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Beijing specialties: Liubiju pickles

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Liu Biju pickles, a Beijing specialty, grocery rations at the front door Dashilan East Street, the street has a shop, historic, famous, that's been 480 years of history Liubiju sauce.

"Liu Biju" pickles have 480 years of history. According to historical records, "Liu Biju" built Yu Mingchao Jiajing nine years (1530). Initially, there is a hotel, in order to ensure mellow sweet alcohol, this workshop has developed six operating rules: millet rice will Qi, evil will be the real song, it will clean Cham, ceramics must be good, the furnace must, springs will incense. Liu Biju hence the name.

The main products are sweet sauce Eight melon, black sweet sauce dish, sweet sauce Eight dishes, nectar sweet sauce, sweet sauce, ginger buds. Now, many traditional brand pickles, also canned, exported to foreign countries.

Beijing specialties Liu Biju pickles

- Liu Biju pickles -

Liu Biju sauce sweet sauce dishes, and indeed color, smell and taste, people eat more eat. In the past, Beijing in the early Qing Dynasty, specialized manufacturing and selling pickles sauce little shop run mostly oil, salt pickles. Their pickles, far less sauce sauce dish delicious. Liu Biju pickles, how much sauce will sell how much business is booming. Pickles here, all of them well-known, and customers in particular, love to eat it poured soy sauce shop, dilute miso, sweet sauce Eight dishes, even sweet sauce parsley, radish sweet sauce, sweet sauce, cucumber, black sweet sauce dish, sweet sauce melon, sweet and spicy cabbage, sweet and spicy radish, white garlic and other products. These pickles, miso rich, bright color, crisp and fragrant, sweet and salty taste.

historical allusions Liu Biju pickles

Outside the front door there is a food shop called alley street, the street has a shop, historic, famous, that's more than 400 a decade-old Liu Biju sauce. According to historical records, Liu Biju built Yu Mingchao Jiajing nine years (AD 1530), founded by three brothers Zhao Shanxi Linfen people. Because Zhao brothers good management, combined with a good opening when Liubiju selected location, so business has been brisk. And later expanded the facade by two small stores at the beginning, expanded to four facade, and behind also added processing workshop, making it bigger and bigger business. Initially, there is a hotel, in order to ensure mellow sweet alcohol, this workshop has developed six operating rules: millet rice will Qi, Zhan will clean, ceramics must be good, the furnace must, springs will incense. "Liu Biju" hence the name.

Jiaqing of the Qing Dynasty (1796--1820), Shanxi Linfen Zhaoxing and three for the club Liubiju, had sold Soy is known for the capital, then gradually developed into a sauce-style front shop selling pickles, "all doors a little discipline," "Morning market Cong load" and regarded it as the famous Eight selling vegetables, including melons and other pickles. There are "Bamboo Branch", he said: black bun melon were not bad, Shichichin Eight samples superfluous. Most people say fight outside the front door, four hundred years Liubiju. 

Beijing specialties: Liubiju pickles

According to legend, the pavement in front of the suspension system Jiajingnianjian reads very pampered Wu Ying scholar Yan Song book. Although it is a crafty Yan Hao believers, but it has been quite calligraphy skills. Plus he was a powerful position as prime minister, then indeed to "Liubiju" considerably. Later, the wine shop to be diverted pickles Park, reputation is more vibration. 

"Six must" strictly spiritual and traditional, but inherited inherited from generation to generation. For example: it is there to make pickles, vegetables pay attention to the election of origin, pay attention to size, pay attention to the season. Old melon seedlings need "seven inches white" mature; cucumber necessary "top flower with thorns" two two (old scale) a; mustard heads need to "two doors" in a uniform; garlic election materials necessary before the summer solstice three days into the harvest plant, four to fifty-six per head. Here sauce, put the past when the annual Spring Festival a steamed soybeans fermented to produce "yellow child", then dried and crushed people cylinder until the "Chushu" in order from the cylinder.

Liu Biju pickles, that is very hot early in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. To the size of the aristocratic palace officials Manchu large gallery, and ultimately, Liu Biju pickles; down to the ordinary people, the common people are commonplace on the table, but also a cucumber sauce twelve Liu Biju dish, sweet and spicy dried radish pickles sweet sauce .

Liu Biju old plaque had two pick two hanging. The first time was twenty-six years of the Qing dynasty (1900) when the Boxer Incident. May 20, Dashanlan old Tak Kee pharmacy fire spread to Liubiju. Outright workers Zhang, who got into the fire, the old plaque to grab, to hold up in Linfen, Shanxi Hall. At the time people are concerned, there have plaque trading, plaque is the sale. The second Liubiju rebuilt, after the completion of this dignified old plaque and hung up. Liu Biju club that Zhang grab plaque active NRL, NRL dispensers liter Zhang, Liu Biju management affairs.

Liu Biju pickles unique flavor

Liu Biju tasty sauce to pickles crisp, sweet and salty, sweet and salty medium, the optimum fin. Homegrown pickles, due process superb, bright color, crisp fragrance, taste rich sauce, sweet and salty moderate, the Qing Dynasty was chosen as the Royal palace goods, delicious dishes that everyone praise.

Liu Biju pickles and selling of Maotai rich, sweet sauce products are mainly nectar, ginger bud 12 kinds of sweet sauce, sweet sauce jambalaya, sweet pickles, white garlic, miso and other west, where the black sweet sauce dish, sweet Eight melon sauce Eight dishes and the most famous, and some also elected as the court of Queen food.

Liu Biju there are 12 kinds of traditional products, they are: black dish sweet sauce, sweet sauce Eight dishes, sweet sauce Eight melon, cucumber sweet sauce, sweet sauce sweet dew, sweet sauce ginger bud, even sweet sauce parsley, sweet small radish sauce sauce, sweet pickles, white garlic, dilute miso, soy sauce shop shower. These products bright color, rich flavor sauce, crisp fragrance, sweet and salty moderate. Now, many traditional brand pickles, also canned, exported to foreign countries.

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