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Beijing specialties Grilled rice cake

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Grilled rice cake snacks in the summer is Beijing snacks, made with buckwheat, while the general sale and jelly. Eating cut into small pieces, and then shaved Grilled rice cake small strip thickness of two thin intermediate sheet served in a bowl, sprinkled with sesame stirring, soy sauce, vinegar good juice, carrot rub salt plus red wire, pouring mustard or chili or garlic can be.

Grilled rice cake is made of leather elm noodles and small round lump, such as large biscuits, steamed, placed on ice summer the town; winter on the stove pan, sizzling fuel, that the stir Pa cake.

Beijing specialties Grilled rice cake

- Beijing Grilled rice cake -

Grilled summer sell mostly cake with jelly to sell, there are pink block, vermicelli, and the small fish aside. We are immersed (the basin system flat round, two feet in diameter, less than half a foot deep) in a large tub filled with cold water inside. And sell sausage, Bean, like scaffolding Shezuo. Seasoning cans arrayed on the case: □ off with pepper oil soy sauce, sesame paste, vinegar, garlic, mustard, chili oil, carrots, etc. □. Wait until there is time to eat, only on a temporary customer with these spices. Operators only one or two, kept dogs have mired: "Grilled rice cake chewy, hot and sour jelly you, ask what you are now!", "Grilled rice cake chewy sour jelly children yo ...... ......."

Grilled cake production methods

Grilled rice cake made with buckwheat pot for boiling water, buckwheat noodles was poured, with rapid stirring, after cooked buckwheat noodles, served in the tray pat let cool, cut into small pieces, and then shaved two thin pieces Grilled rice cake thick intermediate thin strips served in a bowl, doused with sesame, soy sauce, vinegar good stirring juice, carrot rub salt plus red silk, pouring or pepper or garlic mustard can.

Ingredients: wheat flour 500 g camelina, 50 g of soy sauce, 50 g of vinegar, sesame 150 g, 25 g of garlic, 25 g mustard paste, 10 grams of chili oil, carrots, salt 25 grams, 6 grams of salt.

1, the filament was cut into little salted carrot minutes, garlic made into mud, into the bowl, add sesame, vinegar, soy sauce, salt, mustard and mix thoroughly standby, chili into the pot and stir dry, remove chopped, pour a little hot oil chili oil;

2, 1000 g of cold water will boil salt inverted pot, the wheat flour was poured, after Jiaocheng group with sticks too cold.

3, the dough made into cold water dip hand pie-shaped, strip labeled with a knife into the bowl, poured soy sauce, chili oil, vinegar, garlic, mustard, sesame paste discharge and good, good rub with the Ca salt bed radish, can be eaten.

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