingshan, Beihai, Houhai Bar Street.

Shopping Zhou Bian: There are a lot of old Beijing selling specialty. For example: Yueshengzhai of Sauce, Qinglin spring tea tea, Dabei photo studio, China's second-hand bookstores old books, Quanjude roast duck, textiles trillion mall, through Samick dried fruit dried fruit dried seafood shops, Ruifuxiang silk, jade Jane still Pavilion, Wu Yu Tai Tea, liter inline shoes and so on. Xidan away from the front door, Chongwenmen are very close, these two places have a lot of shopping centers and supermarkets, Beijingers weekdays places to shop, clothing, footwear, jewelry, electronics everything.

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