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Beijing features snack: Fried liver

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Beijing specialties snacks. Features soup with a shiny red sauce, liver sausage fat, rich and not greasy, thin rather than the creek. Chaogan Beijing has a long history, is a popular food in the Song Dynasty "boil liver" and "speculation lung" developed from the Qing Tongzhi years will not thicken Xianju to methods of manufacturing and selling, then the capital has spread "Chaogan not thicken ---- boil boil heart lung" of twisters. Chaogan should eat on a bun around a small bowl along sip food. Qing Dynasty Chaogan the manufacture and sale of those who have paved and hands are two kinds.

Beijing Tianxing Habitat made Chaogan, in December 1997 was awarded the first national Chinese snack title of China Cuisine Association. Jiang, liver, intestines, anise, garlic, miso, soy sauce, lard, vinegar, alum, starch, pork soup, salt, Production Method: Wash the intestines, the disc into a number of bundles, with good after Shengzha , intestinal a cut, on the cold water pot, stir and boil when chopsticks can pierce from the intestine into the cold water fishing, intestinal wash skin oil, cut into small pieces, liver washed, cut into diamond sheet, lard into the pot, stir Heat put octagonal, then turn into miso, Jiang Mo, and garlic sauce, fried garlic mature into a thin paste, the pork soup pan, add pig intestines, when boiling, skim the oil slick, and add the liver and cooked garlic sauce, raw garlic, salt, stir, after boiling soup, gravy immediately homogenized with starch, and then boiled, stir Serve sprinkled with MSG.

Beijing features snack: Fried liver

- Beijing Fried liver -

Fried liver of historical allusions

Qing Tongzhi years, the front door fish mouth of the alley will not thicken Xianju invention methods do Chaogan, now, it will be considered Xianju Chaogan creators.

Chaogan children were, in fact, pig broth-based, only a third of the liver. The method of making pig intestines is first treated with a base, rubbing salt soak, wash with water and cook the vinegar. After switching to boil and simmer gently, cover the pot cooked intestines run without oil. After 5 minutes overripe cut into long pieces, commonly known as the fresh liver and then washing "thimble segment", the swash plate into a knife-shaped lancet strip.

Boil sauce is placed in the hot cooking oil aniseed, into the deep-fried garlic, miso immediately into the amount of yellowing when garlic, fried is placed in a standby tank. Moreover, it should boil some on good mushroom soup. After the raw material, sauce ready, start making fried stalks. First intestines cooked into the boiling soup, then add the garlic sauce, green onion, gravy with "Ginger" at the end and mushroom soup, then raw liver strips into the pot to thicken starch, and finally sprinkle a layer of smashing good Serve garlic.

After the meeting Xianju Chaogan children of famous Beijing Ninetowns four small restaurant, snack bar after another Tim Chaogan children, the market also appeared to Chaogan children as rhetoric-liners, such as people scold he said: " Chaogan you how this man with child-like, heartless "; ironically harm people and things with each other, said:." pig eating fried liver, self-mutilation flesh "Beijing Chaogan long history, is a folk food Song." boil liver "and" speculation lung "developed from the Qing Tongzhi years, will not thicken Xianju to methods of manufacturing and selling, then the capital has spread" Chaogan not thicken ---- boil boil heart lung "of twisters. Chaogan should eat on a bun around a small bowl along sip food.

Qing Dynasty Chaogan the manufacture and sale of those who have paved and hands are two kinds. Who will be the most important pavement outside the front door of Xianju. Beijing Tianxing Habitat made Chaogan, in December 1997 was awarded the first national Chinese snack title of China Cuisine Association.

This is Chaogan, which was created by the will Xianju Liu brothers. Liu brothers brother Sa, initially operating Whitewater offal, but over time the sale and recession; pals discuss how to improve the practice of white water offal. Just time, "Beijing News" host Yang Manqing frequented Beijing snack bar, familiar with Liu brothers, knowing their thoughts after they advised them: you put Whitewater offal cardiopulmonary removed, after adding caramel to thicken, name can not be called braised broth, called Chaogan, which might be attractive. If someone asks why is it called Chaogan, you say too fried liver.

Sa brother a very good, Yi Yan and the line. Pals the fresh pig intestines with a base fertilizer, salt soak rub, washed with water and vinegar, simmer; overripe cut into small pieces after the intestines, the fresh liver sheet strips shaped lancet children. Then prepare condiments, condiments very careful. First boil hot food, the aniseed into the deep-fried garlic, add miso fried garlic in the yellow, garlic sauce will be ready. Moreover also a good boil mushroom soup standby. After seasoning ready, you can make a Chaogan. First cut into the intestines cooked in boiling soup, then add garlic sauce, green onion, Jiang Mo and mushroom soup, then add chopped raw liver, immediately thicken, and finally sprinkle with garlic, fried liver to do the work . Tang sweat shining brilliantly, slippery soft, fat pig intestines, liver tender delicious, light and not greasy, mellow taste, Chaogan deserves to be the leader in the capital snacks.

Fried liver of production methods

Material: liver 250 g, a shoot, 3 celery, carrot root half.   

Seasoning: 1 tablespoon wine, oyster sauce 2 tablespoons sugar 1 teaspoon pepper, sauce half tablespoon.

Making process:

1, liver cut into thick slices, put in boiling water 1 tablespoon plus wine boil for a short look, to be white fish liver, immersed in cold water;

2, bamboo shoots cooked first and then sliced; Wash celery, cut into small pieces; carrots, peeled, cooked and then sliced; all the seasonings and mix thoroughly integrated into the sauce;

3, with 2 tablespoons Fry bamboo shoots, carrots and celery, fry and then add the liver, and then integrated Linru seasonings, stir i.e. filled out.

Making key:  

1, liver cut into thick slices, and more flexible, cut too thin it will shrink to a hard boiled.   

2, boil for a short iron liver, to multiflip, middle liver slices by hand, if there is no feeling soft and says well, immediately washed in cold water to cool quickly, keeping tenderness.

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