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Temple of Heaven Park Travel Guide

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Temple of Heaven Chong Ming Yongle eighteen years, is located in Beijing's southern tip is the dynasties of Ming and Qing emperor worship of heaven where rain, during the winter solstice, the day the first month Xin (Xin day of the first month early) summer solstice and conducted Heaven, pray Valley, pray for rain, Heaven is the Circular Mound altar, and pray Valley, pray for rain in the great Xiangdian (of Heaven).

Temple of Heaven is China's largest remaining ancient sacrificial building complex, the world's largest buildings of Heaven, there are more than 270 hectares. Two altar wall of the Temple of Heaven is divided into inner and outer altar altar, are the main building, including the altar; the altar south of the changing table, the Circular Mound Altar, Imperial Vault of Heaven, whispering gallery, three-tone stone, north Qiniandian, Wong dry temple, seventy corridor, north and south two buildings connected by Dan PI bridge, and the east side of Heaven and Circular Mound altar is also connected to the kitchen god and slaughter pavilion; Gubaisensen outside altar, surrounded the altar, so that the whole even more stately buildings, but also express a while Heaven mysterious, solemn atmosphere.

Temple of Heaven Park Travel Guide

--Tiantan Park--

Circular Mound Altar, also called the Circular Mound, Huanqiu Taiwan, Taiwan heaven, thanks to the roof, it is one of the main buildings in the Temple of Heaven, the Emperor of Heaven place. Tan Huan Qiu circular symbol days; it is divided into three, and the number of stones around the tailgate of the altar each step are multiples of the number nine or nine, designed to be very clever, there is a central upper surface altar a round marble, called Tianxin stone, or center stone, stone tai chi, standing on top of a gently call, bright and deep reverberations will be coming from deep geological formations.

Temple of Heaven whispering gallery is very well-known buildings in a building, it is built of brick mill on the seam, the wall is very flat and smooth, arc also very regular, two people Yidongyixi, speaking north or south, sound will be extended within the walls of arc propagation, put his ear close to the wall, no matter how small voice can be heard clearly echoes the long, giving a "Heaven and Man" mysterious atmosphere.

The first three tone stone, two, three stone, stone called ternary Imperial Vault Majesty stone before the column, taking days, the three powers of man. Standing on these three stone, hall toward the speaker can be heard one, two, three different echo times; corridor 18 also stone plate, can be stood on this stone away from the east side hall 36 m away people on the northeast corner of the northwest or west side hall dialogue, although not see each other, but the sound is very clear, like a phone in hand, this is the famous "dialogue stone."

Everything is built Qiniandian all with the highest level of the provisions of the Qing Dynasty architecture. Qiniandian located in the huge three-stone platform (pray Valley altar), is a three storeyed gilt ding Spire round hall, temple eaves dark blue, symbolizing the sky; the central hall there is a circular ground Dragon and Phoenix stone, clear above the original natural dragon pattern after a fire into a light black; hall of the pillars 28 supporting the gold Phoebe Dianding weight of the entire, central through four Tianzhu painted "Dragon and Xi ", representing the four seasons of the year, followed by a circle of twelve of Kim Joo meaning twelve months a year, most of the outer ring of twelve Yan Zhu refers to the day twelve one hour, twice add up to twenty-four roots meaning year 24 solar terms, and the entire twenty-eight Ershibasu is a symbol of the stars of heaven, this design is very unique, reflecting the ancient Chinese working people of the time and celestial the traditional general understanding, the Chinese nation has a profound cultural connotation; Dianding large central caisson also lined with all laced with gold dragon, phoenix, cloud patterns, very fine, in addition, the main hall of the architrave, also combined with a green seal Golden large paintingVery magnificent.

The Temple of Heaven is not only beautiful building, plant inside the circle is also called a must, there are more than strains of pine and cypress, Cooper just over 4,000 strains, more a "Nine Cypress", according to legend planted in the Liao and Jin era, the uneven surface of the body of the tree Qun like pattern around the column, is very surprising.

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Tickets: The first track season tickets (11 Feb. 1 - March 31) 10 yuan / person, season (Apr 1 - October 31) 15 yuan / person; Qiniandian Tickets are 20 yuan / person; Pass season 30 yuan / person, season 35 yuan / person

Transportation: Take 6,17,20,35,36 Union, 39,43,54,64,106,116,120,803, especially 3-way can be reached.

Opening hours: 06:00 to 20:00, qiniandian 17:00.

Zhou Bian attractions: Tianqiao (Tianqiao Theater), Natural History Museum, Tiananmen Square, Beijing Amusement Park, Hongqiao tourism market, Xian Nong Tan.

Special Note: Temple of Heaven Park is known as Peking Man "Beijing's lung", into a piece of old trees planted here, purify the air in the city, therefore, become an important place for the Temple of Heaven Park recreation and fitness nearby residents. Temple of Heaven Park is open all day for holders of tickets Beijing residents, therefore, any time, can always be seen leisurely Temple of Heaven in Beijing residents, every morning, Tiantan East Gate of the woods there is shadow boxing team, but usually East Gate of the corridors will gather there to play chess, play key, erhu people sing opera, with their solemn, stately buildings of the ancient Temple of Heaven Park is a scene in here, visitors to appreciate that Beijing Accent Pekingese life.

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