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Guangzhou Metro Raiders tourist route: Pearl River New City subway station what fun?

2023-02-02Aix XinLe

Guangzhou International Finance Center is a symbol of wealth, while the museum and the Opera House is the symbol of Guangzhou culture, when these are clustered in the Pearl River New City, you might better understand the significance of the Guangzhou Pearl River New City.

Guangzhou International Finance Center: Guangzhou, "Ferris complex"

Guangzhou Metro Raiders tourist route: Pearl River New City subway station what fun?

Getting there: From the Metro Line 3 or line 5 Zhujiang New Town Station B entrance, across the road that is.

Guangzhou International Finance Center, nicknamed "Sita", and the construction of "East Tower" And Guangzhou sea tower together, bearing the Guangzhou "skyscraper complex." It was born according to the central axis, overlooking the Pearl River, cranes stand CBD core business district. It has been placed throughout the city's financial industry wants totem. Sita commercial, office, hotel, leisure and entertainment, 103 main tower on the ground floor, 4 floors, from a negative one to five large Western-style shopping malls and fine dining. 1 layer to 66 layer is Grade A office space with international advanced level of 67 to 100 layers is the Four Seasons Hotel.

The second Children's Palace in Guangzhou City: the best place to leave our children

Guangzhou Metro Raiders tourist route: Pearl River New City subway station what fun?

Getting there: from Zhujiang New Town Station B1 entrance, opposite cross the road, go straight to the right, to the intersection (co-King International Financial Center) straight ahead about 2 minutes, the left hand side is the Children's Palace.

In Guangzhou Children's Palace in the hearts of many children and parents, school is the place to learn, but the second Children's Palace in Guangzhou City has proposed: "let the children eagerly play!" This is located in the "K" shaped building new south section of Pearl River with large and small multi-purpose classrooms 90, as well as a large exhibition hall, museum collections, rehearsal hall 7, international exchange Center Conference room 7, a functional art performing arts center with a theater, multi-purpose hall, recording filming room.

Guangzhou Opera: The Art of sea sand

Guangzhou Metro Raiders tourist route: Pearl River New City subway station what fun?

Getting there: From Pearl River New City over the next station B1 entrance across the street, go straight to the right and then turn left go straight for 2-3 minutes, then cross the road in front of the Children's Palace.

Guangzhou Opera House appearance designed to be "rounded river formed by erosion double gravel." Opera performance-based, both ballet, performing arts center accessibility of large-scale symphony, large-scale integrated theatrical performances.

Guangdong Provincial Museum: "Moonlight"

Guangzhou Metro Raiders tourist route: Pearl River New City subway station what fun?

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 9: 00-17: 00, closed on Mondays (except public holidays and special situations). 16:00 approach.

Address: Tianhe District, Guangzhou Pearl River New City Road, Pearl River 2

Admission: Free

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